• The best music of 2012

    17 jan. 2013, 21h44m

    The best of 2012 : metal albums

    Spawn of Possession - Incurso

    Gorod - A Perfect Absolution

    The Faceless - Autotheism

    Ne Obliviscaris - Portal of I

    Abigail Williams - Becoming

    Carach Angren - Where the Corpses Sink Forever

    Beneath the Massacre - Incongruous

    Be'lakor- Of Breath and Bone

    Cradle of Filth - Manticore and the other Horrors

    Epica - Requiem for the Indifferent

    Lunatic Gods - Vlnobytie

    Arsis - Lepers Caress

    Mors Principium Est ...and Death Said Live

    Between the Buried and Me - Parallax II: Future sequence

    Wintersun - Time I

    Gory Blister - Earth Sick

    The best of 2012: soundtrack, score, trailer, neoclassical, ambient

    Michael Giacchino- John Carter

    James Newton Howard - Snow White and Huntsman

    Ramin Djawadu - Game of Thrones- Season 2

    Nightwish - Imaginaerum (The Score)

    Arcana - As Bright as a Thousand Suns
  • Best melodic death metal albums ever !

    23 jui. 2012, 22h02m

    Vehemence - God was created
    Dark Tranquillity - Projector, the Gallery, Damage done
    Soilwork - Chainheart machine, A predators portrait, Figure number five
    Arsis - We Are the Nightmare, A Celebration of Guilt
    In Flames - Whoracle, Jester race,clayman
    Callenish Circle - My Passion // Your Pain
    The Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma
    Amon Amarth - Versus the World, With Oden on Our Side
    Darkest Hour - Undoing Ruin, Deliver Us
  • top 10 metal albums of 2011

    22 fév. 2012, 11h32m

    TOP 10 albums 2011

    1. Unexpect- Fables Of The Sleepless Empire

    2. Beyond Creation - The Aura
    3.Scale the Summit- The Collective
    4. Obscura - Omnivium
    5. Prostest The Hero - Scurrilous
    6. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Agony
    7. Neuraxis - Asylon
    8. Darkest Hour - The Human Romance
    9. Septicflesh - The Great Mass
    10. Born of Osiris - The Discovery
  • February 2012

    7 fév. 2012, 15h03m

    I found some time to do my first musical journal. Just want to describe my genre transformation process, as I got older with music, genres which I loved and then left behind.

    As a child I found myself in music very soon, I was 6 when I spent almost all activities close to stereo or MTV... and it tooks a longer period. As many others then I came through the popular music to the rock, I used to listen Red hot chili peppers, blur ...then in adolescent age I jumped to the mainstream metal.
    Today, I can declare that I was and still I am fan of Michael Jackson, Beatles and Depeche mode.
    I came into classical and baroque already as adult through the metal. It seems like a paradox for some non metal users , but it is truth. In 2007 when I have started to scrobble here, I prefered exclusive death metal and progressive metal. Then jazz catched my ears and I fell in love with gypsy swing, Coltrane, Davis and many portals to the era of the "further past" was opened then... my favorites from metal - Necrophagist, Spawn of Posession and many others represent classical and baroque signatures in very extreme form. Then I became musically mature and got my aesthetically sentiment for the real music, which deserves to be adored. I have started with Bach, Chopin or Vivaldi...

    And finally in this post I am sharing with you some music which I adore nowadays. Look into my profile and library for the details.

    Last year I was really addicted to Johann Sebastian Bach music, but last two months I am still more into
    Felix Mendelssohn especially his string quartets and symphonies.

    I discovered and consider very engrossing music of these artists from the mentioned era in January: Erik Satie, Luigi Boccherini, Johann Baptist Vanhal. Luigi Boccherini is so underrated ! what a talented amazing musician...many others are underrated, its weird that only few composers are still repeating in medias to present their know the most of users on last fm which are not very into classical and baroque music like for example seasons from Vivaldi, mainly spring...Beethovens 5th and 9th, Bachs air and toccata + fugue, Piano concerto from Tchaikovsky or Nocturne from Chopin.

    People lets give a chance to more music from your prefered composers, and try unknown or lessknown composers. You will be surprised what a bunch of great music you discover.

    new favourite soundtracks, scores, trailer and non score orchestral music in my library:
    Danny Elfman - Serenada Schizophrana
    Alexandre Desplat - Ghost Writer
    Patrick Doyle - Thor (2011)
    David Arnold - Godzilla (1999)
    Bruno Coulais - Oceans
    Future World Music - Immortal Empire