• goodbye oM - last UK stop for now

    21 fév. 2014, 11h31m

    Thu 20 Feb – of Montreal, Calvin Love

    Woo. No She Ain't Speakin' Now, but we got Coquet Coquette and a pretty mindblowing full length (or longer?!) Past is a Grotesque Animal ending that was worth missing a train for.

    Much better lighting than the Briton gig, and i'm starting to think oM shows really benefit from this, and more space.. pretty jealous of anyone who gets to their US shows now.

    Also take back some of the things i said about Rebecca, she was needed here. And no not just to stop it getting "too homoerotic", as someone with me said...

    No getting away from it their new album (loved it on headphones) is kind of a downer live, the older stuff worked better in this space. Kevin acknowledged this. He reads a crowd well. Great to see how different each show is. apart from Gronandic Edit singalong, which was the same. they did it well, so what the hell.

    The Oval Space is a cool venue, so long as you're not a short woman. Felt a bit bad for some of those :)

    Roll on the next oM album and tour...
  • oM - go see 'em while they're still hot

    18 fév. 2014, 0h47m

    Sun 16 Feb – of Montreal, Calvin Love

    The band now is less a group of friends - Kevin only really interacts with Rebecca. That's alright though because these new guys (never introduced!) are really good musicians, as a 5 or 6 piece you get something pretty close to the album sound. even if the speaker had a dodgy connection, panning left to right, making things more trippy than intended. Don't think they're cold on stage though, this night at least everyone was having a good time.

    The drummer? Animal from the Muppets. Lead guitar is the American hero, cowboy with 2 Buds. He and the bassist both, so i'm told, technically solid. Keyboardist deserved props for carrying the heavy load of Kevin's studio work.

    Wasn't enough room onstage at the Haunt for much theatrics, so no dancers, just the vid screen (David Barnes) and lighting which oddly left Kevin, Rebecca and lead guitar mostly in darkness! Close enough to see them fine though.

    So Rebecca, looking something like an American Kate Middleton, seems better suited to duets with Kevin than with the band, where she spins around with little to do. Perhaps bring her on as a guest singer for a couple of songs? I dunno, she seems like a nice person sure but she's distracting? And her deliberate mumbled intro caused some head scratching. Easy with the in-jokes guys.

    This gig was worth it to me just to hear the slide guitar on She Ain't Speakin' Now, also one of my fav songs of 2013 :). And to see them letting loose a bit with the songs, extended fills, and some sweet transitions. If i have to criticise oM shows, it'd be good to have more changes of pace, especially towards the end. This is something their albums do so well.. I'd love to have a full album done live with this line up, any oM album really.

    Some of those hotels Kevin's been staying in must have good gyms, because he's f**ing ripped. This was the most surprising thing about the show. Enjoy, ladies and gents? ;)
  • great closer

    10 mars 2007, 5h25m

    Fri 9 Mar – Camera Obscura

    Well, they had some equipment problems; a crackly guitar connection for a couple of songs which was bothering them probably more than the audience, mp3 player (!) used for backing on one song died - forced an acoustic version (which worked great)... the place was nowhere near full (200, 250 people?!), it's the last night of their tour, they're hot tired & probably want to go home - but CO handled it like the pros they are. great musicians, very tight, very precise. good sound mix (voice a bit unexpressive and quiet for people who didn't know the songs?). sweet little audience. shame so few people here have heard of this band because they're as good live as i hoped and they can't be making much money adding these dates. unpretentious, quality pop, that probably a lot of people would enjoy given the chance. "twee pop"?! i should hate this band, but i love them. their older stuff is probably better so shame we didn't see more of that here but still, great show. hope they keep going and will see again.