• The Massacre On Watergate Street

    5 avr. 2010, 12h43m

    "The Massacre On Watergate Street" - das klingt wie der Titel eines Filmes. Und tatsächlich erinnert das erste Album der jungen schwedischen Band The Lance an einen Soundtrack, einen Soundtrack mit unglaublicher Breite, der auf jede Schlüsselszene perfekt abgestimmt ist.
    Beim Hören fühlt man sich in einen Schwarz-Weißfilm versetzt, 60er Jahre, Kleinstadt. Der Protagonist erinnert sich an seine lange verlorene große Liebe (I Love Her), zieht mit seinen Freunden durch die Stadt ( Peter's Point Of View), geht Samstag abends aus (Sweet Saturday night), läuft durch die Nacht wieder nach Hause (Late Night Lights), lässt in der Karaoke Bar alle seine Gefühle raus (I Saw The Light) und verliebt sich neu (Lady In Red). Schließlich gipfelt alles in dem Massacre On Watergate Street, das die Kleinstadt erschüttert.

    Natürlich denkt man bei der Kleinstadt an Borlänge, den Heimatort von The Lance und gleichzeitig auch von Mando Diao und Sugarplum Fairy.
    Mit beiden Bands haben The Lance musikalisch auch einige Ähnlichkeit. The Massacre On Watergate Street erinnert an Mando Diaos erstes Album Bring 'Em In, wenngleich nicht ganz so zerkratzt und auch ein wenig "abgerundeter", fertiger. Doch gerade für Mando Diao Fans der ersten Stunde sind The Lance eine heiße Hörempfehlung. Olle Häggs Stimme weist außerdem Ähnlichkeit mit der Björn Dixgårds auf, ist ähnlich kraftvoll.

    Doch im Endeffekt sind The Lance The Lance und es macht unhemlich Spaß ihnen zuzuhören. Es wäre den Jungs nur zu wünschen, dass sie einen ähnlichen Erfolgsweg gehen können, wie ihre berühmten Nachbarn.

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  • Give me Fire!

    15 fév. 2009, 22h50m

    The new album by Mando Diao was released last friday: Give Me Fire

    I directly bought it that day and so I could spend a weekend with listening to it much time. My result of "studying" it: very very good :)
    What you already get from the beginning is that Give Me Fire is much faster and more danceable than Never Seen The Light Of Day which mostly had acoustic guitars and violin-sounds.
    Already the first track Blue Lining, White Trenchcoat is so much "rock'n'roll", it has a kind of roll in it which reminds of a train that can't be stopped. In my opinion it's a good opening for the album as it takes you on a ride through thirteen cool and rocky songs.
    Number two on the album is the first single Dance With Somebody. But it is a slightly different version than the one you may know from the radio. The beginning lasts longer and at the end you can hear a short extract that seems to be recorded on one of their last concerts, anouncing the next song Gloria.
    Both tracks are very good to dance on, I really love the guitar in "Gloria" and Björn's voice which is very strong and impressing.
    High Heels is much slower but with a great beat and Gustaf's voice in it is extraordinary. In the first moment this doesn't sound like Mando Diao, but after a few times of listening to it I'm really addicted to this song.
    Mean Street is number 5 on Give Me Fire and although it is about the dangerous streets of New York City for me it is a really happy song, due to the keyboard and the tambourine. It also sounds a bit like the music of the 60es and is very catchy, too.
    The next one is Maybe Just Sad, a very great song with even greater lyrics, about soldiers and their feelings - it really makes you thinking.
    A Decent Life, which follows, is just a kind of bridge to the next song, as it is a 1:44 min instrumental part leading over to Give Me Fire which gave the name for the album but is not that convincing in my eyes. There is nothing special about this song, it just sounds like one of the "fill-in ones".
    No. 9 is the only slow track on the album, it's called Crystal and is really beautiful. It shifts you into a kind of higher sphere or a dream and even develops during listening to it. One of the best love songs Mando ever made, I think.
    Much faster is then the beginning of Come On Come On a pure "Rock'n'Roll" song of which I really like the handclapping after the refrain ;)
    Go Out Tonight starts rather slow but then develops into a dance-song with some slower parts. The next one, You Got Nothing On Me is faster, but not that interesting as the previous song.
    The album ends with The Shining, a song which could be in an Indiana Jones movie, very dynamic and, to allude to the train example I used at the beginning, like a speed-up shortly before the finish.
    If you then are patint to wait 13 minutes or fast-forward to the end of the song, you find the hidden track Leave My Fire that puts you in the atmosphere of a gypsy bonfire, with some parts sung in Spanish.
    It makes the perfect end to the great collection of rock'n'roll songs you can find on Give Me Fire, which is another huge step forward for Mando Diao but with many elements from their earlier times as well.

    I just can recommend to buy it!