amazing apology songs aural crack aural pot beautiful being broke bombastic bouncy calming catchy chill completely soporific could this be any more depressing damn he is british deep desperate disparaging excellent dance songs excellent riffs exciting fuck you songs full get motivated good emo happy heart-rending hip hopeful i could not love this song more i hate this and yet i need to keep listening to it i like listening to this intense joy delirium joyous lonely lovely makes me want to run around twirling and laughing mellow mesmerizing morose music that makes it hard to breathe oddly sad ooh social points passion passionate passionate moments perfect potentially pretentious powerful quiet really really catchy relaxing revenge songs ridiculously infectious road trip songs sad satisfying screaming seen live sexy songs slow songs about necrophilia songs about werewolves songs i can sing songs that make me want to tear out running songs to bounce to songs to dance to songs to do science too songs to make you happy songs to make you smile songs to rock out to songs to thrash around to spirtitual striking strings such a guilty pleasure summer albums sunny day songs this breaks my heart this is the best song ever this makes me grin this makes me happier than anything this makes me happy this makes me need to dance this makes me want to fly this never fails to put me in some kind of trance this song is smart this song makes me deliriously giddy this song makes me so happy this song never fails to put me into some kind of trance this song sometimes makes me want to scream and cry this would be awesome to perform this would be ridiculous fun to perform triumphant uplifting violin ecstasy violins weirdly depressing weirdly hopeful somehow what i listen to when i miss you