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5 fév. 2006, 17h07m

What Paul McCartney did with Let It Be, you know, remixing and reordering the tracks to make it the way he intended it to be... it's a bit silly. You can't change history like that. The album's clearly a classic the way the world listened to it up until that point. But i understand the appeal... what if... I always had the feeling that Duran Duran's Seven And The Ragged Tiger had too many layers of sound and production, in a way the same critique McCartney had on the original version of Let It Be.

Well. Duran Duran are not The Beatles, but their first two albums are classic in their own way. And so is Notorious, and the Arcadia record. Seven is the odd duck in this series, so what would the album have sounded like if they hadn't re-recorded it three (or four?) times.

There's this very rare demo version of a song called Seven And The Ragged Tiger, which later turned into The Seventh Stranger. The band (Nick Rhodes in that case) called it a hoax, but it kind of reveals to me what the album could have been like... more guitar orientated, beatlesque... quite amazing.

So, what this post is all about, is to rearrange the album in a way that it makes it imagineable what it could have, or should have, sound like. To be honest, i hate that record. Some of the worst songs ever are on that record. I Take The Dice for instance. Blegh! My ideal track-listing would be something like this:

1 The Reflex (original album version)
2 New Moon On Monday (original album version)
3 Faith In This Colour (ITSISK b-side)
4 Secret Oktober (UotS b-side)
5 Of Crime And Passion
6 Union Of The Snake
7 Is There Something I Should Know? (in absence of anything better really)
8 Tiger Tiger (Ian Little mix - b-side of NMOM - far, far superior to the album version)
9 The Seventh Stranger

So what do you think? Blasphemy?

Duran Duran
Seven And The Ragged TigerThe ReflexNew Moon On MondayFaith In This ColourSecret OktoberOf Crime And PassionUnion of the SnakeIs There Something I Should KnowTiger TigerThe Seventh Stranger


  • mangoluvs

    Interesting thoughts. Seven and the Ragged Tiger is actually my favorite Duran Duran album, but I think that is moreso due to nostalgic reasons. I have recently fallen in love with Secret Oktober and I'm wondering why that song didn't make the cut. I would love to hear the demo of The Seventh Stranger. Nice post!

    6 sept. 2006, 17h36m
  • MacTonight

    Actually, if you could find me said 'Seven and the Ragged Tiger' song I would love you eternally. I've been searching for that everywhere!

    18 fév. 2007, 1h41m
  • thechauffeur

    Interesting post indeed! I love Seven & The Ragged Tiger! Not for nostalgic reasons either... i think it has some brilliant songs on it. I also think it's far better than Notorious. SaTRT may have been a bit overproduced... i know that's how DD feel about it too, but it doesn't detract from the great music it contains. However! I do think it would have been great if DD recorded the title track of the album and put it in. I have a copy of that rare demo... albeit it of terrible quality. But you can hear enough to tell that it had the makings of a brilliant song. It doesn't sound at all to me like The Seventh Stranger... so you could have both on the same album. :)

    18 oct. 2008, 21h16m
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