My Essential Metal Albums (In no particular order)


9 avr. 2009, 6h00m

I was inspired to write this journal after reading Eddie Trunk's essential albums on his website. Below is my list of essential Metal albums.

Anthrax-State Of Euphoria

This was the first metal album me and my brother ever got. He won it at a game stand in Seaside,NJ and the rest as I say is Metal history.

Sepultura-Beneath the Remains/Obituary-Slowly We Rot

If anyone grew up in Northern NJ during the early 90's and listened to metal hopefully you know who the Heavy Metal Monster was on 101.5 FM WMSC. He turned me on to most of the Metal I now hold near and dear to me. These two albums I first heard on his show in '89 and fell in love. Sepultura were my idols then. They could do no wrong. As for Obituary I never heard vocals so inhuman as theirs. It was so sick and original at the time. I got both these albums for Xmas that year(I can't believe it was 20yrs. ago,I remember it like it was yesterday.) After getting these two it was no looking back I had to search out the most heaviest and underground from then on.

Slayer-Reign in Blood


Napalm Death-From Enslavement To Obliteration

The first Grindcore album I ever heard. It totally blew me away. It was so different than the typical Thrash and Death Metal I was used to.

Napalm Death-Harmony Corruption

This is the best line-up IMO. I loved their new Death Metal sound. This is their definitive album. Also their Live Corruption VHS Tape never left my VCR when I got it. I pretty much wore it out. Thank God it was reissued on DVD!

Entombed-Left Hand Path

The album that ignited my love affair with the greatest metal country Sweden!!! Their mix of punk and evil death metal was highly original. Hearing that guitar sound sends shivers down my spine everytime I spin this disc. The guitar sound is the equivalant of flesh being cut by a chain saw.

At the Gates-

Slaughter of the Soul

What can I say about this album that hasn't already been said. The speed,melody and aggression. The complete package. The Reign in Blood of the 90's. Flawless!

Nasum-Human 2.0

The Greatest Grindcore album of all time. Great songs written in a grindcore context. They showed that their are talented musicians in the genre as oppossed to most who think Grind is untalented noise. The kings of the 2nd wave of Grindcore.

Gorguts-Erosion Of Sanity

Severly underated. Luc Lemay is a Death Metyal genius. Monte Conner from Roadrunner who initially signed them dissed them in the book Choosing death stating at the time looking back they shouldn't have been signed. What an idiot. These guys were perfection. If you haven't heard them I suggest you search them out.

Immolation-Dawn of Possession

Evil pure Evil. Do I need to say anymore. The lyrics mixed with Ross' vocal style are the most evil ever comitted to tape.

Metallica-Master of Puppets

The first album I ever bought from the once mighty Metallica. Their finest hour.

Cathedral-Forest Of Equilibrium

After hearing Lee in Napalm Death then he came out with this I was in shock. It was a sound that was so new and totally opposite to what I was used to hearing. It was so slow and depressing. It sets such a great atmosphere. In Doom it has never been topped.

Suffocation-Effigy of the Forgotten

Kings of Slam!!!!!!!!! This album defines an era. So brutal and crushingly heavy with great musicianship to boot.

Obituary-Cause of Death

Their 2nd album. They upped the ante by adding James Murphy on lead guitar. To bad he only recorded with them on this album. Their pinnacle.

Paradise Lost, Anathema and My Dying Bride.

The unholy trinity of UK Death/Doom. Even though all 3 don't play this style anymore. When they first started they were pioneers. While most were trying to out speed each other these 3 were putting depression and melancholy with their death metal. Crafting something very different and unique. Paradise Lost's Lost Paradise, Anathema's Serenades and My Dying Bride's As the Flower Withers ushered in a new era of Death and Doom. These 3 albums stand the test of time in my collection. They are all bonified classics.

These are albums that through the test of time never get old. Hope you like my list as much as I did compiling it.


  • ReverendDoom

    awesome list bro. I'll have to write my own as well.

    9 avr. 2009, 17h38m
  • formulas

    excellent list mate

    14 avr. 2009, 13h38m
  • Rancido

    nice list.I would add Deicide by Deicide

    15 avr. 2009, 16h13m
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