• De zaterdag van CB 2009!

    22 nov. 2009, 11h54m

    Thu 19 Nov – Crossing Border

    Ik had net 2 tabs openstaan in mozilla en ik gaf net zoek opdracht op de tab waar ik net bijna een kantje had zitten typen over CB van gister :X. Dus helaas kan weer helemaal over nieuw beginnen. Maar nu doe ik het in een notendop!

    De zaterdag van Crossing Border 2009 overtrof de Vrijdag by far _O_
    In een notendop wat ik gezien heb:
    * Newton Faulkner; leuk optreden! Goede interactie met het publiek en leuk grapjes en covers als Tear Drop van Massive Attack en een akoestische versie van Bohemian Rhapsody. Zeker geen slecht optreden maar ik was er niet helemaal onderste boven van.

    * Patrick Watson & The Wooden Arms; Geweldige optreden _O_ Echt steen goed! Sinds zijn eerste CD Close to Paradise (een van mijn eerste CD aankopen toen der tijd sinds lange tijd) ben ik al van Patrick Watson. Zijn 2de CD heeft me nooit heel erg weten te pakken. Maar de laatste samen met the Wooden Arms was weer erg goed. Mijn hoogtepunt uit de velen van het optreden waren Luscious Life, The Great Escape en Man Like You die hij onder gitaar begeleiding zong naar boven in de zaal toe zonder Microfoon. Patrick Watson heeft de verwachtingen voor mij dubbel en dwars waar gemaakt.


    * The Antlers; Kippenvel werkelijk! Live zelfs nog beter dan op CD. De eerste keer ook dat ik een band t-shirt heb gekocht voor 15 euro :D En voor 5 euro hun CD Attic in the Universe :D. Sylvia werd echt fenomenaal uitgevoerd maar eigenlijk waren alle nummers erg goed. De emotie van de plaat was ook heel goed te voelen tijdens het concert. Ik stond zo goed als helemaal vooraan en het was echt genieten. Ze beginnen niet voor niks een van mijn favoriete bands te worden en dat hebben ze nu dubbel en dwars ook live waargemaakt. Mijn persoonlijk hoogtepunt van het festival.


    En ik heb nog 2-3 nummertjes van Monsters of Folk kunnen meepikken. En dat was wel leuk maar ik kan daar geen beoordeling over geven.
    Al met al was de Vrijdag van CB al goed maar was de Zaterdag nog veel leuker en beter. Absoluuut een festival waar ik volgend jaar weer heen ga!
  • My CB 2009 Day 1/2

    21 nov. 2009, 0h29m

    Friday 19 Nov – Crossing Border

    I will try and write this in my best English. It would be a lot easier to do it in Dutch but there a lot of non-speaking dutch people on this site and perhaps this event.
    This is my first time to Crossing Border The Hague. And the first thing I noticed was the fact that concert-halls were very near to each other. But not that was a problem my first two concerts were in the same hall.

    I first went to Kings were Stuart Murdoch from Belle and Sebastian was supposed to perform. After talking to some people there I got to know that Stuart would be interviewed and not performing any songs..
    I could have figured that out earlied because God Help The Girl was scheduled this same evening. Lucky for me Yo La Tengo wasn't started yet. And there performance was truly terrific. Unlucky for them they were the first act in the Royal and the first act of the evening in the largest hall. The crowd was quite not what I suspected. It was quite afwul to be honest. People kept walking in, taking a chair and going out of the room. I have never seen quite anything like it. Yet again, it was my first paying festival ever :$. And the singer from Yo La Tengo did notice it as well. He made a comment about it , something like ''normally I will say something during a show but you guys are such a quake heads''. Inspite of that they kept going pretty good but fucking with the crowd sometimes. Like pretending the song is finished while its not finished and so on. But in the end I am quite happy that Stuart wasn't perfoming Solo. Because Yo La Tengo was way better than I ever imagined them to be. They were with the 3 of the them. And they all did more than 1 instrument. And they all had there own songs where they would be the lead vocalist. And it was quite refreshing. The not so thin guitarists sings quite good. And the female vocalist was also pretty good. But what I liked even more about Yo La Tengo's performance is that the songs were quite distinct from each other. In the end there was this brilliant song without vocals that went one for like 10-15 minutes. And at some point they played some really slow and touching songs. And they would follow it up with some heavy rocking. I am glad I stayed in my seat the whole time. And not like 10-15% of the crowd kept walking away and coming back and so on...

