Tanor Zeta Faux, 22, Homme, États-Unis
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À propos de moi

Hello visitor, I'm Tanor. Tanor Zeta Faux. I'm pretty friendly and easy to get to know. I'm very respectable and generous, I usually do not get hostile on the internet as it is a waste of energy and misguided. I was created by Keano J. Afif, he's not all that special, but is one of the best people to get to know. Hehe.

I'm a 6' 3-Tailed (I can fuse my tails, and I prefer two, but I have three genetically, and I grow another tail ever 8-10 years) Oltanian Afghan Fox. I'm Bi. I'm currently 20, however, I'm about 22 on Earth. I was born on the Planet Oltanis of the Heterus Constellation, in the galaxy known as Solana. It's about 3 Million Light-Years from the Milky Way. It is also the very galaxy Ratchet & Clank, Captain Qwark, Chairman Drek, and otherwise are from.

I'm pretty much someone that works on machines, vehicles such as Starfighters, spaceships, planes, weapons and gadgets. I sell to MegaCorp usually, they usually want to buy from me. I also am one of the most powerful heroes in my galaxy. I am the leader of a 10 member team of heroes from the universe. (Well, anywhere I've been in the universe! Except Salza, I do not know where he's from XP)

I currently, hehe, current, anyway, I mainly specialize in electrokinetic prowess and my technical-balanced fighting style. I may resort to mid and long range techniques and use my weapons. Note, I do not condone using Earth weapons. They couldn't hurt me anyway hehe. I also am pretty handy as a pilot and tactician. My current power level is 81.3 Million at base, but quickly skyrockets to 418 Million when I go 1% of my maximum.

One of my best moves is the Lightning Wave, a very destructive energy lightning launched in a powerful energy wave, it also is launched at the speed of light. One of my Ultimate moves, the Super Lightning Wave is a two-handed attack, planet-shattering and it travels just about faster than light. I first used the Lightning Wave on Dr. Eggman's machine that I created for him and he abused it by attacking Knothole Village on Mobius. The Super Lightning Wave debuted when I used on Perfect Cell, it blown off most of his body, but he was able to regenerate.

There is more to me and the series, but I'll leave it to Q&As. :3

Oltanis Ζ, Oltanis Σ and Tanor Faux (c) 2009, Keano J. Afif
All of this I write is possible because of my creator of the series: Oltanis Ζ and Oltanis Σ, Keano J. Afif.

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