• 2012 - Show Reviews

    26 nov. 2012, 1h58m

    I had stopped rating the performances I have seen this year because ratings are boring. So let me just list a bunch of complaints about live shows I have been to this year.

    01/20/12 - Morbid Saint and Deceased @ Club Europa (Brooklyn NY)
    My first show of the year consisted of probably my least favorite traditional metal genre: thrash metal. I had previously heard many things about how the thrash scene in California is overrun by a bunch of teens who wish they grew up in the 80s. I had not expected to see this type of crowd in New York. The openers were a bunch of thrash metal local bands who all brought their little cult following of young kids who had a blast tossing each other in the pit. It was quite a site to see. The room kind of cleared up for the two known acts, Deceased and the reunited Morbid Saint. Deceased was good, it was my 2nd time seeing them. Morbid Saint on the other hand completely killed it. Reunions often come with skepticism,. I was worried that these old farts no longer had it and were just looking for a quick cash grab. I was wrong. They have such a short catalog of songs and with a headlining set, I assumed that they would play the full album but they did not. They only played for like 30 minutes which including like 2 new unreleased songs but they shredded through their songs like they were still living in the glory days.

    01/28/12 - Tool, YOB @ TD Garden (Boston MA)
    Tool is my favorite band of all time but the first time I saw them back in 2009 at the All Points West Festival, I found their performance to be nothing short of a disappointment. The crowd was probably the worst i have been in at the time, the sound sucked, and even though I have never seen them before I felt that the setlist was just lazy consisting of their hits. I was reluctant to buy a ticket to see them again and was sure I wouldn't go. Then I saw the setlist. I could not believe that it included Ticks & Leeches, which is my favorite Tool song ever and was previously never played live due to Maynard hating screaming. Pushit was also on the setlist which was is my 2nd favorite Tool song, and Hooker With a Penis was also rare. The rest of the setlist consisted of the usual hits but I did not care, Ticks & Leeches and Pushit back to back alone would be worth the price of admission. YOB was the opening band, a very weird choice since the concert was at a stadium. They only played like 3 songs for 20 minutes. The performance was alright but you could tell the majority of the crowd was uninterested, and the band did not really care to play to a stadium of Tool fans. I would like to see YOB in a smaller venue one day. Tool was perfect. This time I actually had seats with a great view of the band. I now could appreciate the incredible visuals and could finally appreciate seeing my favorite band live. Incredible show. i just hope Tool finally comes out with a new record the next time they tour.

    02/16/12 - Doomtree @ Gramercy Theatre (New York NY)
    P.O.S and his collective are in my opinion, the most under appreciated rap group out there at the moment. P.O.S is one of my favorite rapper of all time, Dessa is my favorite female MC by far, Sims makes his political rap interesting with a fun and upbeat rap delivery, Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak are both great producers, and Mike Michtlan and Cecil Otter both have their moments every now and then. Live they were very fun, everyone looked like they were having an awesome time on stage performing, and they would get the audience to dance along with them. Also i really have to respect Doomtree for not cutting their songs short live like pretty much every single other rapper group does. I definitely recommend going to see Doomtree when they come around.

    02/25/12 - Pianos Become the Teeth, Xerxes, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, The Saddest Landscape @ The Space (Hamden CT)
    A stacked lineup! The Saddest Landscape are pretty much locals which is insane because they rule hard. Being introduced to them through this lineup was one of my greatest discoveries of the year. Decent live band too but I dunno, in 2012 I started to go to many hardcore shows and I am just not a fan of all this pit squashing to scream into the mic. The World Is.. is a pretty neat indie electronic and post-rock combo, trust me they're not as bad as the band name implies. Xerxes is a decent Touche Amore wannabe. And Pianos is pianos. Good live performance but this was my 2nd time seeing them and it was pretty much the same as the first time except with a longer set and a smaller venue. Their music is very limited in a live setting.

    03/10/12 - The Wonder Years, Polar Bear Club, The Story So Far @ Gramercy Theatre (New York NY)
    If you told me I was going to attend this show a year ago, I wouldn't have believe you. I previously despised pop punk and would never want to be into a band with the name The Wonder Years. My main draw to this show was The Story So Far, a pop punk band that has been successful in appealing to hardcore fans. They were by far the best part about this show. Even though they were the 2nd band to play in this 5 band bill, the place was packed for them and the energy for them was the highest. Pits broke out all over the room and their was crowd surfers in the most unusual of places. Even the headlining band, The Wonder Years, the band nor the crowd could not match the energy of The Story So Far. The Wonder Years were still good, I dunno why but I enjoy them. Transit is one of the worst live bands I have ever seen and I despise them. And Polar Bear Club is generic.

    03/18/12 - The Saddest Landscape, Loma Prieta, Birds in Row @ The Space (Hamden CT)
    My 2nd The Saddes Landscape show of the year, this time a headlining set and a record release show for their latest record. They still played a very short set but were just as good as before. Birds in Row was probably the highlight of the night, those French bastards made me a fan. Loma Prieta I love on record but they suffered from serious sound issues on this night, they were incredibly loud and just inaudible.

    04/01/12 - Alcest, Vaura, De Omega @ Lilly's Pad (New Haven CT)
    A live performance by Alcest in a very small lounge with no stage, I was in the front for the entire thing and it was beautiful. Vaura is a new Toby Driver band, one that I am actually a fan of and they were great live too. The opening band was a local progressive metal band that played some impressive tunes, I will look out for anything they record in the future.

    04/05/12 - Daytrader, Code Orange Kids, Heavy Breath, Birds in Row, Full of Hell @ West Haven American Legion (West Haven CT)
    Really weird hardcore show that took place in a veteran memorial building in a very sketchy part of Connecticut. The stage area was basically a living room. The only notable things about this show was 1. It was the first concert that I attended drunk. 2. Birds In Row killed it again. 3. Code Orange Kids are a group of very young kids that look like generic 80s high school films nerds but they totally destroy live. 4. Heavy Breath is a very famous local in the CT punk scene and their performance was very fun and I will not mind seeing them in the future. Other than that, the rest of the bands I either didn't see or they sucked. Daytrader headlined but they mostly played new songs when their new album wasn't even out yet so of course no one was really into it, not even their fans. Full of Hell is awesome on record but they sucked live, failed to match the ferocity of their recordings, no dual vocals, and more time messing with a bunch of pedal noises than actually playing their songs.

    04/20/12 - Titus Andronicus, Bomb the Music Industry! @ Quinnipiac University (Hamden CT)
    This was a free show that my college's radio station through on. Not much to say about it except that I had a great time moshing with all my friends and it was pretty hilarious seeing moshing and crowd surfing in a school gym.

    05/12/12 - Behemoth, Watain, The Devil's Blood, In Solitude, Evoken @ Irving Plaza (New York NY)
    All around, a pretty weak show for me. I mainly went for The Devil's Blood since I am honestly not a fan of Behemoth or Watain but I thought Behemoth would be better given the recent history with Nergal recovering from cancer and everything. Evoken opened, they were alright but not great. In Solitude were actually the best band on the bill. I never really cared for them on record but live they're insane. The front man wore animal fur on his neck and was fucking around with it the whole show. He was actually pretty frightening. The Devil's Blood were very good, a band where you can just appreciate their musicianship when you see them. Watain are not for me, honestly I watched a hockey game in the lounge (Rangers vs Capitols Game 7) instead. Behemoth sucked. They took forever to come on stage and their performance was really nothing special.

    05/31/12 - Radiohead @ Prudential Center (Newark NJ)
    I am not gonna lie. I expected more from this show. With all the hype Radiohead gets, I actually didn't really enjoy their live show much. It mostly consisted of a bunch of monitors with different colors being raised and lowered throughout the show. That's pretty much it. Unfortunately I had some pretty bad seats and they looked like ants. The sound was very good at this stadium though. Next time I see Radiohead, I'll make sure to try to get some GA or level 100 seats or nothing.

