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  • wolflungs

    19 août 3h10m Répondre
  • esinesen

    Merhaba dear Stephen, I'm very sad to hear the news about the death of Peter Sculthorpe. As you said I love his music. I think all artists and composers and musicians belong to the world because there are fans all over the world. Therefore, I feel as if I had lost my beloved. Rest in Peace. I want to share with you, one of my favorite Sculthorpe compositions. Earth Cry - By the way I'm in Istanbul for a while. I have come here to vote in the presidential election. And then I went to Marmara Ereğlisi, the town of Tekirdağ, 90 km west of Istanbul, I hope you are well. My best wiches to you for a peaceful summer season.

    15 août 14h37m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Steve, how're you doing? Are you in good health? I'm good. Quiet. Two days in bed with fever and my room looks such a sight: it's strewn with books, paints, Uno, chocolate wrappers, comics and other happy stuff. Quite ODed on Sid’s music with him croaking out the lyrics. Heh. Tonight I extract revenge and dish out some jazz. Here's my pick for you: Ta.

    11 août 15h41m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Hi Steve, how're you doing? I'm good. My brother's here with his family and in between cooking and looking after everyone, I’m all abuzz and happy. Sid's busy playing with my niece. The sign outside his room just now says “No mums allowed unless they come bearing delicious food” *giggles.* We baked a chocolate cake in the evening and the kids had a riot. The cake was polished off in ten minutes flat. Ah, good day. You? What have you been busy with? Try listening to this? With much cheer for a good weekend, Shalu.

    26 jui. 17h22m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Hello Steve, thanks for sharing the lovely Magnificat rendition by Richard Toensing. How wonderful to live on through something as enduring and gratifying as music. Cheers, Shalu.

    17 jui. 16h17m Répondre
  • esinesen

    Dear Stephen, it's always a big pleasure for me, to hear from you. Thank you for your nice words. Thank you also for the video. I loved Richard Toensing's music. What a coincidence that the composer is the father of your physician... It's sad to learn that he has passed away.

    16 jui. 8h05m Répondre
  • esinesen

    Hello dear Stephen, I apologize for my long silence. How are you? I hope you enjoy summer season. Here it's very hot fortunately shades from trees in the parks and gardens help refresh people there. I usually spend time in the parks. Mornings I take a walk before breakfast. Last week I went to cinema with my sister to see "Winter Sleep" directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. The film won the Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival. I appreciate the director of the film, the actors and actresses as well. Today I'm listening to Gerald Finzi. Here is one of his beautiful works. Finzi - Romance in E flat major, Op. 11 All the best :-)

    15 jui. 11h56m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Good evening, Steve. How’re you doing? My apologies for this belated response but I drive myself hard just now. My sister left this weekend and I miss her so. Whatever made you think that cooking/looking after my family would leave me harried? Pshaw. If my neck holds up, there is no greater delight than that. Sid’s finished his last set of examinations at the top of his class (unlike me, he’s bright.) I struggle at my studying just now and flee to the kitchen to cook first chance I get. So I cooked him his favourite Indo-Chinese tonight. Big celebratory dinner. Did you watch the WC finals yesterday? Superlative stuff. How’s your Mum doing? How very wonderful to have you share your favourite Indian music with her and her astute appreciation of it. Would you please listen to Shobha Gurtu perform one of my favourite thumris: as also this utterly gorgeous thumri: by Shobha Joshi. Happy listening. Ta.

    14 jui. 15h50m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Hello Steve, how’re you doing? Are you in good health? I’m good. Quiet. Busy so that I know not if I stood on my head or my feet. I’m cooking for eight people just now with three more members of my family expected over the weekend. ZOMG! Fun times. I love spending time with my sister—happy traipsing through the markets, rifling through twenty different stores before finding the one perfect thingummy, sampling street food and cooking/baking/chatting/laughing together. I’ve got mango kulfi churning in my little ice-cream maker just now that I shall serve with falooda. Have you ever tried that sumptuous mix? I’m so thrilled at you having actually sat through a football match and my commiserations at the USA not having made it to the quarters. Nirali’s grace personified but I find her voice severely wanting. That said, given adequate riyaaz/training/experience, there’s no reason why she couldn’t feature in that list. :-) I’m falling asleep sitting down and I’ve no clue what I type. Ta.

