• A dream within a dream...nocturne

    22 sept. 2009, 16h39m

  • To Bid You Farewell

    22 sept. 2009, 11h31m

    I am awaiting the sunrise
    Gazing modestly through the coldest morning
    Once it came you lied
    Embracing us over autumn's proud treetops

    I stand motionless
    In a parade of falling rain
    Your voice I cannot hear
    As I am falling again

    Devotion eludes
    And in sadness I lumber
    In my own ashes I am standing without a soul
    She wept and whispered: "I know..."

    We walked into the night
    Am I to bid you farewell?

    Why can't you see that I try
    When every tear I shed
    Is for you?
    Opeth- To Bid You Farewell
  • Edgar Alan Poe

    22 sept. 2009, 11h24m

    Thy soul shall find itself alone
    Mid dark thoughts of the gray tombstone
    Not one, of all the crowd, to pry
    Into thine hour of secrecy.
    Be silent in that solitude
    Which is not loneliness, for then
    The spirits of the dead who stood
    In the life before three are again
    In death around thee, and their will
    Shall overshadow thee: be still.