• Killing Joke supported bu the Lumerians

    18 déc. 2010, 19h58m

    Fri 17 Dec – Killing Joke, Lumerians

    Lumerians were a pleasant surprise.

    KJ played good and tight. JC's wardrobe, by Hannibal Lecter, covring a little paunch?

    Had to kick start the mosh pit tho'. Too many spectators. Nice to see old people participating, lol.
  • The importance of being me

    14 jan. 2006, 1h45m

    So, who are my neighbours?

    Good question....

    Although I I have a wide range of 'em in my profile, I took the time to check out their neighbours. Hmmmmm, and I am consistently absent. Looking into the scores - mine are all 3.5 > 2 summut. Theirs... lowesest are, like, 5 or 6!

    What does it tell you? Well it tells me I've got a wider ranging musical taste. I am on the periphery, while they, erm, clump together.

    Comm'on meester Leest efferm, why not an indicator of Uniqueness? I want to be part of the in crowd too, ya know.
  • Road to Hell

    10 jan. 2006, 20h31m

    My good intentions floating around me, crushing seeds of ideas, stillborn will to power... When will I get around to completing a post on

    So today is the day, yet this is not what I would've written.

    There's a roll of concert tickets I keep with my other mementos, those to personal to leave too far away, too awkward a reminder of a past life to look at, save in sorry periods of introspection. Maudlin episodes of self indulgent nostalgia aside, I think, perhaps, it's time to document the thread music has provided throughout the adventures that have been thrown my way.

    Lets find that roll of tickets and see what I can remember of those glorious gems.