• About the people I hate.

    23 août 2010, 19h17m

    I really hate people who can't understand how I feel and they think they know and say "I know how that feels but you don't have to react like that!" Yeah RIGHT.
    Like they really DO know how it feels like left in the shadows time after time.
    Like they know how it feels like when after every f*cking fight they swear never to talk to these people I hate, never to help them never to notice them again. And when everything is good again, they'll act like best friends and I will be left in the shadows again.
    It really gets exasperating after few years.

    And they keep asking me "Why don't you even TRY to get along with them?"
    Oh, I tried.
    I tried really hard to love them and support them. But they never tried to understand me. They never tried to love me. They were my friends when it was OK to them, they ignored me when it was OK to them. So what that makes me? A bag you can just keep punching forever?
    No. I'm human too. And I do have feelings. And if I decide to hate them I will hate them. If they want me to change my opinion about them they have to change first.

    But after all they have done they are just keep asking me "Why won't you get along? Why won't you just give up your pride and get along with them?"
    Never they have asked those people, "Why won't you try to see that you are not the center of the world?"
  • MUSE!

    20 jui. 2010, 19h15m

    You really gotta love Muse..Such a great band with such a great live performance! Gotta love the fact that they played almost all my favorite songs yesterday <3
    Hope that they could make much more gigs in finland, since they are not like some retarded assholes who refuses to play in finland, like "big bands" who will always skip helsinki but will play in stockholm, oslo and copengham(spelled it wrong i guess..)

    So until the next Muse's gig.. <3 (which will propably bee after they make their next album? :( .. )