    3 jui. 18h21m Répondre
  • LucyMY

    Hello Steve! Que bela surpresa receber a sua mensagem! Obrigada por suas palavras gentis. Foi realmente uma pena que os EUA não tenham avançado na copa. É uma grande seleção. E a festa está muito bonita aqui, com tantas pessoas de diferentes culturas, reunidas e" falando a mesma língua". Um grande caro amigo!;)

    2 jui. 0h24m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Namaste Steve, how are you? Are you done reading "Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven" by John Eliot Gardiner? I'm reading to hone my baking skills. See this? It's a small primer in Hindustani classical musicians. I'm hoping you might like a voice or two therein. Much cheer, Shalu.

    25 juin 14h01m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Dear Steve, I’m sorry I couldn’t login at and reply to your message any earlier. I enjoyed Covetop’s post in that he seemed transported in being closer to his personal God. Good pictures. I hope you’ve forgiven him his rash words (think Hanlon’s Razor.) I watched football two nights running and now I’m pooped and I’ve decided to record it all and watch at more reasonable hours. The Google doodle featured just now makes me grin. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I cooked Rogan josh today: and ate nary a bite. I obsess with the humble masala oats just now ( I even dream about the damned oats *giggles.*) What do you read? Ta.

    14 juin 19h23m Répondre
  • esinesen

    Hello dear Stephen, thank you for sharing with me, the article including some opinions about the problems and the conflicts in our geography. Unfortunately peace is still far away from the middle eastern countries; very worrying. Thank you for the video of the Sonata for Violin and Piano by Albéric Magnard. I love dark music. I have listened to all the compositions on the youtube page. I wish you a great summer season in peace and love...

    14 juin 10h38m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Namaste Steve, thank you for introducing me to the classical music magazines Gramophone and Listen. I’ve been gauche in not having browsed through those yet but I shall. Thank you for your cheerful mails, my erudite friend. I’d almost forgotten my child-like glee in writing and receiving long missives. Your enthusiasm for football made me laugh. I’ve got my La Roja jersey and the shorts ready, their playing schedule duly noted and I’m ready to screw my sleep-cycle big time. YAY! You follow cricket? The test match kind? There’s hope for you yet. Meanwhile, are you familiar with Anton Bruckner? This made me very happy: (if you’d forgive him his classical music proselytizing. He writes the way I do; with passion and fervor and no half-measures.) I miss traveling (painfully) but I shall someday indulge in music/food tourism. Here’s wishing you a weekend filled with much pleasure:

    12 juin 14h29m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Dear Steve, my apologies for my football proselytizing. I hope you’ve been in good health and spirits. Check this out: and try this podcast on Schumann's four Symphonies maybe? (via BBC Music magazine.) I’ve an audio piece on the ‘History of Music’ I shall mail you later. I hope you make yourself a week filled with much grace. Ta.

    9 juin 11h07m Répondre
  • Miss_Moonlight

    Good evening Steve! Oh yeah, it's true that we haven't written on last/fm for several months. I'm having stressful time now because I'm preparing for exams. I'm going to leave a flat in Katowice in the last week of June. I want to save some money for trips, retreats, holidays or wedding dress :) From Rybnik with love!

    7 juin 21h31m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Hi Steve, how’re you? I’m good. Quiet. Nargisi koftas are akin to scotch eggs and I’m sure you could sample those. Ach, frozen vegetarian koftas sound just sad. Also, what blasphemy is this? Utter sacrilege! You don’t follow the beautiful game? Think of its history: The Munich air disaster in 1958 that killed 8 Man United players and their thumping 1968 European Cup win. The 1993 plane crash that felled the whole Zambian football team and their rise phoenix-like to win the 2012 African Nations Cup. The 'baby football' model of Uruguay that has been subject of much study by Japan. Afghanistan’s thrashing of India in the 2013 SAFF Championship and their FIFA 2014 Fair Play award. ZOMG! Best human interest stories ever. I’ve imbibed my football craziness from my dad and late night pre-television transistor commentaries. Now I watch the friendlies while impatiently awaiting the start of the WC. Cheers for a good day to you too.