    06/27/12 - Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper @ Nassau Coliseum (Wantagh NY)
    Now this was a great show. I am not the biggest fan of either of these bands but I would not mind checking out their live shows whenever they come to town. Alice Cooper had something different happen during every single one of his songs. Like a guy with a frankenstein costume coming onstage, a decapitation going on, a huge snake coming out, fire, and confetti explosions. He is a very entertaining frontman. Iron Maiden was also on the same caliber with fire and huge stage props being a very crucial part of their live shows. Iron Maiden also has to be the most active "old" band I have ever seen perform. Even with the members pushing 60, every one of them displayed more energy than guys I have seen half their age.

    07/26/12 - Agalloch, Taurus, Musk Ox @ Music Hall (Brooklyn NY)
    Finally the time came to see Agalloch, my other favorite band and the one I so desperately have wanted to see for the longest time. I was at the front of the barricade less stage for the entire show and had an amazing time rocking out to hit after hit. The setlist was perfect. I really got into Pale Folklore this year and they played the best songs from it. They also played In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion complete with acoustics and a slow "i walked to a river" with accompany from the opener, Musk Ox. They played Bloodbirds, a song that translates great live. And You Were A Ghost In My Arms which was the very first Agalloch song I loved. Overall incredible show, incredible band, incredible performance etc.

    08/09/12 - Gojira, Car Bomb @ Santos Party House (New York NY)
    Another band I have waited years to see, Gojira and they delivered. Not much to say about their shows except every member of the band is talented, the music is meant for moshing so expect lots of that, and the riffs are massive and the drummer is one of the best you will ever see.

    10/08/12 - OFWGKTA @ The Dome (Wallingford CT)
    Contender for worst show of the year. I loved the first Odd Future show i went to and I really wish I went to the Hammerstein show in May and the Tyler & Earl show in July but this show was really weak. Connecticut crowds are always weak, nothing compared to New York crowds. The crowd was the biggest problem with the show. Odd Future lives for insane crowds, Connecticut did not provide an insane crowd. Instead of room for pits, the concert was a huge deadlock. People packed like sardines, no breathing area, guys that wanted to grind with girls, and filled with people that just wanted to say that they were there or wanted to be close to a famous person. You could tell that Odd Future was not feeling the crowd at all. The few times they tried to crowd surf, they were dropped, and the setlist was cut dramatically. Odd Future, if you ever come back to CT, please come to New Haven.

    09/13/12 - Circa Survive, Touché Amoré @ Toad's Place (New Haven CT)
    Of course I went to this show to see one of my favorite bands Touche Amore again. Weird lineup for them to be on. Their setlist was actually very long consisting of the majority of songs from both their albums, a song from their new split, and a new unreleased song. The crowd was awesome, a huge pit for every single song, and filled with the craziest of crowd surfers. This was also the first time I have seen a hardcore bro willing to let countless people jump off his back into a crowd surf. Shit ruled. O'Brother is like experimental music for a mainstream audience, I am really hating how much praise they're getting by people who don't listen to any music like them when they're really just a wannabe post-metal band. B&C is generic. And I really despise Circa and the crowd for them, just hundreds of people wanting to touch Anthony Green.

    09/23/12 - A$AP Mob, ScHoolboy-Q, Danny Brown @ Toad's Place (New Haven CT)
    AKA The night I smoked 4 blunts at a concert and fell in love with Danny Brown. Danny Brown completely stole this show, was the best rapper I have ever seen live, and one of my favorite performances of the year. I also got completely addicted to his music right after the show and he is now my current favorite rapper of today. I will make sure I see him whenever he comes around. i fucking love that Danny Brown guy. A$AP for the most part was weak, the sound was atrocious, similar to all the rap performances I see on tv with like 10 guys on stage and you can't understand any of them, at least the crowd was better than for Odd Future and the Mob actually crowd surfed successfully.

    09/28/12 - Dropkick Murphys @ TD Bank Sports Center (Hamden CT)
    This was another Free show at my college. I don't know why it happened but I'm glad it did. Me and my friends were just pissing people off by moshing. This was the first time I successfully crowd surfed, a very fun experience. And I was drunk the whole show.

    10/13/12 - Agalloch @ El N Gee (New London CT)
    Agalloch at some black metal festival. I didn't like any of the other bands I watched, even Fen sucked in my opinion. Agalloch was great again but they pretty much played a much shorter setlist to their summer tour.

    10/26/12 - Party Supplies @ The Space (Hamden CT)
    Another show booked by my school's radio station. Nothing special but I have to show my support.

    11/11/12 - Converge, Torche, Kvelertak @ Highline Ballroom (New York NY)
    It's been a long time coming but I finally saw Converge a 2nd time after the horrible first time with the shitty Mastodon/Dethklok crowd. This show was obviously much better. The crowd was intense and did not let up throughout. Lots of hardcore dancers everywhere. Kvelertak is great but I saw them headline at a much smaller club last year. Torche was better than the first time I saw them and I actually grown to like some of their shitty pop metal tunes. Converge is one of the best bands ever and their live shows kick ass.

    11/12/12 - Death Grips, Mykki Blanco @ Music Hall (Brooklyn NY)
    Death Grips dominated this year. The Money Store is easily my favorite record to come out this year and I was pumped to see them live. I was worried that the crowd would contain loads of hipsters but luckily it was not that. Given the music, I hoped for lots of drug abusers everywhere and I somewhat got that. Security was kicking people out left and right for being to drugged up or intoxicated and they were like hawks catching people smoking. i didn't expect much from the opener but the performance was very interesting to say the least. The DJ kept playing a much slower version of the main beat of Machine Gun by Portishead. The main performer was a crossdressing black gay rapper who makes some pretty unique raps that I need to check out sometime soon. There was a couple of gay couples there that came for them, and then there were the normal Death Grips fans that just went along with it "WHERE ALL MY FAGGOTS IN THE HOSE?" "FUCK YEAH" Death Grips was 45 minutes of a dancing screaming black guy, a drummer banging away on the poorest drum kit you have ever seen, and 2 macbooks playing the visuals and beats. It was awesome. The crowd was relentless moshing that was completely dead after the short set. I'm not sure if I would want to see Death Grips again but it was an interesting evening to say the least.
  • 2011

    17 jan. 2012, 1h37m

    2011 was a great year for me. I graduated high school. Got my first job. Went to college. My anxiety problems started going away and I actually gained 15lbs of muscle despite having an eating disorder in previous years. Overall I feel like I am very confident and independent about myself.

    For music I thought it was also very good. 2010 I only liked a handful of releases but with 2011 I just keep finding awesome stuff. I also went to way more concerts this year than any other year.

    For my last two Top 50 journal entry things the goal was to improve my charts because as my music taste was growing I started to dislike many bands I grew out of being on there. Now I'm pretty much happy with the way my top 50 looks. So instead I am going to give a little more insight on spot changes that I think deserve to be talked about.

    The biggest surprise would be Touché Amoré being at spot 23 after only a few months of play. In the past few years I have seen this band jump from tour to tour but I have never decided to give them a chance. I finally do and they become one of my favorite bands ever. One of the most hard working touring acts so give them a chance if they play around your area. I'll talk more about their latest album later. They also introduced me to many other of my favorite albums this year.

    Last year I had Devin Townsend at spot 6. I previously had combined plays with The Devin Townsend Band and Devin Townsend Project. I got kinda unhappy with that so I decided to split them up. So now I have Devin Townsend at spot 11 with 1247 plays, and Devin Townsend Project at spot 14 with 984 plays while The Devin Townsend Band doesn't appear on my top 50. If I kept them together than Devin Townsend would probably rank at the #3 spot, but I kinda like this better.

    Astronautalis rose from spot 49 to spot 15. God Is An Astronaut appears at spot 22. Kyuss appears at spot 45. P.O.S finally appears at spot 50. All of these were old favorites that I listened to constantly throughout the year.

    Opeth released an album that I didn't care for so they didn't get much play. Their fan base was split due to no harsh vocals being on the new album and how they haven't played anything with harsh vocals since it's release (with the exception of a couple of Bloodbath songs at the very last stop of their US tour, hilarious job Mike). Personally I think they have sucked since Damnation.

