Jump-Up (electronic music)


18 avr. 2010, 15h14m

() - субжанр драм - н - бас - музыки (drum’n’bass), бывший особо популярным в кругах любителей ломаных ритмов в конце 1990 - х годов.

Это направление музыки характеризуется глубокими синтезаторными бас - линиями и энергичными ускоренными барабанными лупами. Как правило, джамп-ап звучит более фанково и позитивно, чем все остальные стили драм -н - баса. Кроме того, нередко композиции в стиле насыщены семплами.
В качестве классических примеров можно назвать треки DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter; и ремикс DJ Zinc на Fugees - Ready Or Not, Renegade Master - Renegade Master (Urban Takeover Mix).
Сам стиль был создан для ночных клубов и танцполов - чтобы заставить публику буквально «подпрыгивать» () и танцевать. В 2003 - 2004 годах джамп - ап снова стал модным, и в этот раз, возможно, надолго.

Кстати, Jump Up - это еще и название лейбла звукозаписи, который выпускал драм - н - бас пластинки в период с 1997 по 1998 годы.

Ведущими наиболее популярным артистами являются:
DJ Hype
DJ Hazard
DJ Escape
Urban Takeover



is a subgenre of drum and bass that was first popular in the mid-1990s. Tunes typically were light-hearted, featuring hip hop samples and loud melodic basslines. The term is derived from the earlier use of "" to refer to tracks with often ambient intros which altered their style at the drop, often by breaking into amen breakbeats. This would make the crowd "jump up" and dance. Around 1994 it began to be more exclusively applied to records with hip hop samples and oscillating basslines, such as Suburban Bass artists Dream Team and DJ Hype, and by 1995 more specifically to the style associated with DJ Zinc and Ganja Records. "Yeah Man Remix" - Dream Team (1995) and DJ Rush Puppy "Bad Man Lighter - Jump Up Remix" (1995) are two good examples of the genre which would more specifically be called , though tunes did not necessarily use amen . By 1996 it referred especially to the style recorded by artists such as DJ Zinc, Aphrodite and Dillinja (amongst many others), and this could include amens but more often had a (see below) or only used an amen or other as an additional dancefloor incentive later in the track. There was a lot of crossover in styles produced by artists though, and one artist's style of jump-up could be quite different to another's. Aphrodite's jump-up records, for instance, are more rolling in style. "" (see DJ Rush Puppy "Silencer - Drum and Bass Mix" 1995) would be used for records with more drum breaks or which were more -sounding (such as the genre which would later be called ). There is even more crossover here, since there were records which were in this style before the term "" even existed, and "" previously was not a genre but referred to those records which changed style mid-record. These records could now be called "" instead, distinguishing them from more jungle-sounding gangster, rolling styles and styles. But since "" was now more popular than "" as the name for the whole style of music, any record could be called "". In the late 2000s, newer tunes with a light-hearted feel have been increasingly been referred to as Jump Up.

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