• Giving User Data to the RIAA?

    23 mai 2009, 3h49m

    Apart from updating the original post we’ve been quiet on this story. The person who first leaked the news was terminated from CBS for the leak, says our original source, and threatened with legal action. He understandably went very quiet. But the outrageously shrill denials by just didn’t ring true. Once you got past the personal attacks, the denial language itself was too carefully worded.

    Now we’ve located another source for the story, someone who’s very close to And it turns out was telling the truth when they said Erick’s story wasn’t correct. didn’t hand user data over to the RIAA. According to our source, it was their parent company, CBS, that did it. That corresponds to what our original source said in conversations we had after our initial post and before CBS lawyers became involved. But we didn’t want to update until we had an independent source for that information, too.

    Here’s what we believe happened: CBS requested user data from, including user name and IP address. CBS wanted the data to comply with a RIAA request but told the data was going to be used for “internal use only.” It was only after the data was sent to CBS that discovered the real reason for the request. staffers were outraged, say our sources, but the data had already been sent to the RIAA.

  • My Turntable Wants to Kill Your Mama

    23 mars 2009, 14h56m

    So my boss gave me a nice gift for my 5-year anniversary under his employ: a Sony PS-LX300 USB Stereo Turntable (

    What this means is that I'll be able to bust out my ancient vinyl and digitize the albums I don't currently have as mp3s. We're talking some classic shit here. Beyond that, the software it comes with is also supposed to remove any pops and clicks from the vinyl.

    I suspect my boss has ulterior motives, however. When I put my mp3s on the office network, he lamented the lack of Grand Funk Railroad. Then I told him the Grand Funk I had was only on vinyl. I should have heard his gears turning by then but it was Friday and I was off-guard. Or maybe I was caught off-guard by his request FOR Grand Funk.

    So if there is anyone who wants to get some closet space, I'm now accepting vinyl donations. Heh.
  • From Saginaw? Join the Saginaw, Michigan Group

    8 jui. 2008, 15h36m

  • Trying Out a New Media Player

    5 juin 2008, 14h07m

    So I'm bored with the lack of options for Winamp's playlist and I'm trying the Quintessential Player, which seems ok, although their scrobbler only works with one particular version right now.

    So I have begun to play my entire "Work Safe" collection in alphabetical order by song title. It should take 48 work days to complete the queue. We shall see what happens.
  • My Playlist Bug

    30 mai 2008, 16h00m

    Apparently, when approximately 500 songs are added to the playlist, the list will no longer play. I'm not sure what to think about that, other than I have trouble accepting silence instead of the music I put there.
  • Ministry wsg Meshuggah

    8 mai 2008, 21h20m

    Wed 7 May – Ministry, Meshuggah, Hemlock

    The opening band, Hemlock, lacked originality. Some of the material sounded dated five years ago. Sympathy points to the lead singer/bassist, who really tried to ignite the crowd. But the music should speak for itself. The singer should not have to beg for a pit; the music opens the pit.

    Meshuggah was every bit as good as I hoped they would be. They played Bleed perfectly and it rocked. The whole set rocked, to be honest. And the crowd loved it, as well.

    Ministry didn't bring too many surprises, except for guest vox from the singer from Fear Factory(?) during the last quarter of the set.

    Here's where the bitching starts. For the first three or four songs, they kept flashing these bright white pot lamps or whatever they are called, blinding me to the point where I had to look anywhere but the stage. Not a good thing, if you're trying to play a good show. Otherwise, it was good; lots of old veterans rocking out, both on stage and in the aisles.

    [The Emerald Theater has gorgeous waitresses. I saw a perfect pair of legs (in heels, no less). One even defended me when a guy tried to cut in the beer line. Tip them well, cheapskates.]

    I'll split the show into parts:

    New Stuff -
    Songs from the latest three were played first. The best from Houses of the Mole, to be sure (artist=Ministry]No W[/track], artist=Ministry]Warp City[/track], etc.)

    Crowd Pleasers:
    Most of the faves played during this part.
    So What

    Encore 1
    Cream of the Crop
    Thieves, Just One Fix, etc.

    Encore 2
    Covers (Roadhouse Blues (interesting and heavy), Just Got Paid (kind of weak), Under My Thumb (also kind of weak).

    I wish they had played:

    Scarecrow, Burning Inside, The Fall, Crumbs

    Overall it was a good send-off. Catch them now, pre-reunion so you can say you were there.
  • This Day in Music - 4/29

    29 avr. 2008, 12h35m

    1899 - Born on this day, Duke Ellington, composer, bandleader, pianist, died 24th May 1974. Worked with Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Billie Holiday.