    Mastodon got much better this year, and are no longer my most hated band, that would be Machine Head. Mastodon released their most accessible album yet, to be honest I like how catchy it is but at the same time it pisses me off because it's Mastodon, and the fact that their fans didn't have a problem with it and still continue to praise them. In terms of touring they did great. I didn't hear any backlash against them, their setlist was long and covered all of their albums, and supporting act The Dillinger Escape Plan for the most part didn't receive the same negative reaction Converge did on the Dethklok tour.

    Two bands that I suspect will rise into the Top 50 in 2012 are Glassjaw and Carissa's Wierd. I started the year listening to Glassjaw and seeing them in concert on New Year's Day. I first was addicted to their second LP Worship & Tribute, which is good but accessible with a lot of pop elements and shit. Then I began to prefer their first LP Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence which is a complete hate filled album. Songs like Hotel Of The White Locust are scary. They released two EP's this year that both blew me away at the sheer amount of quality they are, will talk about them later.

    Carissa's Wierd is probably my favorite discovery of the year.
    Songs about Leaving had a strange effect on me. It was the ultimate mood album for me. Sometimes I would listen to it to get depressed. Other times I would listen to it to feel uplifted. Either way it became one of my favorite albums of all time. It also seems like I got into them at the perfect time. They re-released the album on vinyl in 2010, I got that. They released a new 6" with 2 new songs, I got that. And they started playing a couple of shows. I hate myself for missing the NYC just because it was on a Monday, considering all the traveling I would do for concerts in the next month.

    So now I will get down to talking about my favorite releases of the year. I don't wanna bother putting them in any order besides alphabetical. I missed a lot of great releases and I will still probably add them if they deserve it.

    The Antlers - Burst Apart
    I joined my college's radio station and was part of the music reviewing staff. I'm glad that I got this album to review one day. Of course I have heard their 2009 release Hospice previously. That album was a concept album about the relationship between an ill cancer patient and a hospice worker. It was depressing as fuck but it did get them known. Burst Apart isn't as breathtaking but I do prefer it over Hospice. The lyrics are more about damaged relationships each song somewhat tells the fall of the relationship until it finally crumbles during the last song. The opening song is my favorite I Don't Love, the lyrics about being abused with how high the vocals are sung are actually perfect for my twisted humor, This is probably the most interesting indie album I heard this year in terms of vocals and instruments, and believe me I have heard most of the critically acclaimed indie albums of 2011 and most did jack shit for me.

    Astronautalis - This Is Our Science
    Honestly, is there a better rapper out there today than Andy Bothwell? All of his albums have been some of the most interesting hip-hop records I have ever heard. This one might as well be his best. It seems to be a much more personal record with him reflecting on how far he has come in life. I always liked my music to sound explosive; mostly over the top and packs energy, here all the choruses are like that, with Andy signing from the bottom of his heart putting everything he has into the music. The lyrics are mostly beautiful and personal. The main problem I have with a lot of underground rap albums that are considered "deep" is that although the lyrics may be personal, the presentation is boring as fuck. Astronautalis manages to make music that is deep, while the music is always presenting something interesting. No two tracks are alike and nothing ever feels forced. Just try listening to Lift The Curse without feeling for the dude.

    Autopsy - Macabre Eternal
    Autopsy are probably becoming my favorite death metal band ever. Their brand of doom influenced death metal that is never too slow and repetitive to be boring and never sounds like standard death metal. I first thought this album would suck given how awful the cover is, but it turned out to be a great comeback. Everything we loved about Autopsy here is present, and then some. Sick vocals, disgusting lyrics, great solos and riffs. We got the longest Autopsy song ever here too!

    Julianna Barwick - The Magic Place
    Listening to the Pitchfork Top 40 introduced me to a whole lot of crap albums that I concluded were about nothing. But one of the albums on there that impressed me, might as well be about absolutely nothing. Basically this album is just some really good background music. You listen and hear some nice melodies here and there, some beautiful new age music, and a capella church group signing. It's overall pointless but I like it.

    Bloodiest - Descent
    I have been growing out of a lot of atmospheric labeled metal. Basically I hear about a band and read a long well written review about how the album was like life changing for the reviewer, then I listen to it expecting something great and it just sounds like the band just looped the same chords for an hour while occasionally something different that happens that is suppose to be breathtaking, but I think it's a waste of time when 2/3rds of the song sucks. There was a time where I would listen to progressive/atmospheric metal for weeks and get into, now I usually don't bother with an album if I think it sucked on first listen. So here comes this band named Bloodiest, Contrary to many atmospheric metal bands, they make relatively shorter length songs. The album is only 40 minutes long with only one song being over 10 minutes. The album contains Spanish sounding psychedelic rock influenced acoustic guitars mixed in with sludge metal, I instantly love the idea and the band executes it perfectly. No song ever overstays it's welcome. Every moment of this record is as compelling as the last and by the end I actually feel that I have experienced a great record.

    artist]Bon Iver - Bon Iver, Bon Iver
    The Pitchfork #1 of this year is actually pretty good. It's all about the atmosphere with this album. Just put on this album and drift away to sleep and it would be nice.

    Evan brewer - Alone
    I never really took The Faceless seriously. The very few times I would listen to them I just enjoyed them for how over the top they were, not because of how technical they are on their instruments. Evan Brewer is the bassist of The Faceless. The whole album is recorded using just a bass. Instead of being a technical metal album the album is more funk rock. It's a fun listen.

    Casey Jones - I Hope We're Not the Last
    One of my biggest challenges in life started occurring when I got to college, the temptation to resist alcohol and drugs while on a medication that is known to have severe consequences when alcohol consumption and drug use come into play. Weekends are almost torture, trying to fit in among an influenced crowd, knowing that your actions probably won't be anything worth talking about once the weekend is over. Casey Jones is a straight edge melodic hardcore band who's message of course being "fuck alcohol, fuck drugs." I love this album and it's a shame that I wasn't able to see them live and they aren't coming to NYC/Boston/CT on their final tour. Goodbye to a great band!

    Celldweller - Cellout EP 01
    I didn't care for all of the remix albums Celldweller would release throughout the last couple of years, and when I first heard this back in January I disliked it. But then I saw him live. My opinion on him and his remixes changed. The concert was probably the best show I have been to in 2011 and part of the reason for that being that the songs were all remixed and freshly made for a live setting. Every song was like I was listening to the songs I have loved for years for the first time. Since then I have jammed this little EP containing 3 songs from that night constantly.

    Giles Corey - Giles Corey
    I regret ignoring so much work by the Enemies List Home Recordings label. So much incredible music on that label. I only listen to Have a Nice Life every once in awhile, but every time I do it feels like an event that I have been anticipating for weeks now that fucking leaves me stunned and completely satisfied by the end. The same goes with Giles Corey, which is a solo project of Dan Barrett. Giles Corey is like HANL in folk form. Each song sounds like nothing I have heard before. The album is basically about Dan's earlier attempt at suicide and all the feelings that come with coming close to death. I'm not the type of person who has contemplated suicide or likes depressing, but the subject matter is very interesting to me and every song on this does something to make me think about life in general. It's like an episode of Six Feet Under.

    Cormorant - Dwellings
    I took a chance pre-ordering the deluxe edition of this album before even hearing the band. But damn being DIY and presenting some of the best cover art I have ever seen, they deserve my money for their effort alone. Luckily I loved the record as well. They actually remind me of Agalloch, you know a band that covers all kinds of genres that you can't really pin them in one genre. Cormorant does the same thing, they blend so much together and everything just perfectly works. They combine blues rock, heavy metal, black metal, progressive metal, folk metal, and death metal. The progression always feels natural. Phenomenal release that I hope I can listen to a lot more in the future.

