A Brief Story About My Top 10 Songs


8 avr. 2006, 16h41m

In the middle of all this crap survey journals, nobody talks about the music anymore... So I´ll tell in this journal how 10 songs became my Top 10 songs, and why I love them so much!


1) You Only Live Once

One of my all time favorite band was coming to Brazil in October 2005, finally, and I quickly grabbed my ticket. They were supposed to play a few songs from their forthcoming third album "First Impressions Of Earth", so I was very excited about it. When it started, I couldn´t believe what I was hearing. The chorus is just perfect, and I had the perfect companion for the moment, so it became really magical. The moment I got home I had to download the mp3 for this song, and since then I couldn´t stop listening. And I think I´ll be doing it for a long time.
-> 68 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: 0:54, The first time we listen to their best chourus ever, of course.
-> Favorite lyric: "Some people think they're always right, Others are quite and uptight, Others they seem so very nice, Inside they might feel sad and wrong" (Is it about me? Oh me oh my!)

2) Rebellion (Lies)

This band got a lot of hype in middle-2005, even with their album being released in 2004. Of course I had to check it out, and while the album is awesome, this song really stands out. The lyrics about sleeping is just perfect for a person who works at night like me. Every time I got home from my shifts and wants to sleep I remember that "sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is, so lift those heave eyelids"... Of course most of the time I do sleep, but I can´t forget that I´m giving in.
-> 58 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: 3:35, the last time they sing "Lies! Lies!" one note above and the strings come in full. Magical.
-> Favorite lyrics: Oooh, very difficult. This song is so amazing basically for the lyrics. "Every time you close your eyes, Lies! Lies!"

3) The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth

Another band with lots of hype from 2005, first read about it at Pitchfork. Their album is very pop and uplifting, and this song is my favorite. The first time I perfectly sang-a-long the lyrics from beginning to finish was very rewarding for me, and I chose this as Top Song for 2005 for the great vibe it gives me. The story of some hillbillie trying its luck in the big city is so well told and very funny.
-> 58 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: The riff that plays trough the song (you can listen to it at 4:47)
-> Favorite lyric: "softly, slowly, Plainly, blindly, oh me, oh my!"

4) O Vento

This was the first single for the Los Hermanos latest album "4". They are my favorite brazilian band and one of my favorites at all. It has a crappy video, but I love the lyrics by Rodrigo Amarante, who also sings very well in it. It´s very poetic (as usual for this composer), and it´s funny how lots of my friends hate this song. I always stand for it song and recommends for everybody.
-> 53 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: 0:00 til 03:33 (can´t choose one)
-> Favorite lyric: Impossible to choose. Perfect lyrics all the way.

5) Cold World

One of my favorite british bands had a perfect debut album released in 2002, and a very strange sophomore effort in 2003 that pratically throwed them into obscurity. For my felicity in the dawning lights of 2005 they´ve released an independent EP called "The Human Body EP", with 6 stupendous tracks. One of them is this perfect moment of pop, with great everything (lyrics, production, vocals, intruments...). I can´t stop listening to it, and maybe it will be up the charts in the next months! And is the perfect song for listenind while driving, as I sing-a-long very loudly, and people looks at me from outside and laugh,
I love this moments. God, I hope Electric Soft Parade release an album full of this quality stuff!!!
-> 53 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: 0:37, when the White brother (never know which one is singing) puts the chorus for the first time. He doesn´t change the pitch or the melody. His voice is so smooth, and what he´s singing has lots of meaning for me.
-> Favorite lyric: "And in the middle of the night you'll worry about it, and it'll never go away, You understand it all and that is way much more, than you should ever have known, I will wait I will hope and pray that you'll be there" <- Could there be something better? Gorgeous!

6) Trains to Brazil

Where did I heard about this song? Can´t remember. I just know that I love it. The energy the vocalist (Fyfe Dangerfield is a real name?) puts on it is incredible. The video is awesome. The lyrics and the title refers to the London bombing attacks and the assassination of the brazilian guy on London subway by the police. Politics, britpop and.... A brazilian guitarrist?!?! What the fuck?!? Perfect!
-> 49 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: 02:15, the low-key part of the song. Then he gets with the chorus again, very nice.
-> Favorite lyric: "And to those of you who moan your lives through one day to the next, Well let them take you next, Cos you live and be thankful you're here"

7) Grounds for Divorce

Hype and hype... 2005 had lots of them... Fortunately some of them were quite good, as we can see in this band. Their debut album is so full of confidence, it´s not like a proper debut, looks like a third album. Great band. Of course the great review at Pitchfork helped them to "stardom", and this song was one of the first I heard. The lyrics is just about what the title says, grounds for divorce. Why people split up? For the most stupid things, most of the time. Great track.
-> 48 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: 2:44, the solo
-> Favorite lyric: "And I look at their babies, And their tiny little hands, And the way they get loved and the way they get loved"

8) Is This Love?

I love so much this track, and it´s perfect impossible for me to listen to The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth without listening to the following song that is this one. They are continuous when you listen the album, so it gets lots of plays!
-> 48 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: When Alec Ounsworth sings "I Knoooooow" for the first time (0:17)
-> Favorite lyric: "You're so much different than me yea, I know, And I'm my only enemy, Pain is all that I can see oh"

9) Blankest Year

This song is so special for me, not just because it rocks. I downloaded it last August 16th, my birthday! Never thought I would listen to "the hell with it, I´m gonna have a party, ooooh fuck it, I´m gonna have a party!!" in my birthday, just from nowhere. I think in that day I listened 30 times this song.
-> 47 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: From 1:38 til the end.
-> Favorite lyric: "Ah, fuck it (fuck it), I'm gonna have a party"

10) Pois é

Another track from "4", it´s so beautiful. Marcelo Camelo is very gifted as writer and composer, as this is the best song on the great album "4". Lyrics about breaking up relantionships are always meaningful, as is this one, but no, it doesn´t have a story for me. It´s just a beautiful song.
-> 46 plays so far
-> Favorite moment: 00:55, with the lyric below
-> Favorite lyric: "avisa que é de se entregar o viver"

The Strokes, The Arcade Fire, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Los Hermanos, The Electric Soft Parade, Guillemots, Wolf Parade, Nada Surf


  • davJ

    cyhsy - is this love? is also part of my top10. wolf parade and arcade fire are too, with different songs though. good choices! thanks for a non-survey journal entry x)

    8 avr. 2006, 17h12m
  • tstarkmi

    Excellent, excellent... I too love Rebellion (Lies), definitely in my top 5 songs of all time... I actually read in a thread yesterday somebody who 'doesn't like' the song. I'm dumbfounded!

    8 avr. 2006, 17h44m
  • Renato07

    O vento is great. The best of the los hermanos´s song. And you only live once is excellent

    25 jan. 2009, 22h31m
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