• Two free albums from me

    31 mars 2008, 11h42m

    Oh yes, you read that right, TWO delicious free albums - volumes one and two in the 'Lessons Learned From An Aged Feline' series.

    Part 1 can be had from by clicking here

    And for Part 2, you have to go to my Reverb Nation Page - and sign up for the mailing list there, then you can download all of that one too!

    Anyway, that's about two hours of lovely tunes for you!

    Why am I giving them away? Have I suddenly decided that paying for music is a bad idea? Is it that I think they're too bad to be worth selling? Perhaps there's a third option - I released 10 full length CDs on Pillow Mountain Records since 2000 - 7 completely solo ones and 3 collaborative. Four of them were very limited edition CDs - only ever 100 copies made on CD - which were given away at the time to people who pre-ordered the CD they accompanied. The three that I did with solo albums were called 'Lessons Learned From An Aged Feline' Pts 1, 2 & 3. The title came from my love of all things Cat - I had a very old cat during the time I recorded the first two volumes, and two elderly cats by the time of the 3rd, so just chose titles for the tracks that were inspired by the cats. And a few other silly things thrown in.

    The tracks themselves were largely things that were recorded at the same time as the album they came with, but just didn't fit within the flow of the record. I tend to record up to 3 or 4 hours of releasable material around the time of an album, and so can often get a double album of CD-worthy stuff. The LLFAAF series gave me a chance to put some of that out, without it breaking the continuity of the 'proper' releases. I've had some emails from people suggesting they prefer some of the Lessons Learned tunes to the stuff on the CDs...

    Anyway, they were free to start with, but limited. Many years have gone by, they're available via my webshop for cheaps, but their value as a way of getting people who have maybe heard of me but not bothered to buy anything to have a listen is greater than the few quid a year I make by selling them. It's also the case that the versions that are free to download are, I think, 128k MP3s. I'm going to switch everything on my webshop to 320K VBR files pretty soon, so if someone wanted the hi-res versions, they'd still have to get them there.

    So these are either a way to get people listening (and in the case of Pt 2, to sign up to my mailing list via my Reverb Nation Page) or they are a thankyou to the people who've been buying my stuff all along and are patiently waiting for my long-overdue next solo album. Here's some stuff to fill that gap.

    And of course, if that's still not enough to satiate your need for Steveness, then head to and click on any of the album sleeves at the top of the page to go to the shop to buy downloads or CDs, or head to iTunes or eMusic and search for me - CDs and downloads are always available to buy. I particularly recommend the EP with Lobelia - the songs with here are definitely among the best musical things I've ever been involved with. And it's only £3.50 :o)

    Then, feel free to post reviews, links, tweets and spread the word - that's what I'd like from you in return. It's not compulsory, I shan't be checking up on you. I'd just be grateful.

    So there you go. Free stuff from me. Enjoy!
  • Using Twitter to recommend non-mainstream music...

    26 fév. 2008, 2h36m

    I've just set up a Twitter account purely to post links to new music, much of it here on

    It's called 'To The Left Of The Mainstream' and can be found at

    If you're on Twitter, please click the 'follow' button to keep track of the posts. If you're not, there's an RSS feed on the page that you can add to google reader, safari, netnewswire or whatever...

    The stylistic remit is pretty broad, in that it's anything I really like (do check out my listening here to see if you're likely to find anything of interest in the feed - there'll be plenty of , , , , , , and probably a smattering of stuff from right across the /// spectrum. :)

    I'll be adding a to artists that have been featured, so it'll eventually be easy to keep track of who's been on there, and also listen to a radio station of all the artists together!

  • New videos up on YouTube

    13 fév. 2008, 15h43m

    I've had a Youtube uploading frenzy in the last couple of days - here they are -

    This one is a Pat Benatar song, with a twist. :o)

    This one is a track that's featured on the Steve Lawson and Lobelia Live in Nebraska EP, though this was recorded at a house concert in California - it's called I'm Lost -

    And this one is a The Police Song...

    Enjoy, and check out the Steve Lawson and Lobelia pages for more on what we do solo...