    CunninLynguists - Oneirology
    What is your favorite hip-hop album about? Drugs? Woman? Living in the ghetto? Wu-Tang Clan? How about dreams? By dreams I'm not talking about anyone's life goals, I'm talking about the images you see when you fall asleep. The beats and soundscapes are perfectly created to serve this dream concept about heaven and life decisions. The whole album contains excellent lyricism. ""Hard As They Come" has the potential to be a School House Rock song with it's cheesy approach where the raps are suppose to be coming from the point of view of the actual drug and how they're killing the user, but it's such a well done song that I fucking love it. Overall I think this may be one of the best hip-hop albums to ever be released. It might be a stretch saying that but the sheer amount of effort that was put into this release is unmatched. Usually when rappers try to have a concept of some sorts, the product ends up feeling bloated and over ambitious. With this record I feel that everything contemplates everything perfectly.

    Cynic - Carbon-Based Anatomy
    Cynic disappointed me last year with that shitty Re-Traced EP, which was nothing more than a watered down version of Traced In Air songs. I was worried that I would not like their next release. I was wrong. This EP actually managed to be fucking incredible. For this release they decided to take elements from the World Music genre, you know those beautiful tribal nature music that people use to help them sleep to sounds of nature? Well Cynic now has this alongside their jazzy influenced progressive metal, and it actually contemplates their sound perfectly. Basically you have 3 interlude tracks of that world music stuff, and 3 tracks of massive sounding Cynic. I mentioned before that I like my music to sound explosive, that perfectly describes songs like the title track of this release imo. Basically if you hated Traced In Air for not being death metal enough, you will still hate this release. If you liked Traced In Air, then yes you would love this new release.

    Death Grips - Exmilitary
    Many people who love this claim it's because they have never heard hip-hop like this. i dunno, to me it sounds like a bunch of breakcore artists I checked out, Food For Animals comes to mind. Basically this is really different hip-hop. The beats sound like a bunch of noise for any hip-hop listener who doesn't like to listen to any electronic genres. The rapper can be incredibly annoying to some. Personally I love him. He reminds me of RZA, so all over the place and obnoxious when he's on a track. It's definitely not for everyone. I find it extremely catchy and danceable, but that's just me.

    Defeater - Empty Days & Sleepless Nights
    I listened to this band a lot the first half of the year, but stopped the second half of the year which is weird because that was when I started to get into a lot of similar bands. Defeater is most known for telling a narrative in their lyrics about some dysfunctional family, but it's suppose to be fiction, yet apparently at their shows there are fat men in their 30s crying over this band. To be honest I like ignoring the story. The first ten songs of the album are melodic hardcore. Each track makes me wanna just scream every word. It is catchy and overall good stuff. The production is crystal clear which turns a lot of fans of the genre off, personally I always thought that was a stupid reason to hate a genre. The last four songs were meant to be a separate EP, it's completely acoustic. In this section I actually like the story. Coincidentally, during the first half of the year I attended a lot of Broadway plays and would listen to this album on the train ride to NYC. I thought the acoustic songs would fit perfectly at a play. I can't help but sing along to these parts and I prefer it to the hardcore side of the record.

    La Dispute - Wildlife
    I feel like I have dedicated more time into understanding this band than any other band on this list. Basically this album is very well done, but a bit much for me to stomach. The lyrics are some of the most thought provoking I have heard and the singer is one of the most clear harsh singers I have heard. He sounds incredibly passionate and I can't help but to be hooked on everything he says. Still when I listen to this record I feel like I have to put everything else aside and have my complete focus on the record. It's a great listen every time but this record truly does scare me with lyrics like "can I make it into heaven if I kill myself"

    Doomtree - No Kings
    I never put hype into anything, but it was hard for me to not have some positive expectations about the new Doomtree record. Back in 2008 when the group released their last album ass a collective, the only members that really made a name for themselves were P.O.S and Dessa, the other members all had forgettable releases. However, since then every member has been busy releasing all different types of albums that made a name for themselves. It is no longer the P.O.S and Dessa show. Together P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Mike Mitctlan, Paper Tiger, Lazerbeak, and Cecil Otter all help make Doomtree the best hip-hop group of today. Basically what you have here is a nonstop entertainment show of every member having fun on the mic spitting their conscious lyrics in a manner that for me reminds me of punk rock. It's only a matter of time now before they blow up, hopefully they do because they damn well deserve it.

    Glassjaw - Our Colour Green (The Singles)
    Technically this shouldn't be considered a 2011 release because every song on here was released as singles throughout 2010, this is just a compilation of them. For this release Glassjaw goes back to being angry like they were on their first record. You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon) is one of their angriest songs, the screaming on their especially is some of the most well done I have ever heard from any band. Each track here is solid and memorable.

    Glassjaw - coloring book
    When I saw them live, they played this whole EP live for the first time for anyone to hear. I wasn't impressed by it in the least. When they finally decided to release the songs, I understood why. This is music that you have to spend some time with to fully appreciate. It is way different from other Glassjaw records, it has more of jam band vibe but it's mixed with post-hardcore and they manage to make one of the coolest sounding songs I've ever heard. The songs no longer sound angry and something you wanna mosh, yet they still are heavy, now they just sound hypnotic. The songs perfectly switch from heavy leads to slower sections that just leave me in awe. The drumming varies with each song and seems to be one of their most prominent techniques, sometimes sounding jazzy, sometimes tribal, and sometimes metal. Basically it's still Glassjaw, but in a completely new style that is somehow better than what they were before. Everything about this EP is stunning.

    Graveyard - Hisingen Blues
    Pretty cool 70s rock inspired album. Not much to say about it but it is always a fun listen.

    Grayceon - All We Destroy
    There was a lot of impressive female fronted metal this year. Even so this album doesn't seem to over glorify the female lead of Jackie Perez-Gratz. Her amazing voice is always present, and her electric cello is used throughout. The cello sounds amazing but the guitars and drumming are louder than both her voice and the cello in the mix, which puts all the gimmicks aside. This whole album feels like a theater show. It could've been a long drawn out doom metal album that relies on heavy riffs, but I like that it didn't turn out that way. Instead the riffs string along a cohesive song structure, always changing with the mood of the music.

    Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972
    I'm not gonna try to explain this one. It's beautiful ambient music that is nice to chill too.

    The Throne - Watch the Throne
    Previously, I always hated egotistical rappers, and Kanye West and Jay-Z are easily the most known for thinking they are the greatest people on Earth. With my new self-confidence gain this year, I began to like both of them more and more. This album is pretty much what you would expect a collab album by two of the biggest names in hip-hop today to be like. The two bragging about their success. No deep thoughts here, and I am glad because this record is completely fun from beginning to end. Niggas in Paris was the most obnoxious song of the year, and I loved every second of it.

    J.Viewz - Rivers & Homes
    At the beginning of the year I heard about Jonathan's plan to release his new album. It reminded me of the same thing another artist I keep up with is doing...Back in 2008 (I think) Celldweller announced plans for his sophmore LP, when it has already been 5 years since he released his first one. He announced that instead of releasing a full album, he was gonna release songs as he gets done with, so the whole album would come in parts. This has extended into a 4 year project and only in 2012 will we get to hear the whole album....J.Viewz decided to do something similar. He would release songs as he got finished with them. As an artist, you really have to have an excellent insight on how the final product is going to sound like if you want to make this work, and I think J.Viewz had made it work. It also only took him a few months to completely release it. Every song on here sounds great, not a dull one on the disc and as an album it works well. This has become my favorite band to just chill out to. Everything just sounds like it's pumped with so much life and it always puts me in a great mood.

    Low - C'mon
    One of the coolest genres I discovered this year was slowcore, which is some slow type of indie rock. The arrangements here are comforting. Every guitar strum warms me up. The lyrics have a tint of humor to them, succeed in both making me laugh and they get stuck in my head for days.

    Mamaleek - Kurdaitcha
    In 2011 I listened to a lot of monotonous black metal albums that were praised by everyone, that didn't really do nothing for me. So was it surprising that I just had to throw everyone's recommendations out the window and rely on my self found Enemies List label for a great record. This album contains a lot of weird experimental shit. Middle Eastern influences, trumpets, very shitty vocals, and disgusting production. A bunch of noise really but I love it.

