The Aquabats, May 19th


22 mai 2006, 2h16m

Got to go to the El Rey and see the 'Bats.

No Trigger - I thought they weren't very good. The guitars were way too loud, and I couldn't understand what the singer was saying at all. But it was fun to watch the tru punx moshing. :D

Supernova - They were terrible. Mostly obnoxious wailing and lyrics I couldn't understand. And he can't imitate Chewbacca at all.

Streetlight Manifesto - AAAAAAH. They were awesome. They played, in no particular order: That'll Be the Day, Everything Went Numb, Here's To Life (With the A Call To Arms intro), If and When We Rise Again, some new song (It had a lot of "Would you"'s in it), and Point/Counterpoint with Keasbey Nights in the middle (AAAAAH SO AWESOME). I screamed all the lyrics I knew. I was sad they didn't play Dear Sergio, but still fantastic.

The Aquabats - In their own words, TOTALLY SWEET! They played lots of songs, and I don't remember them all. MCBC said "lol" and "pwned", and I spazzed out. And he hugged Jimmy. :)
My favourite song would have to be Super Rad with Streetlight on the horns. :D

And I bought:
- Streetlight pin pack
- Aquabats wristband
- Aquabats hat
- Aquabats mask
- "This Better Work Or We Are Dead! Tour 2006" shirt

By the way, I was the skinny kid in the brown Disneyland shirt with the hat with all the pins on it, if anyone noticed me. :D


  • Spamlord

    It's because they're on Nitro Records like The Aquabats. And I'm sure people who like that style of music enjoy them. They're good at what they do, as far as I can tell.

    22 mai 2006, 6h51m
  • livefastdiefree

    i get to see the aquabats june 3. i'm excited!

    22 mai 2006, 20h01m
  • Soundwaves

    i missed this show, sold out extremely fast, but i guess streetlight and the aquabats together can do it. But i caught No Trigger the next monday at chain, they were friggin amazing. Small crowd too made the experiance that much better

    25 mai 2006, 2h52m
  • Matt8441

    Oh man, I was at that show too. So freaking awesome. I hope SM releases their new CD soon, I want them to headline! Haha.

    25 mai 2006, 5h51m
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