    And if you like the vids, please rate or favourite them - we're currently climbing the UK music 'most rated' and 'most favourited' and 'most viewed' charts on youtube, which is nice, so if you want to help us out, that'd be lovely...

  • Best of 2007 from my eMusic downloads...

    9 jan. 2008, 2h01m

    So, beginning of a new year, time for everyone to do their end of 2007 best music lists... I'm just going to offer the stuff I got off eMusic, and a few of them were released in 2006 even though I didn't get them til 2007 - with the way digital releases go, things released on CD one year might not end up being available for download until early in the next year anyway, so there's a little ambiguity about what a 'release date' is these days... (the album titles below link to the emusic pages, and the artist names to their pages)

    Draw Breath - Nels Cline Singers - LA-based avant guitarist keeps on melding 'out' weirdness with amazing tunes. This new one is no exception.

    Line By Line - John Patitucci - John continues to grow as both a composer and player on this beautiful guitar-led album of introspective jazz and beautiful chamber music. My favourites of his since One More Angel.

    Double Talk - Theo Travis - push comes to shove, probably my favourite album of the year. Theo just gets better and better, and here his band are just amazing. It's no wonder he's so in demand right now... Look out for our duo live album some time in the next 12 months....

    Shine - Joni Mitchell - seems like a very personal record, much smaller in scope than anything she's done for years, a beautifully understated return to the recording world. Now let's hope she tours...

    The Antisocial Club - Alan Pasqua - anyone savvy enough to put Jimmy Haslip and Nels Cline on the same record HAS to have it going on. A beautiful album of spikey post-miles jazz, and the kind of project that Jimmy excels at, even though people don't think of him as an out player...

    You've Got To Laugh - Nik Kershaw - when are people going to wake up and realise that he's one of the finest songwriters of the last 25 years - how long can one man's reputation be defined by his mullet of two decades ago?

    Sermon On Exposition Boulevard - Rickie Lee Jones - mad freewheeling gospel album, sounds unlike anyone else that I can think of. In a good way.

    These Friends Of Mine - Rosie Thomas - really a trio record with Sufjan Stevens and the wonderful Denison Witmer, Rosie's yet to record a bad song, let along a bad album. Now when is Sheila's first album coming out?

    Rock Garden - Ty Tabor - Ty finally allows himself to really rock out without the rest of King's X.

    Strange Conversation - Kris Delmhorst - as with everything she does, it's full of great tunes and great words.

    there you go, no Radiohead, no Britney, no Arctic Monkeys, no... whatever, you can go and read about their tedious nonsense elsewhere... :o)
  • The three hundreds club

    25 avr. 2007, 22h02m

    Well, a year and a half on from my 'two hundreds club' post, we're onto the three hundreds club...

    As a comparison, here's the previous list...

    Jonatha Brooke - 312
    Michael Manring - 261
    Kris Delmhorst - 243
    Julie Lee - 206
    Bill Frisell - 205
    Eric Roche - 205
    Rise Kagona - 202

    That was from Oct 2005.

    Here's the current list of artists with over 300 plays -

    Jonatha Brooke - 497
    Bruce Cockburn - 469
    Lobelia - 439
    Steve Lawson - 430
    Bill Frisell - 384
    Michael Manring - 380
    Kris Delmhorst - 368
    Prefab Sprout -346
    Juliet Turner - 311
    Eric Roche - 310

    Whos' new? Lobelia - fantastic singer/songwriter from the States that I toured with in Europe this March - we'll be recording together soon, and doing some dates in the US in May/June. She's fab.

    Prefab Sprout - a favourite of mine for many years, I tend to go through stages of listening to LOADS of them. Wonderful stuffs.

    Juliet Turner - amazing singer/songeriter from Northern Ireland, huge in Ireland, not as huge as she should be elsewhere. Magic.

    And me!
    So there you go - it's a pretty good indicator of where my taste is at, who my favourite musicians are to listen to.

    The longer you spend on, the more accurate a representation of your taste it seems to be. I'm pretty fond of everything in my top 50 now!
  • Off to the Edinburgh Fringe!

