Two Years of Last FM-ing


14 fév. 2008, 4h15m

It is slightly past the two year mark for me, so again I'm going to reflect on my musical state. I also recently passed 30,000 tracks, so we can also celebrate that!


The top 10 on the rolling year charts:

1. Current 93

No surprise here. This is my all time favorite group - I really am loving the live albums more than the studios lately. As a matter of fact, I'm listening to disc 2 of Thunder Perfect Mind at this moment.

2 Ulver

They are really awesome, though I don't expect to see them this high next year. The new album this year was a nice dark treat; here's hoping they return to a more bold style on the next effort.

3. Front Line Assembyl

How? This is some high school shit here. Listening to this made me fail a test this year, boo FLA. Serious note: Hard Wired is their best album and the only one that stands up after over 10 years. Typing that makes me feel old.

4. Covenant

All these plays are off Northern Light, which is an EBM masterpiece. Having them this high really cuts into my image as a cool person though.


Great, I will never be cool ever again. I just can't imagine that anyone takes any of their "story" tracks seriously. That there were fewer of them on the new album was the only good thing about it. And Stalkers.

6. Hecq

Whew! New HECQ album this year, and it is so badass. Finally, an artist album tops his remix albums.

7. Coil

Scatology is becoming my preferred Coil album. Windowpane is still my preferred Coil track. Lastly, I want Going Up played at my funeral.

8. Seabound

I was on such a good roll with 6 and 7 there, and this has to ruin it.

9. The Shins

Yaaaaaay! And no I do not listen to them because I saw Garden State and was touched by Natalie Portman's chilling portrayal of... I have no idea what. Why were they yelling on top of that thing near the pit of hell and what the hell was up with that movie anyway?

10. Destroid

Goal for the year: replace this spot on my charts with Haujobb or Architect. They are much cooler.


Let's talk about a popular album:

I think I can now definitively render my opinion on Burial's new album. It is worse than the first one. The vocal samples in this one just do not work, they kill the magic that made the self titled into the godlike piece of music it is. I'll admit Archangel is great, but can you really think that stuff like Raver is really anything unique? It is still good, but it is not "a new genre" or anything revolutionary. That was the last album.

Speaking of which, though I know nothing of him, Kode9 has got to either be a jerk or he is Burial. I just can't think of why or what the Spaceape track was doing on the first Burial album. It works in the context of the Kode9 and the Spaceape album but it is just so wrong on Burial. It is like someone drew a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

Two years in a row I complain about the same thing. That is how bad it was.


Noteworthy discoveries this past year:

The Bobby Fuller Four - A few of their songs are now close in my heart to the place I keep Buddy Holly. And that is very special place.

5F-X - These are the best beats ever.

Flaque - I have always loved Beefcake and Kattoo. This is very similar - I wish this a long career.

Woven Hand - Reminds me slightly of my beloved Current 93 in mood and lyrical content. This is some country that I can get behind as great music.


Closing thoughts:

I think my tastes have settled a bit this year. I have at last moved completely away from trance, though I can't yet let go of my EBM roots. This is probably the first time in a while (or ever) that when I think of my favorite artist right now, it is the same one as last year this time. My forays into metal this past year plus haven't really got me hooked. I appreciate it, but I do not crave it. Similar things can be said about my excursion into yodeling.


Post your comments about my journal or me as a person.


  • be_quiet_peter

    As much as I like Covenant, I'm glad they managed to saunter downwards from their place in my top 50...

    17 mars 2008, 4h23m
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