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The ChameleonsMonkeyland 27 août 13h02m
The ChameleonsHere Today 27 août 12h58m
The ChameleonsDon't Fall 27 août 12h54m
The ChameleonsSilence, Sea and Sky 27 août 12h50m
InterpolC'mere 22 août 1h50m
Mike MoraskyTrailer 22 août 0h19m
Leonard CohenAlmost Like the Blues 21 août 1h08m
Blood AxisThe Hangman and the Papist Coups de cœur 18 août 20h40m
Pearl JamOnce 18 août 20h36m
Alkaline TrioDead On the Floor Coups de cœur 18 août 20h32m
CovenantWe Stand Alone Coups de cœur 18 août 20h27m
An HorseNot Mine Coups de cœur 18 août 20h24m
Matt Skiba And The SekretsVoices Coups de cœur 18 août 20h20m
Peter MurphyI Am My Own Name 18 août 20h14m
Squirrel Nut ZippersGhost Of Stephen Foster Coups de cœur 18 août 20h12m
IwrestledabearonceDanger In The Manger Coups de cœur 18 août 12h59m
Alkaline TrioSan Francisco Coups de cœur 18 août 12h56m
Leonard CohenFamous Blue Raincoat Coups de cœur 18 août 12h50m
Deine LakaienReturn Coups de cœur 18 août 12h46m
The ChameleonsIn Shreds Coups de cœur 18 août 12h42m
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À propos de moi

First things first. Let’s bone up on history. If men had wanted to stay bad forever, they could have, agreed? Agreed. Did we stay out in the fields with the beasts? No. In the water with the barracuda? No. Somewhere we let go of the hot gorilla’s paw. Somewhere we turned in our carnivore’s teeth and started chewing blades of grass. We been working mulch as much as blood, into our philosophy, for quite a few life-times. Since then we measure ourselves up the scale from apes, but not half so high as angels. It was a nice new idea and we were afraid we’d lose it, so we put it on paper and built buildings like this one around it. And we been going in and out of these buildings chewing it over, that one new sweet blade of grass, trying to figure how it all started, when we made the move, when we decided to be different.

I suppose one night hundreds of thousands of years ago in a cave by a night fire when one of those shaggy men wakened to gaze over the banked coals at his woman, his children, and thought of their being cold, dead, gone forever. Then he must have wept. And he put out his hand in the night to the woman who must die some day and to the children who must follow her. And for a little bit next morning, he treated them somewhat better, for he saw that they, like himself, had the seed of night in them. He felt that seed like slime in his pulse, splitting, making more against the day they would multiply his body into darkness. So that man, the first one, knew what we know now: our hour is short, eternity is long. With this knowledge came pity and mercy, so we spared others for the later, more intricate, more mysterious benefits of love.

So, in sum, what are we? We are the creatures that know and know too much. That leaves us with such a burden again we have no choice, to laugh or cry. No other animal does either. We do both, depending on the season and the need. Somehow, I feel the carnival watches, to see which we’re doing and how and why, and moves in on us when it feels we’re ripe.

Charles Halloway in Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ray Bradbury

From the depths of my mind, the darkness in my heart and the maelstrom of my soul, I bleed and spill onto the interwebs…

I enjoy all things that evoke emotion and make your skin crawl, tingle and shiver. Darkwave, Synthpop, EBM, Futurepop and everything else that helped spawn said genres are what I hold near and dear. My earliest memories are of listening to Leonard Cohen albums… those were the sounds I understood as music. These are the sounds that manifest imagery and stir the contents of your mind. Once touched by music laced with magick, nothing will be ever be the same again.


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