    1928 - Born on this day, Carl Gardner, The Coasters.

    1931 - Born on this day, Lonnie Donegan, singer who launched the skiffle craze.

    1942 - Born on this day, Klaus Voorman, bass, Manfred Mann, Plastic Ono Band. Voorman designed the cover for The Beatles album 'Revolver.'

    1947 - Born on this day, Tommy James, The Shondells.

    1949 - Born on this day, Francis Rossi, guitar, vocals, Status Quo.

    1953 - Born on this day, Bill Drummond, producer, A&R man, writer, musician. Joined Big In Japan in 1977 (with Holly Johnson, later of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Ian Broudie later of Lightning Seeds). Co-founder of Merseysides Zoo Records. Formed KLF in the late 1980’s.

    1960 - Born on this day, Phil King, bass, Lush.

    1960 - Warner Brothers launched its own record label in Britain with the release of The Everly Brothers 'Cathy's Clown.'

    1963 - Publicist Andrew Oldham and agent Eric Easton singed a management deal with The Rolling Stones after buying the rights to the bands first recordings for £90. They also persuade keyboard player Ian Stewart to drop out of the line up and become the bands road manager (and still play piano at the back of the stage).

    1965 - Jimmy Nicol, the drummer who stood in for Ringo Starr during a Beatles Australian tour in 1964, appeared in a London Court faced with bankruptcy with debts of £4,000.

    1967 - The 14 hour Technicolour Dream benefit party for The International Times was held at Alexandra Palace in London. Seeing the event mentioned on TV, John Lennon called his driver and went to the show. Coincidentally, Yoko Ono was one of the performers. Other acts to appear included The Flies, Pink Floyd, Arthur Brown, The Move and Susie Creamcheese.

    1967 - Jimi Hendrix, The Walker Brothers, Engelbert Humperdink and Cat Stevens played two shows at Bournemouth Winter Gardens, England.

    1968 - Born on this day, Carnie Wilson, Wilson Phillips, daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson.

    1969 - Working on tracks for the forthcoming Beatles Abbey Road album, Ringo Starr added his vocal to 'Octopus's Garden.'

    1973 - Born on this day, Mike Hogan, bass, The Cranberries.

    1973 - The Bay City Rollers appeared at The Odeon Theatre, Edinburgh in Scotland.

    1973 - John Denver began a weekly live UK BBC 2 TV special, 'The John Denver Show'.

    1976 - After a gig in Memphis Bruce Springsteen took a cab to Elvis Presley's Graceland home and proceeded to climb over the wall. A guard took him to be another crank fan and apprehended him.

    1980 - Black Sabbath began their first tour with vocalist Ronnie James Dio, who had replaced Ozzy Osbourne.

    1981 - Elton John paid £14,000 for 232 'Goon Show' scripts broadcast during the 50's at an auction held at Christies, London.

    1992 - Paula Abdul married actor Emilio Estevez. They separated on 10th May 1994.

    1993 - Guitarist, producer, Mick Ronson died of cancer. Ronson recorded and toured with David Bowie. Released the 1974 album 'Slaughter On Tenth Avenue', part of Hunter, Ronson.

    1997 - Boy George was accused of being a 'professional liar' by musician singer Kirk Brandon during a London court hearing. Brandon was in court suing the singer over claims in George's autobiography that the pair had slept together.

    1998 - Steven Tyler broke his knee at a concert in Anchorage, Alaska delaying Aerosmith's Nine lives tour and necessitating camera angle adjustments for the filming of the video for 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.'

    2001 - Rod Stewart asked for a change in wedding vows bringing them up to-date and to be treated like a dog license. Stewart said 'a change is needed because they've been in existence for 600 years when people used to live until they were only 35'.
  • This Day in Music - 4/28

    28 avr. 2008, 13h09m

    1953 - Born on this day, Kim Gordon, bass, Sonic Youth.

    1964 - The Beatles recorded the TV special ‘Around The Beatles’ at Wembley studios England. As well as performing songs they played Act V Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ with John Lennon playing the female role of Thisbe, Paul McCartney as Pyramus, George Harrison as Moonshine and Ringo Starr as Lion. Paul later named his cat Thisbe.

    1966 - The Kinks appeared at the Mecca Ballroom, Nottingham, England.

    1968 - Born on this day, Daisy Berkowitz, Marilyn Manson.

    1968 - The musical 'Hair' opened at the Baltimore Theatre, New York. The first rock musical, it went on to give 1,729 performances on Broadway and was made into a move in 1979.

    1973 - The Faces scored their first UK No.1 album with 'Ooh La La.'

