Madonna MDNA (Deluxe Edition) Review


1 avr. 2012, 1h57m

Well as previously stated in the other review for MDNA of the standard editions songs, I am not expecting many people to read this, just a bit of fun for me whilst bored :D So this is my personal review of the 5 extra songs on MDNA (Deluxe Edition).

Beautiful Killer- Now sometimes the bonus tracks are bonuses for a reason, they were the sloppy extras that just the singer likes and not really the masses, but this track squashes that expectation right away. Everything in this song just works, it flows with ease meaning its easy to listen to, and I could imagine it being amazing in a club :P Lyrically its also very good! Suggestive but not to far, which is perfection to me, as hearing Madonna openly talking about hanky panky would be to awkward for me, I mean shes 53... Now I know this isn't really what Madonna generally does with her songs, but it would have been amazing if it had of built up to one blow away long note near the end on the last chorus, but I know her voice isn't powerful enough for that really (not to say her voice isn't good). Last note on this song, the gunshot at the end just brings this song to a perfect ending, left me with chills running through me. Very good song :D 8/10

I Fucked Up- FINALLY! A SONG WHERE SHE ADMITS SHE IS NOT PERFECT! I love this side to Madonna, she isn't going on about how amazing she is, and she admits shes just human. Now that I have that done with! This song is amazing, best song of the whole album for me, just beyond Falling Free! I think the main thing that keeps me listening to this song every time I hear it, is how it picks up throughout the song slowly, then is suddenly hit on the 'We could have brought a house with a swimming pool' and it just has such a good feel to it. This is a song that you can play out when you have messed up and need to feel better about it! Lyrically its genius in my opinion, and I repeat SHES ADMITTING SHE ISN'T PERFECT! This song however is perfect 10/10

B-day Song (feat M.I.A)- I do and I don't like this song, it just seems so so so childish and repetitive, but that is kinda what makes it a song that I go back to. It stays on one level for the most part, so I find myself only listening to the end of M.I.A's part and feeling satisfied as I feel like I have heard it all. I can tell why this song is just a bonus, this does feel like sloppy seconds. But then again I might be being to critical of this song, I mean it is fun, and I can see myself dancing around to this song on my birthday. But any other day it doesn't really do much for me 5/10

Best Friend- Oh how I want to love this song, I really do, but the electronic auto tuney sound to her voice throughout the song just put me off so much. I feel like this song should have been a slowed down song, maybe an acoustic bonus track, rather than this production ruining it. Lyrically it is beautiful, and a perfect 'Why' song much like Love Spent, but one thing that does confuse me throughout this album, is the conflicting messages she is putting out. I mean does she have regrets or not, I thought we had established she did in the song 'I Fucked Up' or am I reading into that song wrong? If I am , then its a rather hidden message. Overall this song gets better as it progresses but just the opener makes it a song I will skip really. 6/10

Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix) (feat. LMFAO & Nicki Minaj)- Oh how I hate LMFAO but their tracks are infectious, and the certainly bring it to this song. As much as I hate to say it, this is an amazing remix! It puts the song into a totally different mood in my opinion, the ONLY thing I would really change about this would be to keep Nicki's part the same speed, slowed down it loses its impact. However LMFAO's part flows very nicely with her part, even rhyming on from it :P I also love how they replaced M.I.A's part on this song, which as previously said, I had no idea what she was talking about, and I do know what LMFAO are talking about! Very good remix 8/10

Overall Rating- 7.4
Overall Rating (Including standard tracks)- 7.2

I hope you have enjoyed reading the last part to my MDNA review, and remember if you have conflicting views I am happy to discuss with you, I love talking about music :D If you have any suggestions for albums to do a review on then please do suggest! This has been really fun. Just remember that I am not a professional just your average music lover :D So giving the opinion based on what I think sounds good and what I don't think songs good!

Review of the Standard Tracks :D


  • JulioBekhor69

    Why she left out Fucked up and beautiful killer? Dont get it.

    2 avr. 2012, 21h38m
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