My new Rock-Band - Gold Plaque


20 mai 2012, 20h02m

Please check my new Rock Band Gold Plaque ,

Gold Plaque – Eine neue Rockband aus dem Label Sax & Moryson - gegründet im April/Mai 2012 in Essen City. Gold Plaque – spricht für mehr oder weniger aggressiven Full (hard) Rock - hier eine Aufnahme aus der Probe, unperfeckt, aber der Sound kommt schon gut rüber - Gold Plaque – Blue Energy (Instrumental) (3:03), es gab schon eine längere Gesangsversion im letzten Livekonzert mit schönne Solosplays von Micky Sax. Alles unter CC-Lizenz 3.0 Germany (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) - Played and composed by Mickey Sax & Anke Gina Moryson - ,

English . :

Gold Plaque - A new rock band from the label Sax & Moryson - founded in April / May 2012Essen City/ Germany. Gold Plaque - suggests that more aggressive or less full (hard) rock - here's a recording from the sample, unperfeckt, but the sound is already well over - Gold Plaque - Blue Energy (Instrumental) (3:03), there was already a longer vocal version of the last live concert of Mickey Sax Plays solo , all under CC License 3.0 Germany (CC bY-NC-ND 3.0) - Played saxophone and composed by Mickey & Anke Gina Moryson - ,
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  • Drubelin

    I love it, it´s great

    21 mai 2012, 6h05m
  • andorra4

    Blue energy , the best new music

    26 mai 2012, 9h51m
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