• MONO doesn't need orchestra

    12 nov. 2012, 21h42m

    Sun 11 Nov – Mono, A Newborn Riot of Dreams

    Mono: Berlin, Babylon 11/11/12

    Babylon is an old theatre in Berlin city center. It was only my 2nd sedentary concert in life. Mono played there on a small stage covered with the red carpet and in addition with the red light it just burned.

    The merch guy was away for the whole hour before the show, and desperate fans were buzzing around the table looking at several vinyls and t-shirts. Later I have concluded people DO buy vinyl more than CDs.

    Mono is a Japanese tornado which threw me in the river full of Sakura flowers. I was floating in the water catching the waves…

    They were so beautiful, the words can not describe. These fragile bodies all in black made me fell in love. They have filled the entire venue with the brightest sounds of splendor. The first notes almost made my eyes wet, then I was smiling the entire concert.

    The both guitar players were sitting on chairs, with the bass player standing in the middle, and the one from the right was absolutely enjoying himself, maniacally moving his head covering the face with the dark silky hair. He’d throw a chair all of sudden and start shaking his guitar then would take it upside down and holding it with the fretboard against the floor make it roar. Then he’d simply get lost among his pedals…

    Not sure what is the name for the metal round “japanese plate” behind the drummer, but it was truly a magic sound. Only used in a couple of songs. It was like a sacrifice ritual. They could have taken me, I wouldn’t mind.

    The last song they played was the only one i did not recognize. It had a long piano intro while the drummer lied on his drumset with the face down holding his hands together as if he was praying…We were warmly thankful to each other for a marvellous show. And even though the audience had to sit it did stand up in the end to clap and to scream for the encore.

    Mono is a classical masterpiece with drums. A pure musical orgasm. Mono can do it without orchestra!

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  • the God is on speed

    10 nov. 2012, 14h40m

    Fri 9 Nov – Godspeed You! Black Emperor, air cushion finish

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor – 9/11/12 Berlin, SO36

    I came to SO36 after 9pm, it was fully packed. And the Air Cushion Finish were already playing. I went through the long black corridor all in stickers just like CBGB and the 80s flashed in my mind. I could clearly see new-wave parties, and punks rubbing against the walls. The venue is simple, but certainly very pleasant. Good acoustics. It felt extremely hot right away, as if it never cooled down fromt the previous night. I squeezed in to the front, i felt vicious ( being on medication, 10 tablets in the morning and 10 in the evening, i could not resist to a home made wine and a few beers before). The audience had a good vibe, people from 27 and above, mostly male.

    The warm-up band had a positive impact on me. Experimental/ambient folk. I close my eyes and start meditating. I see bright visuals, like kaleidoscopic ornaments moving slowly. My chest opens up and starts vibrating to the experimental sounds accompanied by birds chirp. People hit me time to time, saying :”Excuse me, I am so sorry”… The audience feels selected, lots of visitors from other countries… It feels like tonight here are the ones who are truly dedicated. Maybe the best audience I have ever experienced. I was not mistaken.

    Smell of cigar, weed and cheap man’s deodorant. The air becomes stale. People don’t move even after the warm-up. They are glued to their places, this does not happen often.

    Are you ready for what’s coming?

    Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Ready as I’ll ever be.

    It was sick.Totally mind-disturbing. I could barely stand the tension they were holding. It was 2-hour long trance. I am not sure what they did to us… But i felt hypnotized at times staring at their carefully selected 16mm visuals. I was screaming with all my body after the first 20 minutes of Hope Drone noise and metal drumming:“Hit me, blow me, set me of fire!” And then came “Mladic”…

    They played about 50% new stuff and 50% of the old hits. Old hits coming in people en masse started smoking, enjoying long marijuana bongs with their eyes closed. I dissolved in the darkness when they played 15-min long pure noise dissonance.

    By the end of the concert the whole venue was moving heads in unison. This few manic shaved-head movements in front of me was nothing but dipping in bliss.

    And when there was no air left inside I just wanted them to tear me apart.

    They sucked all my juices out, and left us with no encore. I don’t blame them. It was 2-hour long honest show by all standarts.

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  • COCOROSIE - July 9th

    13 jui. 2012, 7h51m

  • The Mars Volta - BERLIN

    5 jui. 2012, 23h02m

    Thu 5 Jul – The Mars Volta, Le Butcherettes

    Tonight the body and soul got filled in with love and ecstasy watching these vehement Mexicans for the 4th time. Almost every time I see them in a different country, this time - Berlin, Huxleys Neue Welt.

    I have blanked the support band completely. Even though Omar was on bass there, riot girrrl did not entertain me much. Usually it is enough with their own energy to warm up the audience quickly. Maybe the reason is that “Noctourniquet” is much more serene than previous albums.

    When both microphones are cleaned with Listerine and the tea can is boiling – the show can start. Cedric is back in good shape, and his hair is nice and curly again. Everything is right, let’s see what happens on stage.

    It was magic wrapped in utopian flesh and time. The sound was clean, even in front and there was no big necessity for earplugs. The new songs were mostly slow and improvised. Volta was slowly entering the audience into the cosmic trance, dragging every note while the thunderstorm was flashing behind the dark windows. Cedric did his famous hot dance: moving the mic stand balancing on his leg, and later hanging on it resting his head on one of his arms in tight black shirt; and even more he was biting himself. I felt sexually empowered and drowned in to the sea of never-ending beautiful sounds. I fucking dare to say that this album sounds better live than on recording, slow and sexual, it is a sea of pleasure where I was sinking. Cedric’s voice sounded better than ever! Paralyzing. I enjoyed fucking everything apart from the guy behind me rubbing his dick against my ass. He has successfully adopted Cedric manier of dancing.

    Once The Mars Volta leaves the stage, they never come back. But we tried hard. It was raining outside and everything seemed to be perfect. I was trembling from excitement.
  • chinawoman + hidden cameras

    7 sept. 2011, 17h14m

  • 2011

    7 jan. 2011, 14h07m

    Fri 31 Dec – Sonic Youth, Shellac, The Pop Group, Cherrystones, Factory Floor, Stuart Braithwaite

    00:00 was a great start, but i thought public could have been more excited.
    Then again the set list was not the greatest, without any surprises, and the actual gig took only 1h 20 minutes.Once again without encores just over an hour.
    It was a nice feeling to see them again, but the gig in Belgium in 2007 was definitely more powerful.

    who knows maybe i will not have a chance to see them gain, so i guess when the band is rocking at their 60s i have to be greatful to see them.

    thank you.
  • P.E.A.C.H.E.S

    14 déc. 2009, 14h43m

    Sun 13 Dec – Peaches, Kap Bambino, Hawnay Troof, Drums Of Death (LIVE BAND)

    she had everything for a perfect show, she HAD US ALL with her blood n champagne.

    perfect venue, perfect audience, and perfect Merill
  • Heads did roll on the floor! Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    1 déc. 2009, 23h15m

    Mon 30 Nov – Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Duchess Says

    Thank you for priority entrance,
    Thank you for the setlist, it was ideal for my liking,
    Thank you for the eye balls,
    Thank you, Karen, for the towel,
    Thank you for the silver rain,
    Thak you for the microphone, but i am a bad bad singer..

    Bright, impressive, passionate and we loved you, guys.

  • a place where we bury those strangers

    19 nov. 2009, 13h45m

    Wed 18 Nov – A Place to Bury Strangers, Sad Day For Puppets, The Brothers Movement

    it was loud indeeed. the slow parts were the best.. slowish.
  • FAEN

    4 oct. 2009, 20h08m

    were fucking amazing

    Sat 3 Oct – Casiokids