25 nov. 2007, 21h15m

Thats right, I'll be there in no time at all. Kinda made me feel like I should do a journal post. So yeh, I'm enjoying lots of different musics at the moment, just made a bad ass hiphop / rap / bassy mix cd for the car today. CD collection is piling up now after starting to buy them just over a year ago. Got around 300 now, woos!

Need to rip lots of my cd's to the computer.

Need to buy a new mp3 player and put rockbox on it.

Need to put Hocus Pocus on my laptop.

In the world of not so much musicness, I am super busy with uni work at the mo, but am defo looking forward to xmas and a break from the hefty schedule.

I'm also hoping I won't get pissed off with looking at this journal everytime I log on to my lastfm page. Maybe I should just post more journals and send them down the list.

Anyway, *toasting* here's to Christmas, here's to anyone who reads this and here's to reaching 200,000 songs in a few days.


Pete x


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