• Love History, Patchwork Hearts, Distracted Flowers.

    3 avr. 2009, 0h46m

    Hey guys, I don't really LIKE this shameless self-promotion stuff but I think it's sometimes the only way to get new people to listen? Anyway, if you're reading this, why not come visit my of sounds? Love History is friendly and warm robot music, Patchwork Heart is what you can do if you play with your machines with some help from your friends and family, and Flowers of Distraction is what happens when someone asks specifically for a certain type of "sound." If you are here, and if you are reading, enjoy!

    Robot hearts,
    Sylvie S.
  • Appropriateness.

    30 mars 2009, 20h09m

    Hey group, I noticed it said "minimal electronic" and I didn't see a lot of minimal electronic going on, so I thought I'd shamelessly contribute a song of mine that IS pretty minimal. Flowers of Distraction. Someone called it a "corpse-strewn skeleton of a song" and I think that's fairly accurate. Enjoy!
  • From Somewhere.

    28 mars 2009, 3h50m

    Well, what better way to celebrate joining a new group than some shameless self-promotion?!

    Mostly, I just want to point people to Patchwork Heart, as I just uploaded it. It's not new to ME, but I didn't upload it until today as...well, I don't know why. But it's a microsample project I did. I put little quirky facts about how the samples came into my possession and all that. Have fun? I know you will. (;

    And, well, if you accidentally listen to my other songs - I won't judge.
  • We Are Micro.

    28 mars 2009, 1h34m

    Sooo, a few months ago - I did a short side-project using microsamples. The software I use now allows me to clip .wav files as small as I want so, naturally, that's EXACTLY what I did. I put any specific details on the project in the individual tracks, but I like to think it's a fairly interesting sound! Let me know what you think!

    Patchwork Heart
  • Yes, but who ARE you?

    27 mars 2009, 0h13m

    Hey all,

    In the efforts of blowing apart the model of "just posting a shoutbox link to your music," I've wanted to add this here. It's probably shameless self-promotion too, but I'm not the only one who can post here! Basically, I'm just personally tired of seeing all of these "new track from glitch-avant-nouveau-post-pop-rave-techno-house-reggae" links. I know I've been guilty of it too, but I think it's sometimes better to hear a little about the person and maybe it makes you get into their music more? I've always liked to put a personality with music.

    To start it off, I like to make music as a hobby. I've been playing a lot of my life and have studied it at university. However, I also study literature soooo...I think it's led me to make some kind of abstract choices on things like naming my songs. Love History |(This is a concept collection about a simple love story of two people, haha.)

    And, thanks to's gorgeous "people meeting other people" scheme - someone found me online and said "hey, do a soundtrack for me!" and now I'm doing that, so I guess it's semi-less of a hobby now? Flowers of Distraction (This is the song I'm passing around to college radio and stuff like that.)

    *cough* Wow. That was pretty long. Anyway, if you lead a group that this message is in and it is NOT okay to post this - just let me know and I'll take it off. But I'd like to see the softer side of music, the part with the people behind the songs, not just the links. has great potential. We are musicians, we are listeners. We are more than just links. Let's all show our passion for what we do!
  • Flowers.

    26 mars 2009, 17h56m

    Okay, since I think this is turning into a support group for us to talk about new things we are doing, I will also officially post my not-really-that-new-now song. It's the latest one I have up here, however. Flowers of Distraction

    This project of mine has been a really mind-expanding experience. But I find that my development process has slowed quite significantly. Like, it takes me almost four times as long to make a song?!

    Umm, I'll keep you updated probably until you tell me to "shut up and quit being a wanker!" (:
  • Symbiographie.

    11 déc. 2008, 19h23m

    I guess I'm now writing to mark the intersection that I'm at with my musical adventures. Someone recently asked me to do soundtrack work for them and I'm slowly (very slowly!) getting through that. Also, I've hung out with the "wrong side of the tracks" kids and am practicing my microsampling. I suppose this entry is just a placeholder to see where those things go? It's good to write things down sometimes, isn't it?