    1973 - Pink Floyd's album 'Dark Side Of The Moon' went to No.1 on the US chart, it went on to enjoy a record breaking 741 weeks, selling over 20 million copies world-wide.

    1979 - Blondie scored their first US No.1 single with 'Heart Of Glass', also No.1 in the UK.

    1980 - Marshall Tucker Band bass player Tommy Caldwell died of injures from a car accident in his hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

    1981 - Former member of T Rex, Steve Currie was killed in a car accident.

    1990 - Guns N' Roses leader Axl Rose married Erin Everly, daughter of The Everly Brothers Don at Cupid's Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. They divorced in January 1991 after a stormy nine months of marriage.

    1990 -
    Sinead O'Connor started a six-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with 'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got.'

    1991 - US singer, guitarist Bonnie Raitt married actor Michael O'Keefe.

    1999 - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    2000 - Paul Atkinson was jailed for three years after being found guilty of stealing more than £25,000 from Rolling Stone Charlie Watts. Atkinson had been the manager of an Arabian stud farm owned by Watts.

    2000 - A blaze swept through James Brown Enterprises, the office that co-ordinate the superstar's tours. Nobody was injured, but memorabilia and live tapes were destroyed in the blaze. An employee was later arrested charged with arson.

    2003 - Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack went into rehab. The 17 year old was a patient at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, California.

    2006 - ABBA star Bjorn Ulvaeus was accused of avoiding paying 87m Swedish kronor (£6.5m) in taxes on the band's hit songs and musicals. The Swedish government was demanding he repaid the money. ABBA sold over 370 million records and he also co-wrote the musical Mamma Mia.
  • This Day in Music - 4/25

    25 avr. 2008, 12h56m

    1918 - Born on this day, Ella Fitzgerald, US jazz singer, died 15th June 1996.

    1923 - Born on this day, Albert King, US blues guitarist. Died 20th December 1992.

    1933 - Born on this day, Jerry Leiber, (& Stroller), songwriter and producer for Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, The Monkees, Cliff Richard.

    1944 - Born on this day, Charlie Harper, vocals, punk band, UK Subs.

    1945 - Born on this day, Stu Cook, bass, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

    1945 - Born on this day, Bjorn Ulvaeus, guitar, vocals, ABBA.

    1965 - Born on this day, Eric Avery, Jane's Addiction.

    1967 - The Beatles recorded the theme to 'Magical Mystery Tour' at Abbey Road studios in London.

    1974 - Pamela Courson the wife of the late Jim Morrison died of a drugs overdose.

    1977 - Elvis Presley made the last recordings of his life during a concert at the Saginaw, Michigan Civic Center. Three songs from the show appeared on the posthumously released Presley album, 'Moody Blue'.

    1978 - New singles reviewed in this weeks NME included Elvis Costello, 'Pump It Up', XTC, 'This Is Pop', Blondie, 'I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear' and Single Of The Week, The Tom Robinson Band, 'Up Against The Wall'.

    1979 - The Police made their debut on BBC TV's 'Top Of The Pops' performing 'Roxanne'.

    1980 - Stranglers singer, guitarist Hugh Cornwell was released from a London prison after serving six weeks for possession of drugs.

    1987 - U2 started a five-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with 'The Joshua Tree.'

    1987 - Madonna became the only female artist to score four UK No.1 singles when 'La Isla Bonita' went to the top of the charts.

    1988 - Bon Jovi's manager Doc Mcgee was convicted on drug offences arising from the 1982 seizure of 40,000lb of marijuana smuggled into north Carolina from Colombia. McGee was sentenced to a five year suspended prison term and a $15,000 fine.

    1990 - The Fender Stratocaster that Jimi Hendrix played at the Woodstock festival was auctioned off for a record $295,000.

    1994 - Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys was sentenced to 200 hours of community service for attacking a TV cameraman during the memorial services for actor River Phoenix the previous November.

    1996 - A pair of skin-tight trousers owned by Queen singer Freddie Mercury was sold at a pop memorabilia sale in London.

    1997 - U2's 'Pop Mart' world tour kicked off at The Las Vegas San Boyd Stadium in front of 35,000 fans. The tour featured the largest video screen in the world and would visit 80 cities around the planet.

    2003 - In this years Sunday Times Rich List, Paul McCartney was confirmed as the world's richest musician with a fortune worth over £760m. Madonna was 4th in the list with £227m, Mick Jagger 6th with £175m and Elton John 7th with £170m. Ozzy Osbourne became the 24th Richest musician after earning an estimated £42m from his MTV show 'The Osbournes.' And Simon Fuller was said to have earned over £50m from sales of the 'Pop Idol' TV show.
  • This Day in Music - 4/24

    24 avr. 2008, 12h57m

    1942 - Born on this day, Barbra Streisand, singer, actress.