    Cliff Martinez - Drive
    I thought this movie would be awesome, but I actually found it to be only decent. The soundtrack was the only thing that stood out for me. Every song on the soundtrack can rank as some of the best songs released this year. The score by Cliff Martinez is just ok, gets boring and it's hard to sit through completely.

    Mitochondrion - Parasignosis
    This year supposedly had a lot of great technical death metal releases that I don't give a try yet. This is an album that's been critically acclaimed in places, and I am glad that I was able to check it out. It's good to see that tech death hasn't completely turned into djent garbage. This album is pretty horrifying to listen to. Very fucked up, mind bending, dissonant riffs etc. It rules.

    Mogwai - Earth Division EP
    This is another album I had to review for my radio station. I saw many post-rock acts this year. I was suppose to see Mogwai in April, then they rescheduled to September due to early tour visa problems. September comes and one of the members is in bad health so they postpone the tour yet again. Now months later no word on any new dates. Anyway they had two releases this year, a full length and an EP. I didn't think much of the full length and honestly I probably wouldn't have given this a listen if it wasn't for my radio station. I'm glad I did. This EP is far more interesting than the full length. It has classical tracks. A ballad sounding song with a harmonica that will warm you up in the coldness of winter. Then there is a cool post-rock, electronic fusion.

    Frank Ocean - nostalgia/ultra
    One thing I truly hate about today's radio hits is that R&B seems to be a thing in the past. Nobody has a voice anymore. Even once great artists like Usher resort to nothing but autotune today. So it's a breath of fresh air hearing an artist like Frank Ocean who has a genuine voice. He also sings about perverted and racy subjects like the rest of Odd Future. But what makes Frank Ocean stand out from the rest of the Odd Future members is that he sounds so innocent and honest singing. Every time he says something racy it makes me laugh because he sounds as passionate as any other R&B singer, but the lyrics are all perverted and shit.

    Peste Noire - L'Ordure à l'état Pur
    I like my black metal to be over the top. This album is fucking awful. The vocals are disgusting. The production is good for a black metal album. Then there are all these cabaret circus type elements that totally don't belong in black metal. It's awesome.

    Pianos Become the Teeth - The Lack Long After
    An interesting mix of screamo vocals and post-rock arrangements. What I think separates PBTT with other bands that play this style is that with Pianos I actually love the lyrics. The singer is passionate, screaming about his dead father. It's a very emotional personal album that makes for an uncomfortable listen, still hasn't stopped me from listening to this countless times uncovering every lyric. One of the best albums released this year.

    Primordial - Redemption at the Puritan's Hand
    Another Primordial masterpiece. Their sound hasn't changed much from their last couple of records, yet the music is still as captivating as ever. Still very bleak in tone. The vocals; clean and harsh, still some of the most well sung in metal. All the celtic influences still here. If you haven't heard this band yet then go do it because you're in for one helluva listen.

    Primus - Green Naugahyde
    I wasn't expected a Primus comeback album to be that good, but damn this album completely blew away my expectations and may very well rank with classic Primus albums. It's the Primus I came to love. The band that just has that very strange personality that I find absolutely hilarious with their brand of funk rock. Every song on here is memorable and for the most part infectious, especially the song Jilly's On Smack where the bass sounds like it's sinking underwater, one of the coolest things I've heard.

    Protest the Hero - Scurrilous
    i don't listen to this much but it deserves a mention. I hate all of the technical djent wank. Protest the Hero are one of the only bands of these sorts that appear to be more than just boring perfectionist. The music is actually fun to listen to and I could tell these guys just love playing their instruments. More bands like this please.

    Puscifer - Conditions of My Parole
    Maynard James Keenan fans seem to be split on this Puscifer project. The incredibly praised lyricist is now talking about perverted subjects, taking cues from everything from country to hip-hop music. The reception took a complete 180 with this second LP, which goes back to being serious atmospheric alternative music with great lyrics and singing. Personally I loved pretty much everything released under this project, and this album is no different. It's obviously more so well crafted than the first record was. Most of the songs are atmospheric with clean singing and electronic textures, still I never find myself getting bored at them. There are still some very weird sounding songs like Man Overboard which sounds pretty awesome, but still makes me wonder what the fuck I just listened to. Toma should sound completely obnoxious to me yet it somehow works perfectly and reminds me of Undertow days Tool. The title track is also one of the most catchy tracks Maynard has made, and that is saying a lot for this project. If you hated the first record, you probably still would wanna give this record a chance before writing off this project. The big difference here is that it's not just Maynard here, it's a collaborative record with a bunch of ideas getting thrown in the mix. The result is satisfying.

    Radiohead - The King of Limbs
    The biggest upset of the year might as well be directed at Radiohead, not even ranking on the Pitchfork Top 40. Personally I don't hold Radiohead on such a high pedestal, Every song to me is catchy as hell and overall I think it is a very well done record with lots of replay value.

    Septic Flesh - The Great Mass
    I didn't expect to like this band as much as I did. Basically this is over produced death metal mixed with an orchestra. Sounds like death metal was added to all that epic movie trailer music. I love the concept and Septic Flesh know how to execute it. Each song simply sounds epic in scale. It gets my blood pumping. I highly recommend listening to this on great speakers also.

    Sims - Bad Time Zoo
    Sims made a huge improvement this year with the release of Bad Time Zoo. The album takes many cues from P.O.S's Never Better, but that's not a problem because I love the style on that album and Sims makes a good copy of it. I am having a real hard time getting into a lot of mainstream rap acts, especially stuff like J.Cole and Drake who are acclaimed because they apparently do make personal music. The problem I have with them is that they just sound so boring rapping. Sims knows how to do it. A mostly upbeat rap album where the MC is rapping about politics and issues that matter. There are occasional mellow parts and stupid love tracks but for the most part I love the record and highly recommend it.

    Still Corners - Creatures of an Hour
    Yet another album I was given to review on my radio station. It's a dream pop album. I live in a dorm with 3 people who snore and this album helped me sleep through it for a few weeks and for that I love it.

    SubRosa - No Help For The Mighty Ones
    Yet another great female fronted doom metal band. It's great.

    Touché Amoré - Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me
    My favorite album of the year. It may be cliche to say, but never before have I connected so much with the lyrics of an album. Not a day goes by since I had heard this where I have not contemplated writing some lyrics on twitter or facebook. For me it is the most quotable album I ever heard. The drumming is excellent and tracks like Condolences are sure to please old school emo/screamo fans with its piano ballad. This album is only 20 minutes long and I enjoy every second of it. I go to the gym every day and that is what I listen to for my cardio workout. The vinyl is hung over my dorm bed, I have been known to scream some of the lyrics in my sleep. Have I proved my fanboyism enough? I must thank the band for making such a great piece of work.

    Devin Townsend Project - Deconstruction
    The 3rd installment in the DTP series. This time Devin takes an avant-garde metal approach using a whole orchestra as well as guest musicians such as Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom), Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth), Ihsahn, Tommy Rogers (BTBAM), Joe Duplantier (Gojira), Paul Masvidal (Cynic), Greg Puciato (DEP), Floor Jansen, Oderus (GWAR), and Frederik Thordendal (Meshuggah). The idea alone is very convoluted and Devin makes it into one big fucking mess that is somehow coherent throughout with fresh ideas that never tire and only Devin can craft. The idea behind DTP was so Devin can prove to himself that he can create music without any substances. Deconstruction has Devin facing what scared him for so long, his extreme metal side. Listening to this album is one helluva experience ranging from extreme metal sections to very mellow sections, with a dash of Devin Townsend humor here and there. There are just many moments on this album that I absolutely adore. The opening track for one thing, how it starts out with this mellow trip-hop vibe and slowly this whole devilish orchestra comes in. I hate when I find albums where the opener is so good that I ignore the rest of the album. Here the opener is great and gets me interested for what else the album has in store as it perfectly transitions to the next track. Sumeria presents a mix of heavy Gojira styled riffs with an orchestra that sounds like the end of the world, then Paul Masvidal breaks the heaviness with this mellow ballad that totally works at that point. Pandemic is one of the most extreme songs I've heard that songs like if Strapping Young Lad had opera vocals. I could just go on and on about this album. I may be biased because I am a Devin fan but I don't see how you cannot give him credit for putting so much effort in his work all the while being one of the most likable people in the metal industry.

