9 juin 2009, 21h59m

Right, I joined this 'stats' group, and they have lots of links to yummy stat calculators. And you know how much I love stats! I didn't want to put them all on my front page, so here's an entry about them.


This one is interesting because I did something similar a year or two ago, and then UK, US and Belgium were pretty much equal. So I UK-ified a lot in recent years. I'm also not surprised with the high France number, I feel half-french myself heh. But it's certainly nice to see some diversity in the countries.

Next one:
Last.FM Milestones:2000th track (9 May 2005) :
Black Box Recorder - Andrew Ridgley
3000th track (26 Jul 2005) :
Kaiser Chiefs - What Did I Ever Give You?
4000th track (21 Sep 2005) :
ZZZ - Sweet Sex
5000th track (31 Oct 2005) :
Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
6000th track (21 Dec 2005) :
Eels - Mother Mary
7000th track (4 Feb 2006) :
Blanche - Bluebird
8000th track (12 Mar 2006) :
近藤浩治 - Shooting Gallery
9000th track (2 Apr 2006) :
Black Box Recorder - Wonderful Life
10000th track (2 May 2006) :
Baader Meinhof - Gsg-29
11000th track (19 Jul 2006) :
Relaxed Muscle - Rod of Iron
12000th track (30 Aug 2006) :
The Rapture - Love Is All
13000th track (25 Oct 2006) :
Liars - Hold You, Drum
14000th track (26 Dec 2006) :
Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain
15000th track (26 Feb 2007) :
Daft Punk - Rock'n Roll
16000th track (23 Apr 2007) :
Liars - Read The Book That Wrote Itself
17000th track (6 Jun 2007) :
Liars - Read The Book That Wrote Itself
18000th track (5 Aug 2007) :
Daft Punk - Veridis Quo
19000th track (23 Sep 2007) :
Justice - Let There Be Light
20000th track (28 Nov 2007) :
Liars - Hold You, Drum
21000th track (18 Feb 2008) :
Rufus Wainwright - Vibrate
22000th track (3 Apr 2008) :
Queens of the Stone Age - Six Shooter
23000th track (28 Apr 2008) :
Rufus Wainwright - Greek Song
24000th track (10 Jul 2008) :
Kelley Polar - Cosmological Constancy
25000th track (23 Aug 2008) :
Kaizers Orchestra - Maskineri
26000th track (25 Oct 2008) :
Magnet - Procession
27000th track (8 Jan 2009) :
Björk - Like Someone in Love
28000th track (26 Feb 2009) :
Luke Haines - Freddie Mills is Dead
29000th track (13 Apr 2009) :
Fever Ray - Now's the Only Time I Know
Generated on Jun 10 2009
Get yours here

Another interesting one I think (also because it couldn't calculate my first and 1000th play because I have an "old account", have I really been using for more than 4 years?). The usual suspects are in it, but Liars seem to be the 'winner' here, Read the book that wrote itself and Hold you, drum are in it twice.
Oh, and that japanese artist is Koji Kondo, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack.

Then there's the age calculator, which calculates the age (srsly?) of your neighbours, or that of listeners of a certain artist. My neighbours average age is...28!!! Which is very close to mine, so I guess I'm listening to the right music heh.

There's also the mainstream meter. I'm 30,39% mainstream (overall charts). Is that good or bad?

Another shorty: million track calculator. Plain depressing in my case.

Last one:

That's a good number I guess?

Okay, that's all for now.
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  • doben

    hm, i'd be interested in that milestone calculator, too, but it seems that the link is broken :(

    11 juin 2009, 4h21m
  • Temujin

    hmm, it works for me right now. Try this:

    11 juin 2009, 10h09m
  • doben

    oh yes, it does indeed. must have been temporarily down :) thanks!

    11 juin 2009, 10h38m
  • doben

    oh hell, it's saying, that my 88.888th track wasnt what i state on my profile, but i was waiting for it on that day. after the 88.887th scrobble i played that track on audiosurf and it became the 88.88th. ffs all for nothing, i'm confused now :D

    11 juin 2009, 10h51m
  • Temujin

    To make things even more confusing, I found this which gives me a different result from the one I posted. Hmm.

    12 juin 2009, 10h59m
  • Kastuvas_

    oh i'm very happy to see my milestones here :D what about an old account, there are more reasons why those tracks can not be identified. for example iPod scrobbling, massive imports of scrobbles, library removal. P.S. if you have missing tracks on my tool, I guess that another milestone calculator ( ) shows the right result..

    10 août 2009, 5h02m
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