Del @ The Social


17 oct. 2006, 7h32m

Freakin' great. All the openers we caught were class acts, ESPECIALLY Mike Relm, who had the potential to steal the show (no disrespect to Bukue One)

Mike Relm video:

He basically spun synced to video, and scratched the video, and such. It's really hard to explain, and impossible to create suitable imagery for, so I won't try. Just know it was amazing.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien! Del performed with A Plus of the Souls of Mischief, who I'll definitely need to remember to check out. Super enthusiastic guy.

If I recall correctly, Del didn't open his eyes until at least the fourth song. My BIGGEST complaint, even though I saw it coming, was that he didn't touch anything from the Deltron 3030 album. Very unfortunate.

I was itching to hear 'Things You Can Do' or 'Positive Contact'. No such Luck. I was lucky enough, however, to hear favorites like Mr. Dobalina, Dr. Bombay, Catch A Bad One, No Need For Alarm, If You Must, and Phoney Franchise, among others.

This was definitely the most packed show I've been to at the Social. Should've seen that coming. Good stuff, night folks.


  • GtfoMyPorch

    When I saw him at Cat's Cradle in NC last weekend he did Virus from Deltron 3030.

    17 oct. 2006, 16h04m
  • Spexx


    17 oct. 2006, 21h34m
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