Mike and Brian fight onstage :(


13 mai 2008, 15h00m

The excitement starts at ~ 4:21

What the hell was ML's problem? Wow Brian was steamed. When he is fooling with the mic, it looks like he is getting electrocuted :( Look at poor Al's face, he is shitting bricks and stalling for time. Wow. At the end, Brian takes off his bass and shoves it to Mike like he is his roadie bitch. I would have hit him on the head with it, but that is just me. Brian so didn't want to be there during this song.

The Beach Boys
Al Jardine
Brian Wilson
Mike Love


  • Sessions_please

    It's pretty depressing. I have no clue. He came leaping out to do his song, all fresh and then ML had to start some shit. I would live to know what was said. And to see ML sidle back towards Brian, tauntingly, he was really asking for it.

    13 mai 2008, 15h16m
  • Sessions_please

    Haha, I think that is Mike in his natural state, sadly.

    13 mai 2008, 17h00m
  • heyadamo

    shoves [his bass] to Mike Love like he is his roadie bitch. Being a roadie bitch would actually probably be a step or two up for Mike Love...

    13 mai 2008, 17h15m
  • Sessions_please

    LOL, well done, heydamo :) I couldnt agree more!

    13 mai 2008, 20h44m
  • pendletone

    Mike was furious bcause he noticed that Brian had taken cocain prior to the concert. This footage makes me sad...

    14 mai 2008, 19h15m
  • Sessions_please

    Ohh, I see. Yeah, very tragic this. How did you find that out?

    14 mai 2008, 21h47m
  • pendletone

    [quote]Ohh, I see. Yeah, very tragic this. How did you find that out? [/quote] I read it on several boards. And I think it's also confirmed in P.A. Carlin's book.

    15 mai 2008, 13h26m
  • Sessions_please

    Cool, thanks! I was convinced it was because Brian invaded Mike's personal space by almost crashing into him, heh. Guess I was a lil' off.

    15 mai 2008, 14h40m
  • Jyroflux

    I like Mike Love even less than before... if that's possible.

    20 mai 2008, 22h36m
  • Sessions_please

    I hear ya, every time I think that he couldn't be more of an ass, I find out some new crap that went down.

    21 mai 2008, 4h30m
  • ascrodin

    The computer I'm at right now can't play the video. Is this the one from the 1976 Largo, MD show where Brian sang Back Home and Mike was up in his face harassing him prior to the song.

    30 mai 2008, 19h53m
  • Sessions_please

    Yep, that's the one!

    3 juin 2008, 6h15m
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