    4 juin 12h06m Répondre
  • esinesen

    Merhaba sevgili Stephen, thank you very much for the beautiful video including Elegy by Ian Venables; I have never heard from that composer. Elegy speaks to my soul. I'm so sad because of the mine disaster in Soma; more than two weeks passed. I know it is not possible to make up for the deaths. Human life shouldn't be so cheap... By the way I'm planning to go to Bursa in a week. I wish you a great day through "Piano Trio: I. Pale Yellow" by Jennifer Higdon

    3 juin 10h13m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Hi Steve, how’re you? I’m good. Quiet. Grateful. Happy. I’ve cooked Nargisi kofta tonight and the delicate aroma of the mutton stewing brought Mishka into the kitchen so that I tripped over her just like old times. She's not touched the mince yet. I’m distracted what with the drizzle outside, the the FIFA World Cup and hunger pangs. Pliss not to expect intelligent conversation while the cup plays itself out? Thanks for sharing the link to the co-champs at the Spelling Bee. Such pimples, the two, being able to spell ''sdrucciola,""holluschick," and “feuilleton.” HMPF! It brought happy memories of my convent with mandatory lessons in spellings & elocution over the class intercom and cursive handwriting before school. Post school we had classes in embroidery, cooking, drawing, carpentry and what have you… Best. School. Ever. I think Asian parents are too driven when it comes to their children; such over-achievers, it makes my head swim. More later. I’m starving and the koftas beckon.

    30 mai 14h46m Répondre
  • shaluvk

    Hi Steve, thanks for your lovely mail and your unfailing kindness to me. I feel beat but happy in that Mum's sugar levels have finally stabilized and Mishka just might pull through this episode of sickness too—today I've cooked her favourite smelly treat of fish and force fed her and she seems just a wee bit better. She barely weighs a kilo now. Ach, I needed to unwind by cooking so I’ve ended up cooking enough for two meals already and I still itch to cook. BTW, the Thukpa I told you about? It turned out utterly gorgeous. I like understated flavours in my food. It was pretty easy to bung together too. Pliss to look up a Tibetan restaurant near you and go sample. Ta.

    21 mai 7h40m Répondre
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À propos de moi

Concert of Birds by Frans Snyders

The Notes of the Birds (excerpt)

by Isaac McLellan (1806-1899)

And now would'st thou O man! delight the ear
With earth's delicious sounds, or charm the eye
With beautiful creations? Then pass forth
And find them midst those many-colored birds
That fill the glowing woods. The richest hues
Lie in their splendid plumage, and their tones
Are sweeter than the music of the lute,
Or the harp's melody, or the notes that gush
So thrillingly from beauty's ruby lip.

Lovers' Secret Garden by Villenueve

E lucevan le stelle

by William Matthews (1942-1997)

And the stars shone, and the earth unstoppered
its perfumes, the garden gate scrinched
open, footsteps lisped along the path
and they were hers, and she was mine.

And my hand shook the more slowly
I unwrapped and dawdlier I kissed her,
and her aromas rose, and the hour fled,
which is the way with hours.

And I've unveiled myself of any hope,
and death's steps rasp along the path,
and, like any star, I have nothing
to burn but the life I love.

Girl Playing Violin (artist unknown)


by Sheila Black

You must use the body - its curves,
its hollows, the spring of the sound, which
brings back what is absent, what has
been and is now gone, fading. Cat-gut,
fret, the busy machinery of longing,
which takes its strength from the
presence of absence, the body's darkness,
the wood carved out, thinned and
made to flex. There is a pain at the
source of it - so easily broken, this tree
without a heart, the sap dried to amber
patina. Only in the sound can you
hear it move, the veins in the blood of
the body that is no more. The bow pulled
along the taut strings, a pitch that
is all but unbearable.

title and artist unknown

Humming Bird Woman

by Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)
from Smoke and Steel, 1920

WHY should I be wondering
How you would look in black velvet and yellow?
in orange and green?
I who cannot remember whether it was a dash of blue
Or a whirr of red under your willow throat—
Why do I wonder how you would look in humming-bird feathers?

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