    Devin Townsend Project - Ghost
    The final installment of the DTP album. This one takes a more mellow approach being a new age,ambient album. When I listen to this album everything else suddenly doesn't album. I can just sit back, relax and listen to all the beautiful flutes and acoustics this album presents. It's nice.

    Tyler, the Creator - Goblin
    Never before have I seen an album garnish as strange of a criticism as Goblin. People love to hate it. The general consensus is that some of the songs are some of the best rap in years, but some of the record is horrible, and that overall deems a negative score. I highly disagree. For me Tyler and the rest of Odd Future are a breath of fresh air. All anyone ever makes anymore are club songs, it's about time rap gets violent again. I love how creative Tyler gets with his obscene lyrical subject of rape and murder. I listened to this album constantly throughout the year and I just liked it more and more as the hype for Odd Future went in different directions every month. Songs like Tron Cat, Yonkers, She, Sandwitches, and Transylvania are just too fucking good to hate.

    Viva Voce - The Future Will Destroy You
    I first heard Viva Voce when a facebook friend of mine posted the music video for the album single of the same name, which was absolutely ridiculous, go watch it. This album was a nice find and was great to listen to during those hot summer months.

    Tom Waits - Bad as Me
    It's Tom Waits, of course it's good.

    Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning
    Steven Wilson's 2008 album Insurgentes is actually my favorite album by the guy mixing prog with all of these interesting influences. This album doesn't disappoint as a follow up. It's just one great big experimental prog project by the creative mind of Steven Wilson. Many instruments are used and the music ranges constantly. Influences range from jazz to metal. Then there is the mammoth 23 minute Raider II track which is just remarkable work. A must for prog fans.

    Wolves in the Throne Room - Celestial Lineage
    I hate most atmospheric black metal that has been hyped in the past two years but for some reason I like WITTR. For me everyone else is constantly trying to do what they do and never succeeding, while WITTR knows exactly what they want to do next and create one stunning release after the other.

    Overall a great year and a lot of releases have become all time favorites for me. Hopefully 2012 will be as good.
  • My Top 50 (2010 Edition)

    27 déc. 2010, 6h33m

    Last year I wrote a journal basically bitching about my top 50 because it wasn't so great. Well I'll take a look at what changed in a year's time.

    Dropped Off (Artists that are no longer in my Top 50):
    Black Light Burns
    Dane Cook
    System of a Down
    Thousand Foot Krutch

    1. Tool
    2. The Cure
    3. Opeth
    4. Katatonia - Rose from space 6-4. They didn't release anything new this year but I started to fully appreciate the album they released last year Night is the New Day. I think that is their best release since their doom metal days. They did release a single of the song "The Longest Year". Attached with a b-side Sold Heart which is a very beautiful track. I also got to see them live this year and it was a great show. They played Departer for the first time ever.
    5. Pink Floyd - Down a space. I was really excited when news first announced about Roger Waters bringing The Wall on tour but then cried when the ticket prices were in the $175 range. And he came so many times in my area it was depressing.
    6. Devin Townsend - Rose from space 12-6. Although Deconstruction, Ghost or Ziltoid 2 were released this year, Devin spent the whole year touring. I got to see him live twice. The first was a 30 minute set opening for Between the Buried and Me in January, he easily stole the show. Then in October I got to see a headlining set. 2 of the best sets I've ever seen. I fucking love this guy. Addicted is crack!
    7. A Perfect Circle - Down 4-7. Nothing new from them but they officially got out of hiatus and started touring again. They are said to be writing new material which might get released in 2011. Hopefully this does happen.
    8. Celldweller - Down 7-8. Lets see, he released Soundtrack 2 which had some quite cool tracks including an ambient track and a Tool-esque track. Then he released WUBS 3 and that just sucked, pop garbage. Then he started touring so he didn't get to release anything after that IIRC. I would have liked to see him live but the NYC show was at this festival where he only played a 30 minute set. $60 for a set that short + a day of a bunch of bands I'm not interested in prevented me from going.
    9. Agalloch - Up 13-9. They released a new record Marrow of the Spirit which is one of my favorites from this quite underwhelming year. This band can do no harm. That record goes back to the Pale Folklore black metal days and mixes the folk elements of The Mantle in. The album starts and ends with instrumental tracks that sound like something Godspeed You! Black Emperor would write. Not much clean vocals on the album also but I'm not bothered by that. I suck at writing record reviews so I'll just say that the whole thing is perfect and leave it at that.
    10. Eminem - Up 11-10. He released Recovery and it was hot for a couple months. The problem is that after it officially became released it just became highly overrated by mainstream listeners. Basically Em just says that Encore and Recovery were shitty albums and that this is his masterpiece, and everyone just went with it. Encore had a few good tracks and I loved Relapse, I think that has to be his most solid album since his first LP. Recovery is a good record but not all the way through. I like the fact that he stopped using dre beats and moved on as I was getting sick of his beats. The beats in Recovery are a mixed bag because each track features a different producer. In terms of subject matter he kept this relationship theme instead of blabbing about his own life again. He makes use of a lot of 80s=90s pop sample which I actually fucking love. As for guest artists he got P!nk - track is ok, Rihanna - track was good until they out played it on the radio, Lil Wayne - track is hilarious! Overall it's a good record but it does has a lot of skipable tracks so it's not really a masterpiece.
    11. Rise Against - Down 9-11
    12. Puscifer - Down 8-12. Surprised he released nothing this year.
    13. Metallica - Down 10-13
    14. King Crimson - Remained
    15. Infected Mushroom - Up 17-15.
    16. Meshuggah - Remained
    17. Shining - Down 15-17. Well Swedish Shining was suppose to release VII this year but that never happened. They also talked about re-releasing Shining I with Attilla on vocals IIRC but that also didn't see the light of day in 2010. I think they even started working on VIII hopefully this all gets released in 2011 and they don't suck like VI did. In 2010 a Shining from Norway became popular with their album Blackjazz, it's an avant-garde metal record that is pretty damn good. They even successfully covered 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson!
    18. Amon Amarth - Remained
    18. Joy Division - Up 25-18.
    20. My Bloody Valentine - Up 21-20.
    21. Cynic - Up 29-21. I saw them again this year opening for Between the Buried and Me in January, it wasn't as good as the first time I saw them, exactly the same set as the first time I saw them. They released a new EP Re-Traced and it is just crappy atmospheric rereleases of perfectly great songs. The only original song "Wheels Withing Wheels" winds up being the best on the EP.
    22. Linkin Park - Up 25-22. They finally released a new record A Thousand Suns and it turns out to be one of the weirdest albums I've ever listened to. Seriously they experimented, but had absolutely no clue what they were doing and wound up creating some of the shittiest songs I've ever heard. The album just feels unpolished, is filled with shitty ballads, and does not flow very well due to how much they experimented. The song that first released "The Catalyst" which is basically a modern pop track in Linkin Park style, that I thought was one of the worst things I've heard at first, turned out to be the only good song on the album.
    23. Shpongle - Up 37-23.
    24. Nine Inch Nails - Remained - He didn't release anything under the NIN name but Mr. Reznor did start a new project called How to Destroy Angels and did work on The Social Network soundtrack. Both of which I haven't heard yet.
    25. Angelspit - Down 20-25.
    26. Converge - NEW - The mighty Converge premiers on my top 50 at a pretty high spot. I've been spinning them quite a lot this year as I've been getting more and more into hardcore. Their album Axe to Fall has become one of my favorites.
    27. Jerry Goldsmith - Down 19-27.
    28. Ayreon - Down 27-28. A Star One album was released this year but I've lost interest in progressive metal.
    29. maudlin of the Well - Up 31-29.
    30. Beastie Boys - Down 22-30.
    31. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Down 23-31.
    32. Wu-Tang Clan - NEW - I really got into Wu-Tang this year, I met some friends who were obsessed with them. I soon began too.
    32. Mastodon - Down 28-31. I started to really hate this band this year. Brent Hinds just started throwing bitch fits during concerts, they got Baroness and High On Fire really popular among hipsters. Crack the Skye is so fucking overrated it's ridiculous.
    34. Wolfbrigade - NEW - Another hardcore entry in my list. Their album Comalive is the fucking tits!
    35. Electric Wizard - NEW - One of my favorite Sabbath style doom metal bands. They are incredibly heavy. Dopethrone is one of my favorite albums. They released a new record this year Black Masses which has a more psychedelic approach than their other records and a kinda messy recording, it's a good record but not incredible.
    35. Mindless Self Indulgence - Down 32-35. Well their side project The Left Rights released a new record and it is more MSI sounding then their last 3 albums!
    37. Tom Waits - Down 30-37.
    38. Melvins - NEW - These guys are pretty fucking awesome. They have an incredibly varied discography. I'm a noob and prefer their alt metal stuff the most because it rocks. I saw them live and they were really fun
    39. Isis - NEW - They broke up this year. I got to see them before they went away luckily, solid set. Panopticon and Wavering Radiant are 2 incredible albums.
    39. Boris - NEW - Japanese band, inspired by Melvins and thus also have a varied discography. And I also prefer their alt metal stuff. I saw them live also, shit ruled!
    41. Have a Nice Life - Up 43-41. They played 2 of their first 3 live shows in NYC and I missed them both times! They released an EP Time of Land and it is a nice ambient listen.\
    42. GZA/Genius - NEW - Wu-Tang record and probably my favorite rapper ever. Liquid Swords has to be my favorite rap record at the moment.
    43. Modest Mouse - Down 33-43.
    44. Asphyx - NEW - Well I got into death metal this year surprisingly. This band fucking destroys, their vocalists Martin Van Drunen has some throat! I saw them live, they destroyed and I got an autographed DTBW CD from them.
    45. Porcupine Tree - Down 38-45.
    46. John Carpenter - Down 34-46.
    47. Guns N' Roses - Down 36-47.
    47. Scarling. - Down 35-47
    49. Astronautalis - Down 39-49.
    50. Vader - Down 42-50.