    After that I had like half an hour to 40 minutes break before The Low Anthem would start. I payed notice to the price of food. And it was like 5 euro's for a cheese sandwich. So I went for some fresh air and ended up at the Febo. And I got a fries with mayonaise a ''kroket'' and something to drink for 3.95 so beat that CB food!

    Back to the important things. The Low Anthem were allright but not as good as I hoped. I've listend to at least half of there Oh My God. Charlie Darwin album today. And there were at least 2 not so slow songs. They actually did play both of them during the concert but quite in the end. There music is good but it's a lot of very sad music. Like The Antlers I am going to see tomorrow but not quite the same. The instrumentals were really great but I didn't get much thrills like I got from the Yo La Tengo Performance.

    After that there followed another break. And I went so Tegan & Sara. And there performance was good. The interaction with the crowd was really terrific but sometimes a bit overdone. But I laughed a lot so that was good. The singing is good. I would like to see them more often Live. I do perform Sara above Tegan. Sara is cuter and see seems more shy. But when see says something its quite charming.
    I went home just before the last song went in to beat the crowd coming out all at once.

    All together I am quite satisfied with day 1 of Crossing Border. I got to see 3 whole shows. I've I would give them a grade on a scale from 1 to 10 I would give Yo La Tengo a 8.5 for there performance The Low Anthem a 7.5 and Tegan & Sara a round 8.0. This was what I experienced during day 1. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Tomorrow I am planning to see Newton Faulkner, Patrick Watson & The Wooden Arms, The Decemberists, The Antlers and Monsters of Folk. But I am not quite sure yet about The Decemberists. I don't want to take any changes with missing The Antlers. But the other names I will definitely see.
  • Dan Deacon, Master of Entertainment _O_

    8 juin 2009, 22h53m

    Mon 8 Jun – Dan Deacon

    I had a bit of a feeling that Dan Deacon would be more impressive than The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Those feelings turned out to be justified.

    From underneath the floor a platform came up to the room within the crowd. I immediately recognized Dan Deacon. And I walked closer to his booth.

    Let me say first off Dan Deacon his performance was the best concert I've ever been to in my life so far. He had the crowd under his control by starting with some basic but fun exercises. Like putting your hand on the head of the person next to you. And then moving up and down with your knees on the beat of his music..

    The first 10/15 minutes he talked like they all say Friday night is the night in the United States. But Monday night in Amsterdam is like 2 Fridays in the US.

    And then he started with his first song and the crowd inclusing myself went wild. Someone climbed up his booth and jumped in the crowd. After 5-10 minutes everyone began to get swetting.

    And the exercises wouldnt be his only extra's to the show. He took 2 guys from the crowd. They were to dance in a competition against each other and they were the team captains. And they get to decide who will replace them in the dance contest.

    And for the grand finale everybody had to go to one side of the room. And he got 2 more people from the crowd and they had to stand opposite of each other with there hands against there hands above there head. And so we made a chain! Everybody had to go under it and make the chain extend. And it went all the way down the street around the corner of Paradiso. And back to in the room.

    And then after a long hour (1 hour 15 minutes so) he started with his last song. I went home then to be ahead of the crowd.

    If someone will ask me in 5-10 years what the best Concert was Ive been to. I will most likely answer: Dan Deacon 8th of June 2009 , Paradiso, Amsterdam!