absolutely essential all time faves all time favorite all time favorites all time favourite songs amazingly beautiful awesome beatlesque beautiful best best of eels best of the cure brilliant brit pop has saved my life british childhood memories cloudy mornings compulsive repeat listenings dancing alone at home depeche mode favourites favourite fucking great gay as hell genius good stuff great great b-side great lyrics happy days i dreamt about you last night i know all the words to this if you tolerate this your children will be next incredibly beautiful music for incredibly beautiful people just you shut your mouth love at first listen love it lovely morrissey cover most beautiful song in the world nice n easy of oh how i love this song oh my huckleberry heart ohhh the 90s perfect perfect moz song perfect pet shop boys song pet shop boys petshop boys - yes please keep me in mind put on repeat please reasons to worship morrissey reasons why i love belle and sebastian reasons why i love moz reasons why i love the cure ridiculously awesomely good scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen seen live sing me to sleep sing out loud so beautiful i almost cry so beautiful i cry eveytime i listen songs i enjoy dancing to songs i fucking love to death songs that i :heart: songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years songs that mean something to me songs that seem to know more about me than i do songs to dance like a fool to songs to put on repeat songs you must sing along with sounds like childhood soundtrack of my life story of my life summer playlist sweet sweet song tears come pouring down my face when i listen to this the best of pet shop boys the most beautiful song in the world there must be an angel this is so me to die for touches my heart upbeat music for dancing around like a retard vinyl times when did i get this old working class heroes years of refusal your own personal soundtrack