    Artists I listened too a lot this year that are worth mentioning:
    A Tribe Called Quest
    Blood Duster
    Bolt Thrower
    Current 93
    Faith No More
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    Jesus Cröst
    Massive Attack
    Russian Circles

    Shows this year:
    1/30/10 - Between the Buried and Me, Cynic, Devin Townsend Project, Scale the Summit @ Irving Plaza - Bad, Bad, Incredible, Bad
    3/6/10 - Kreator, Voivod, Nachtmystium, Evile @ Nokia Theatre - Great, Great, Bad, Bad
    4/7/10 - Opeth @ Terminal 5 - Incredible
    5/28/10 - Gride, Gorguts, Watain, Nazxul, Jesus Cröst, Tombs, Putrescence @ Sonar - Great, Great, Bad, Good, Incredible, Good, Bad
    5/29/10 - Wolfbrigade, Deceased, Autopsy, Asphyx, Repulsion, Incantation, Blood Duster, Impaled, Ingrowing @ Sonar - Incredible, Great, Incredible, Great, Great, Bad, Incredible, Incredible, Good
    6/18/10 - Isis, Melvins @ Webster Hall - Great, Incredible
    7/30/10 - Primus, Gogol Bordello @ Williamsburg Waterfront - Good, Good
    8/6/10 - Boris, Torche, Russian Circles @ Music Hall of Williamsburg - Incredible, Good, Incredible
    9/10/10 - Katatonia, Swallow the Sun, Orphaned Land @ Gramercy Theater - Great, Bad, Good
    10/22/10 - Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation @ Beacon Theater - Great, Great
    10/28/10 - Devin Townsend, TesseracT @ Gramercy Theater - Incredible, Bad
  • Seen Live

    9 avr. 2010, 20h09m

    In depth reviews (sorta) can be found here

    Meshuggah - 4/5
    Cynic - 4/5
    The Faceless - 2/5

    Infected Mushroom - 5/5
    J.Viewz - 4/5

    Shpongle - 3/5
    J.Viewz(x2) - 3/5

    Opeth - 5/5
    Enslaved - 3/5

    Tool - 3/5
    My Bloody Valentine - 3/5
    Gogol Bordello - 5/5
    St. Vincent - 2/5
    Arctic Monkeys - 2/5
    Tim & Eric - 2/5
    The Cool Kids - 1/5
    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - 4/5
    White Rabbits - 4/5
    Black Gold - 4/5

    Dream Theater - 5/5
    Zappa Plays Zappa - 4/5
    Bigelf - 4/5
    Scale the Summit - 2/5

    Dethklok - 3/5
    Mastodon - 3/5
    Converge - 4/5

    Metallica - 4/5
    Lamb of God - 1/5

    Between the Buried and Me - 3/5
    Cynic(x2) - 3/5
    Devin Townsend Project - 5/5
    Scale the Summit(x2) - 2/5

    Kreator - 5/5
    Voivod - 4/5
    Nachtmystium - 3/5
    Evile - 3/5

    Opeth(x2) - 5/5

    Gride - 4/5
    Gorguts - 5/5
    Watain - 2/5
    Nazxul - 4/5
    Jesus Cröst - 5/5
    Malignancy - 2/5
    Tombs - 3/5

    Wolfbrigade - 5/5
    Deceased - 3/5
    Autopsy - 5/5
    Asphyx - 5/5
    Repulsion - 4/5
    Incantation - 3/5
    Blood Duster - 5/5
    Impaled - 5/5
    The Chasm - 3/5
    Fang - 3/5
    Ingrowing - 4/5

    Isis - 5/5
    Melvins - 5/5

    Primus - 4/5
    Gogol Bordello(x2) - 4/5

    Boris - 5/5
    Torche - 4/5
    Russian Circles - 4/5

    Katatonia - 4.5/5
    Swallow the Sun - 2.5/5
    Orphaned Land - 3/5
    Gwynbleidd - 2.5/5

    Massive Attack - 4/5
    Thievery Corporation - 4/5

    Devin Townsend Project(x2) - 5/5
    TesseracT - 2/5
    all points west - 2/5

    Glassjaw - 4/5
    Tidal Arms - 2/5
    These People - 3/5

    Yann Tiersen - 4/5
    Shannon Wright - 3/5

    Astronautalis - 5/5
    Sims - 5/5
    Two Lights - 2/5

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 5/5

    Explosions in the Sky - 4/5
    Low - 3.5/5
    Eluvium - 2.5/5

    Rammstein - 4/5

    Celldweller - 5/5
    Beta Plus Embryo - 4/5

    OFWGKTA - 4/5

    "Weird Al" Yankovic - 3/5

    A Perfect Circle - 4/5
    Red Bacteria Vacuum - 4/5

    Children of Bodom - 3/5
    Devin Townsend Project(x3) - 4/5
    Septic Flesh - 4/5
    Obscura - 3.5/5

    God Is An Astronaut - 4.5/5
    Monogold - 3/5

    Kyuss Lives! - 4/5
    The Sword - 3/5
    MonstrO - 3/5

    Portishead - 4/5

    Method Man - 4/5
    Curren$y - 1/5
    Big K.R.I.T. - 3/5
    Cornor Boy P - 2/5
    Smoke DZA - 2/5

    Four Year Strong - 3.5/5
    Gallows - 3/5
    Title Fight - 3/5
    The Swellers - 2/5

    Kvelertak - 5/5
    Skeletonwitch - 3.5/5
    Barn Burner - 3/5
    Turbid North - 2.5/5

    Melt-Banana - 5/5
    Tera Melos - 1/5
    Fugue - 3/5

    Steven Wilson - 4/5

    Laura Stevenson and the Cans - 3/5
    Great Caesar- 4/5
    High Pop - 2/5
    Conor & The Stone Hill Kids - 3/5

    Transit - 2/5
    California - 2/5
    Wolves At Bay - 2/5
    Night Owls - 2/5

    Puscifer - 4/5
    Carina Round - 4/5

    The Cure - 4/5

    Touché Amoré - 4.5/5
    Pianos Become the Teeth - 4/5

    The National - 4/5
    My Brightest Diamond - 2/5
  • My Top 50

    29 nov. 2009, 9h26m

    Well I've been on for almost 2 years now and my taste has changed dramatically over time. Looking at my top 50 overall I'm really not happy with most of the artist on their. Partly because at first when I discovered a band I loved I would scrobble the shit out of them until they reached a high status on my charts. Nowadays I can't be bothered with how much I scrobble an artist because there's always so much other music I want to check out. So here I am at 2 am listening to Tom Waits wasting the night away writing about what I think about my top 50.
    = Looks great on my charts
    = I like them but I'm not for 100% in having them high in my charts
    = GTFO my charts.

