It's a new year, but what about the year gone by?


3 jan. 2010, 1h17m

2009 was an amazing year for independent artists (those not attached to the big record labels and such). Here's my top 5 of the year in no particular order:

1. Bad Loop - found this guy's music in 2007, but his music just does not get old one bit, I find it difficult to pick top 10 tunes, top 20 tunes etc. but my for sure top tune of all time is Nio. Absolutely love it.
2. Mirrored Theory - he's been releasing his tunes on YouTube and MySpace for a while, he's done some amazing mixes and wondrous original tunes and with his new album released in the New Year there's much more to look forward to!
3. Tim Rowlands - absolutely beautiful piano playing, so lovely, a local fellow known by my brother, some cracking stuff right there
4. Ronald Jenkees - I just could not leave this guy out, boy does he conjure up some tasty tunes, top notch stuff, so catchy
5. Alexander Blu - heard this guys tunes after being more fascinated with the music then the main topic in a renewable energy video we watched on our course. So lovely.
6. Kyle Gabler - wait! I only said 5 didn't I? Oh well here's a 6th one, the creator of World of Goo which had a cracking and original backing track, love it!

So they were my top 6 independent musical artists that I listened to throughout 2009, and I have a feeling I'll be hearing a lot more of them through out 2010.

What's really great is that you can get a lot of their music for free! Bad loop, Mirrored Theory, Alexander Blu and Kyle Gabler have all released their tunes (or at least some of them) for free, so look out for them!


  • ShadowGonzo

    Big ups for Mirrored Theory!

    24 sept. 2011, 8h22m
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