• stats 9/2/11

    2 sept. 2011, 20h57m

    Friends: 41
    Groups: 147
    Plays: 1464
    Loved Tracks: 85
    Journals: 9
    Top Plays: The Clash(105) Taylor Swift(84) The Soviettes(83) Victoria Justice(75) Selena Gomez & The Scene(68) Ke$ha(65) Miley Cyrus(60)
  • Punk Rock Top 10 [2]

    2 sept. 2011, 20h48m

    10. The Soviettes- Tonight
    9. The Clash- London Calling
    8. The Action Degin- Scissor Game
    7. Go Betty Go- Ticking Bombs
    6. Talking Heads- Psycho Killer
    5. The Clash- Brand New Cadillac
    4. The Soviettes- Multiply and Divide
    3. The Clash- Clash City Rockers
    2. The Clash- Rock The Casbah
    1. The Clash- I'm So Bored With The U.S.A
  • Punk Rock Top 10

    10 août 2011, 2h22m

    10 The Clash- Rock The Casbah
    9. Go Betty Go- Ticking Bombs
    8. Awesome Snakes- I Want A Snake
    7. The Soviettes- Tonight
    6 The Clash- Should I Stay or Should I Go
    5 The Clash- London Calling
    4. The Soviettes- (Do) The Stagger
    3. The Eyeliners- Think of Me
    2. The Clash- Clash City Rockers
    1. The Soviettes- Multiply and Divide
  • Status: 7/30/11

    30 jui. 2011, 17h20m

    loved tracks: 78
    groups: 121
    friends: 25
    plays: 475
    posts: 20
    journals: 7
    top artists: Selena Gomez & the Scene (52) Miranda Cosgrove (35) Taylor Swift (34) Victoria Justice (32) The Clash, Miley Cyrus and The Awesome Snakes (28) Katy Perry (21)
    Shouts: 119
  • Avatar Charaters<3 y i like them

    29 jui. 2011, 0h56m

    Aang: he's the avatar and he's onley 12

    Katara: she's strong willed and she's a waterbending prodegey

    Sokka: he's sooo funny! and a fantaic fighter. "Shh! we'er in enemy teritory. those are enemy birds!" is my faveorite Sokka quote
    Toph: she's really tough for a 12-year-old girl -not to mention she's the world's best earthbender (;- and i love that she can see with her feet and mentalbend!

    Zuko: he turnes into a good-guy in the end and helps the avatar learn firebending. and i loove his inpressions of Iroh and Azula in that one episode!!

    Azula: she's good at everything and we have the same first name!!!! unfortionetly, she's evil, but i learn alot of good comebacks and stuff from watching her! U ROCK, AZULA!!!!!:)

    Ty Lee: she can make people loose their bending by pressure-points. and she is a "curcus freak" and can do alot of crazy flipps and stuff like that.

    Mai: mai sounds depressed most of the time and sighs alot. she's Zuko's girlfriend and she throughs darts at people.

    Iroh: he likes tea sooo much and he makes me and my bro lol! he's epic. l call him Epic Uncle Iroh.
  • Status: 7/22/11

    22 jui. 2011, 20h33m

    69 loved trcks
    69 groups
    18 friends
    373 plays
    5 posts
    5 jounals
    top artists: Miranda Cosgrove (30 plays), Miley Cyrus (24 plays), Selena Gomez & The Scene (24 plays), Taylor Swift (23 plays), Victoria Justice (21 plays), The Clash (18 plays) , Selena Gomez (17 plays), Awesome Snakes (15 plays) and Jennette McCurdy (15 plays) I've got more artists in my library!)
    70 shouts
  • Music video parody's l made

    22 jui. 2011, 3h00m

    I want a Snake by Aweome Snakes
    Tic ToK by Ke$ha
    Telephone by Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
    Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift
    Fly on the Wall by Miley Cyrus
    We R Who We R by Ke$ha
    Greased Lightining by John Travolta
    Don't Forget by Demi Lavato
    Haunted by Taylor Swift
    Blow by Ke$ha
    Clash City Rockers by The Clash
    Best Friend's Brother by Victoria Justice
    Love You Like A Love Song by Selene Gomes & The Scene

    *If u wanna see any of these, send me a message in my inbox. I havent put them up online yet, so srry.
  • Sidebar:)

    22 jui. 2011, 1h48m

    heyy, I finally got this whole sidebar image thing figured out! expect more! :)
    plz comment and request me!:)
  • Pretty Little liars<3:)

    16 jui. 2011, 17h59m

    I love the pll books! they are epic and i cant put them down! They're basicaly about four girls and they're bff is murdered and they are being stalked. they wanna figure out who killed their friend, and who's sending them those odd texts. I would say more but l would I would spoil it for those of u who wanna check em out!!!!!! im on the ninth book!!!!
  • Azula:)

    14 jui. 2011, 2h16m

    Hey, ppl! My name is Azula and I'm 13. I live in the U.S but i wish I were Canadian!!! I LOVE music. I play alot of instruments. I follow the whole Scene clothing style. if u wanna see more about my music tastes u can check out the rest of my page. I wish I couls sing but I CAN write stroies and i'm good at it!!!!!