    1. Tool
    Took me a while for me to love them. Then when they finally grew on me they immediately became one of my favorite bands. All their albums are great even their live album Salival is something worth checking out. And with each album better than the last I can only imagine how amazing their next album will be since 10,000 Days was so perfect.

    2. The Cure
    Immediately loved them when I first heard Disintegration. There early post-punk stuff is great but I think they hit they're peak with Disintegration. Weak was alright but everything after pretty much sucks. I still haven't checked out everything by them even with over 2000 scrobbles. They have so much material.

    3. Opeth
    First checked out Still Life. Loved it. Then Damnation. Bored me, except Windowpane. Like Tool it took me awhile before fully appreciating them. Now they've become one of my favorite bands.

    4. Pink Floyd
    Yeah classic band. Darkside Of The Moon, The Wall, and Animals are all classics to me.

    5. A Perfect Circle
    I don't really listen to them at all anymore. At first I was just a blind Tool fan loving Maynard's voice and his lyrics, now I think most lyrics are complete bullshit and appreciate artist for their musicianship. These guys are better than your average mainstream rock bands, some nice song writing that sets them apart from simply sounding generic. 3 Libras will always be one of my favorite songs.

    6. Katatonia
    I'm always an "on again off again" type of relationship with these guys. First heard The Great Cold Distance, loved it at first now I can barely sit through the whole thing. There other albums are the same, except Brave Murder Day which will always be their best. Overall, they have a lot of gems spread out in their albums, the best usually being bonus tracks and CD-singles.

    7. Celldweller
    I used to listen to this guy all the time. Now I think he is pretty overrated. Being a part of the AMV community is really sickening because everyone considers this guy a genius, pretty much every single song is done to death. Why do people praise this guy for being a one man band? Like there isn't millions of other solo artist who also create great music. He has some great material but I wouldn't call anything he's done a masterpiece. Every song he has released lately has been solid but I really don't think he can create a great album. I'll take a great album over a great song any day.

    8. Puscifer
    Actually checked him out before APC or Tool. Still love this project. V is for Vagina is a great album but I do think that it is very hit and miss. The stuff he has been putting out lately especially The Humbling River have got to be the best material released on here. I'm liking this new atmospheric direction.

    9. Rise Against
    My favorite generic nostalgic band. I don't really listen to them at all anymore but I don't mind it when I do.

    10. Metallica
    Really not sure how they got this high on my charts in the first place. I think they're classic albums for the most part are very overrated. Kill 'Em All and ...and Justice for All are pretty good though. When Death Magnetic first released I loved it but since then I've gotten into a lot of other superior metal bands.

    11. Eminem
    Yeah hes a guilty pleasure. Will always be.

    12. Devin Townsend
    I completely love this guys work. His insanity is of my liking. Great musicianship. Addicted has also got to be one of my favorite 09 releases.

    13. Agalloch
    These guys can't release a bad record. Everything they've done is great.

    14. King Crimson
    Masters of Prog? Yeah In the Court of the Crimson King, Larks Tongue in Aspic and Red. are all essential for every prog lover.

    15. Shining
    Checked these guys out when I read that fucked up description about their beliefs and live performances, I just had to hear how fucked up this was. I'm glad I did give them a listen. Besides being fucked up V: Halmstad has got to be one of the greatest pieces of music I have ever heard. Every track is mind blowing. I haven't really gave their earlier stuff much of a listen. VI: Klagopsalmer was awful though.

    16. Meshuggah
    Didn't really want to check them out because how stupid their band pictures look. Chaosphere made me laugh, Jens Kidman sounded like a barking dog and the music just sucked. Catch-33 was a much better experience, their music was kind of annoying but I think that's what inevitably made them great for me....for some reason, don't really know how to describe my feelings toward them. They also became the headliners of the first concert I attended :).

    17. Infected Mushroom
    First heard the song Artillery which was great. I didn't check out the full album until a long time after which I regret because Vicious Delicious is a damn satisfying album. I don't care about how pop it is compared to how magical their earlier albums are. Infected Popshroom > Infected Mushroom. Not too much of a fan of them, they're live performance was hands down the best I've been too. I also helped advertise for them in their fanmanager street team and won an autographed poster and CD :D.

    18. Amon Amarth
    Twilight of the Thunder God unleashed my hidden craving for death metal. Now I think it's a pretty boring record. Metal gets old fast man.

    19. Jerry Goldsmith
    Lol, short lived movie soundtrack craving.

    20. Angelspit
    Addicting shit. Addicting when I first heard them. Still as addicting now. Even they're new release cleared my disappointment after a few listens. 2nd album has yet to grasp me.

    21. My Bloody Valentine

    22. Beastie Boys
    Hell Yeah! Probably a guilty pleasure, isn't it?

    23. "Weird Al" Yankovic
    Another guilty pleasure, right?

    24. Nine Inch Nails
    I never really liked them as much as I wanted to. All these scrobbles are a failed attempt for the most part. The Downward Spiral and The Fragile have some good songs but other than that I have never been able to see the magic.

    25. Linkin Park
    Angry generic emo shit.

    26. Joy Division
    A truly great band. Ian Curtis wrote some wonderful songs. Lyrics are all fantastic. Simple but hold so much meaning.

    27. Ayreon
    Gets old after while.

    28. Mastodon
    They're pretty good. Crack the Skye is such an overrated album it's ridiculous. Leviathan is great.

    29. Cynic
    Metal Gods!

    30. Tom Waits
    Absolute genius!

    31. maudlin of the Well
    Fucking insane band. Toby Driver is a genius.

    32. Mindless Self Indulgence
    Yeah I considered myself daring for listening to a band like this. They still have a few classics but I don't really listen to them anymore.

    33. Modest Mouse
    Have some great songs but as albums go they tend to fade with time.

    34. John Carpenter
    Only around Halloween

    35. Scarling.
    They are great...I haven't listened to them in a long time now

    36. Guns N' Roses

    37. Shpongle
    Should be as high as Infected Mushroom. Great music.

    38. Porcupine Tree
    I haven't really listened to many albums by them. I love Deadwing and Lightbulb Sun but most of the other stuff I've checked out is pretty boring.

    39. Astronautalis
    Amazing artist. Barrel Jumping (A Man Of Letters), The Waterfall and The Story of My Life all have got to be some of the greatest songs I've heard.

    40. Thousand Foot Krutch
    Generic Christian Rock

    41. System of a Down
    Such a faux pas

    42. Vader
    They won't be relevant in a couple of months

    43. Have a Nice Life
    Great album. Great bootleg demo album but recently I'm not feeling what I felt when I first listened months ago.

    44. ASHES dIVIDE
    Wow something completely shot out of my life.

    45. Gojira
    Metal that doesn't get boring. Great drumming also.

    46. J.Viewz
    Local New York band. Chill out album. So great.

    47. Unwound
    Leaves Turn Inside You is so great but like Have a Nice Life I think I'm growing out of this depressing shit.

    48. Dane Cook
    Why did I have him to begin with? =(

    49. Bill Conti
    Short lived Rocky soundtrack addiction. Still great but not something meant for heavy listening.

    50. Black Light Burns
    I kind of forced myself to like them. They suck. Only New Hunger, Cruel Melody and Lucretia My Reflection are good.

    Final Verdict: Only 23 out of 50 artist I am satisfied with =(