    1945 - Born on this day, Doug Clifford, drums, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

    1947 - Born on this day, Glenn Cornick, bass guitar, Jethro Tull.

    1948 - Born on this day, Steve York, Manfred Mann.

    1957 - Born on this day, David Jay, Bauhaus, Love & Rockets.

    1958 - Born on this day, Boris Williams, drums, The Cure.

    1961 - Bob Dylan appeared on Harry Belafonte's album 'The Midnight Special' playing harmonica on the track 'Calypso King'; Dylan was paid a $50 session fee for this his first ever recording.

    1962 - The son of Jerry Lee Lewis, Steve Allen drowned in their home swimming pool.

    1963 - Born on this day, Billy Gould, Faith No More.

    1964 - Born on this day, Paul Ryder, bass, Happy Mondays.

    1965 - Beatles manager Brian Epstein won the 'star prize' of an album when he had his letter published in UK music weekly 'Melody Maker' informing it's readers that Paul McCartney played lead guitar on 'Ticket To Ride.'

    1967 - Born on this day, Shannon Larkin, drummer, Ugly Kid Joe, Godsmack.

    1967 - Born on this day, Patty Schemel, Hole.

    1968 - Born on this day, Aaron Comess, drums, The Spin Doctors.

    1968 - Louis Armstrong was at No.1 in the UK with the single 'What A Wonderful World / Cabaret.' At 69 years of age, it made Armstrong the oldest act ever to score a UK No.1.

    1968 - Enjoying a wild birthday party Keith Moon drummer with The Who drove his Lincoln car into a Holiday Inn swimming pool.

    1968 - The Beatles new company Apple Records turned down the offer to sign new artist David Bowie.

    1971 - Crosby Stills Nash & Young went to No.1 on the US album chart with '4 Way Street.'

    1974 - Born on this day, Brian Marshall, bassist, Creed.

    1976 - Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney spent the evening with John Lennon at his New York Dakota apartment and watched Saturday Night Live on TV. Producer of the show Lorne Michaels made an offer on air asking The Beatles to turn up and play three songs live. Lennon and McCartney thought about taking a cab to the studio, but decided they were too tired. This was the last time Lennon and McCartney were together.

    1976 - 'Wings At The Speed Of Sound' went to No.1 on the US album chart. Paul McCartney's fifth No.1 after The Beatles.

    1976 - Led Zeppelin scored their sixth UK No.1 album with 'Presence', also No.1 in the US.

    1979 - Ray Charles’ ‘Georgia On My Mind’ was proclaimed the state song of Georgia.

    1981 - New Order started work on their first album at Strawberry studios in Stockport, England.

    1982 - Status Quo scored their fourth UK No.1 album with '1982'.

    1984 - Jerry Lee Lewis married wife number six, 22-year old Kerrie McCarver.

    1984 - R.E.M. kicked off a 7-date UK tour at the Tin Can Club, Birmingham, England, the bands first full UK tour.

    1990 - The road crew for Roger Waters discovered an unexploded World War II bomb while constructing the set for 'The Wall' concert in Potsdamer Platz, Germany.

    1992 - David Bowie married model Iman, in Switzerland.

    1992 - Wilson Pickett was arrested after running into an 86 year old man and yelling death threats whilst driving his car over the mayor's front lawn in Englewood, New Jersey. Pickett was charged with driving with open bottles of alcohol in his car.

    1995 - Oasis released 'Some Might Say' which went on to give the band their first UK No.1 single.

    2003 - The first official UK download chart was compiled after the big five record companies- EMI, Warners, Sony, BMG and Universal combined for a Digital Download day. Over 150,000 computer users had downloaded 1.1m tracks. The Net Parade Top 3: No.3, Tatu, 'All The Things She Said', No, 2, Coldplay, 'Clocks' and No.1 Christina Aguilera, 'Beautiful.'

    2007 - Aides to George Bush were told they couldn’t book a luxury five star hotel suite because Mick Jagger had already booked it during The Rolling Stones current world tour. Jagger had splashed out £3,600 a night for the suite at the five-star Imperial Hotel in Vienna, Austria, in advance of the band appearing in Vienna. President Bush had sent US secret service agents to vet the hotel before finding it was booked.

    2007 - The Arctic Monkeys sold 85,000 copies of their new album ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ on its first day in UK shops, putting it on course to be the year's fastest-selling new release.