    28 jui. 2006, 21h22m

    Last wednesday was the preview of my show for Edinburgh, a duet with Julie McKee called 'The New Standard' - a bass and voice duo playing really unlikely cover versions for a mellow jazzy duo; songs by Slipknot, Soundgarden, The Cure, Green Day, Stevie Wonder, Kate Bush, Gorillaz, John Martyn, The Buggles...

    We're on at The Lot, on the GrassMarket, from the 6th-12th August (but not the 7th), at 11pm, and we've got a warmup gig in Glasgow on 3rd, at Brel Bar on Ashton Lane.

    Have a look at our myspace page for some MP3s and the rest of the details!

    I'm really looking forward to it - the preview gig on Wednesday in London went brilliantly, and was really well received.
  • Fret Phobia tour in June...

    9 juin 2006, 12h50m

    Got a really fun tour coming up at the end of this month, under the banner of the 'Fret Phobia tour', it's me ( Steve Lawson ) with fretless guitarist, Ned Evett, and on the London date we're joined by BJ Cole. Here are the dates, if you fancy coming along!

    20th - CB2, Cambridge 020 8361 1190
    21st - Darbucka, London (with special guest BJ Cole) Tix £7/£5 concs.
    22nd - Escobar, Wakefield.
    23rd - Oceans Eleven, Leeds. 07906 140 294
    24th - 2pm Riffs Guitar School, Stockport 0161 484 5208
    24th - 8pm Iguana Bar, Manchester 0161 881 9338
    29th - Traders, Petersfield 01730 233 022

    more details ASAP...
  • new Steve Lawson album...

    31 mai 2006, 23h04m

    My new album, (me = Steve Lawson ) Behind Every Word will be released on June 20th, order now and get a free download album!

    Yup, finally, the release date is set at June 20th, but my new album, Behind Every Word is available to order now! Yay!

    And what's more, if you do order it now, you'll get a second album to download for free. Lessons Learned From The Fairly Aged Felines (Lessons Learned Pt III) is the third part of the 'lessons learned' series, each of which appear as accompanying albums to my solo releases. Whenever I'm recording an album, I record far too much to fit on one CD, so this is a way to let you hear it and to program two CDs with different emphasis. You'll get the link to the download as soon as you've ordered the CD via my online shop

    How exciting is all this? very exciting indeed, so head over to my MySpace page, have a listen to the three tracks up there from the new album, or click on the link to Lessons Learned Pt III and have a listen to the preview from that here. Then click on the CD cover below to go and order it, and don't forget to put 'myspace' in the coupon bit to get free shipping!

    Hope you enjoy it!

  • A simple word of explanation...

    22 avr. 2006, 10h20m

    Just a quick note to explain why I'm spending so much time listening to myself of late (for those that have come to this late, Steve Lawson is SoloBassSteve is me.)

    I'm just finishing up a new album, called 'Behind Every Word', should be out mid-June (in time for a tour with Ned Evett at the end of the month). Part of the process of deciding what works and what doesn't is listening to things on different machines, in different rooms and different situations, so the laptop becomes portable music source, and I rack up rather a lot of plays of my own music!

    It's not just that I'm some kind of self-obsessed narcissist (I am, but this is different).

    Just a simple word of explanation... :o)

    If you've got this far you might want to check out the gig dates list on my MySpace page which has lots of dates for next week and then through until August and a show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Come and say hello!
  • more apps for music geeks with macs...

    9 avr. 2006, 20h13m

    just found out about coverflow - an OSX-only application that allows you to rifle through all the albums you've got in itunes by their cover art, like you're flicking through a pile of records. It's a fantastically tactile experience, and brings back that old sensation of being inspired as to the contents of a particular album by the cover art.

    It automatically detects a lot of the album artwork via a range of searches, and for those that it doesn't automatically connect to there's a really easy link to a google image search on the album title and artist name that 99/100 shows up the image as one of the first few hits and allows you to save it.

    Go on, download it, you'll love it!