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MogwaiThe Lord Is Out of Control 10 jui. 15h47m
MogwaiNo Medicine for Regret 10 jui. 15h40m
Swim DeepOrange County 10 jui. 15h36m
Swim DeepHoney 10 jui. 15h32m
Swim DeepThe Sea 10 jui. 15h28m
Swim DeepSimmer 10 jui. 13h26m
Swim DeepShe Changes the Weather 10 jui. 13h21m
MogwaiBlues Hour 10 jui. 12h36m
MogwaiDeesh 10 jui. 12h30m
MogwaiMaster Card 10 jui. 12h24m
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  • batatshi

    Sorry for a late answer! Hahaha! If you think that's better! So you're coming around 4? What station is it? I remember we have each other's phone numbers? I'm definitely going! Yes, but you need to buy the flashcart anyway.... If you have to buy it then it's better to play roms and don't mess with region lock anymore! Maybe we could have something to eat before the concert? And btw., one of my friend is coming with me too.

    Hier 23h37m Répondre
  • batatshi

    Sorry, apparently I haven't really though too much back then. You can use my room and I'll go downstairs. Btw, no need for sleeping bag either. Let me know whenever you want!

    28 juin 19h36m Répondre
  • batatshi

    Yes, it's relatively close, 3rd zone. Just about 30 minutes by Tube to Barbican. Oh right, I should tell you about the conditions. There is one sofa in the saloon, it's rather all right. (if you're fine with the fact it's saloon, so anyone can pass over...). Alternatively, I've got some space in my room, but I haven't got any mattress nor sleeping bag (maybe you could bring some), so it's basically just a floor with a carpet, haha. I'm not sure if you like any of these! Oh, that's really a desperate way to save time:). Ni No Kuni on 3DS? I had no idea it's been released on it! I'm in the middle of the DS's one (only Japanese). Actually I kind of regret buying 3DS since Nintendo put that stupid region lock on and I honestly would buy some Japanese language games from Ebay... Haha, it certainly doesn't! Well, obviously, me too. It's just a bit unlucky if you like football, but nah, nothing to cry for.

    23 juin 19h51m Répondre
  • caro_g

    haha nooo not chile! anyone but chile, please.

    20 juin 21h18m Répondre
  • batatshi

    Do you know where are you going to stay? You're always welcome at mine!

    20 juin 18h51m Répondre
  • batatshi

    Not bad, not bad, thanks! That's not much time left though. I've bought 3DS and A link between Worlds, so I'm planning to finish that one and that's it... Still not sure whether I'll manage. I played only Skyward Sword a bit, I pretty much enjoyed it. No idea to be honest. I wonder, maybe they'll upload some program... Btw., I feel sorry for England! Japan is not doing very well either... I cannot believe the concert takes place at the same time as final of the WC btw. >___<.

    20 juin 18h46m Répondre
  • caro_g

    that's more like it :)

    18 juin 23h41m Répondre
  • caro_g

    :( but we're good and play entertaining footbal! and messi! how could anyone not like/support messi and his team! :P

    18 juin 21h08m Répondre
  • batatshi

    Hi Alex, how are you doing? No more than just one month before the concert, isn't it. Have you been playing any Zelda?

    16 juin 15h43m Répondre
  • caro_g

    it's all about practice, you just have to get used to it without trying to translate everything. i recommend watching movies, although it might be hard to switch from, i don't know, mexican to colombian to argentinian, cause we sound really different from each other. yeah i know danes speak perfect english, but being able to speak at least a little bit of danish will help me find a job faster and maybe fit in their community. also learning languages is fun! :D i did watch the game. i'd forgotten how stressful this could be haha. i'm quite disappointed but we won, so whatever. sorry about england, and good luck with uruguay!

    16 juin 2h46m Répondre
  • caro_g

    yes, sorry! this was the link i tried french on duolingo and really liked it but i dropped it cause i'm trying to learn danish now. i might go live there for a few months on a working holiday :) ooh soul mates sounds lovely, thanks for the heads up!

    15 juin 21h43m Répondre
  • caro_g

    haha slow spanish indeed! check this out, there's a bunch of topics with great resources that might help. if you have a smartphone or tablet, there are many gamified learning apps that are really fun, my favourite is duolingo. re: james, i wasn't impressed to be honest, but it really grew on me on the 2nd and 3rd listens! also i'm adding Fear of Men and First Aid Kit to my favourite albums of 2014. is allo darlin's coming out this year?

    12 juin 2h59m Répondre
  • caro_g

    i know, but i just LOVE those versions! i'm downloading the james album as i type. by the way you can contact the james HQ people about those tickets, they're really nice and attentive :)

    3 juin 23h13m Répondre
  • caro_g

    i liked it too but i already liked those tracks when i first heard the EPs, so it doesn't really count. how's the new james album?

    3 juin 20h18m Répondre
  • caro_g

    well apparently i actually had heard silver sun's album on spotify, i had no idea haha. it seems streaming worsens my memory too!

    3 juin 2h24m Répondre
  • caro_g

    yeah, from the sea to the land beyond. i haven't heard the other ones you mentioned, am i missing out?

    3 juin 2h15m Répondre
  • caro_g

    don't forget the fanclub! or any other band with a current or former member of TFC. <3 no i didn't make a 2013 list, i was too lazy and now it's too late. but it's ok, i like to think of it as natural selection, i only remember the records i liked the most. my favourites were: the national, camera obscura, veronica falls, BSP, portugal. the man and travis in that order.

    24 mai 2h51m Répondre
  • caro_g

    ha, yeah, it was a possibility but not anymore. i might go next year though :) and hopefully the lineup will be better. i mean i looooove allo darlin' and gruff, but the rest of the bands don't justify a 11.000 km trip. i'm glad you like desire lines, it was my second favourite record of 2013. so you're seeing them next week? i think i hate you.

    22 mai 23h14m Répondre
  • ThisDominon

    I spent most of the day over with the Metal as the bands there were closer to my heart but the ones I saw over the other stages were immense. Pg.lost and Blueneck were incredible. Wish I could of seen more of the less conventional bands but its at least allowed me to discover them so if they come by I'll know to catch them!

    19 mai 18h14m Répondre
  • caro_g

    yeah, i can't believe it's nearly june! my year's been good so far i guess. some great records (the war on drugs, sharon van etten), some disappointments (embrace, mando diao :( ). unfortunately we don't get much post-rock here, there's a couple of local bands who do post-rocky stuff but that's it. so are you going to indietracks?

    14 mai 23h14m Répondre
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