it was acceptable in the 80's


29 jui. 2007, 23h43m

what was acceptable in the 80's
its so cryptic
Calvin Harris is the new Aesop Rock


  • -allniceonice

    it's exactly like when people say make the bed or have you made your bed or your bed needs making 1. the bed has been made otherwise it wouldn't be a bed 2. obviously you haven't made your bed, unless you're a carpenter or a man of skilled craft 3. why would your bed need making; if your bed needed making you wouldn't even have a bed ffs

    30 jui. 2007, 19h28m
  • TehEmoPhag

    fyi i made my bed

    30 jui. 2007, 20h06m
  • -allniceonice


    30 jui. 2007, 20h12m
  • TehEmoPhag

    wood not metal

    31 jui. 2007, 0h55m
  • ChrissyM

    everything was acceptable in the 80s. That's why they were so great, and why everything since then has sucked.

    1 août 2007, 16h22m
  • -allniceonice

    btw shaving results in coarser hair if you pluck the hair around your nipples youll find the task is a lot more manageable

    1 août 2007, 20h08m
  • TehEmoPhag

    women pluck, real men use bic razors to shave their testicle sac

    1 août 2007, 23h50m
  • -allniceonice

    hai faive that wasof course a test of your manliness i keep hijacking your blog with random tangents

    2 août 2007, 0h00m
  • TehEmoPhag

    allniceonice, hijacks blogs like muslims hijack planes

    2 août 2007, 3h06m
  • ilovecharts

    3 août 2007, 3h48m
  • closedmouth

    Too much racism, get off the internet

    3 août 2007, 16h05m
  • closedmouth

    that's what elton reckons anyhow

    3 août 2007, 16h05m
  • TehEmoPhag

    elton flatley?

    3 août 2007, 17h45m
  • Jazz13

    i remember that four rooms movie where the two kids found the dead hooker inside their motel bed. i imagine aesop rock is very similar.

    4 août 2007, 8h07m
  • TehEmoPhag


    4 août 2007, 10h12m
  • TehEmoPhag

    aesop rock has a promo with said overdubs so im not gonna download it by the time the rip is out i will have forgot

    5 août 2007, 16h36m
  • TehEmoPhag

    tbh i dont even like aesop rock i just like blockhead

    5 août 2007, 16h36m
  • Katanalad

    Shouldn't he call himself Aesop Rap, because that would seem to make more sense to me.

    30 août 2007, 7h39m
  • brya1290

    aesop rock is an anagram of rapes cook coincidence? i think not

    22 sept. 2007, 18h51m
  • UncleGropey

    rapes cook in an anagram of crapes ook.

    17 fév. 2008, 3h53m
  • lordcthulhu

    Also scrape koo?

    18 mars 2008, 21h31m
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