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18 sept. 2010, 14h15m

Deathrow – Artist Profile


Album Review – Raging Steel (1987) – 10/10

The band’s second full length album and a huge step up from their debut and the last of the no-nonsense thrash approach that all fans of thrash like once in awhile. The production being clean and the mixing being better than the debut, makes the guitars, bass and vocals come out in the fold more with the drums attached on in solid form. The vocals create the story of which is being told throughout the album with lyrics on Scattered by The Wind are well thought out and well written musicianship with it makes the portrayal of the vocals increased. It comes down to the guitars which create the edge of what the band become known for and that’s the melodist and harmonist riffs which are on full focus and speed in such titles as Dragon´s Blood, The Thing Within and Mortal Dread. These riffs foremost make the album with the bass and drums acting as a safety net of wealth. However, the drums come into their own with plenty of fills and variation in the beats with groovy intervals as well. Therefore, the very catchy and easy to listen to over and over again without being bored or skip a single track, this album is one of the best, most consistent, speed and technical thrash album.


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