From Hate to Love: Paloma Faith


18 sept. 2009, 10h25m

Thu 17 Sep – Paloma Faith at Scala

Paloma Faith is a very talented English singer and actress. Her debut "Stone Cold Sober" made a few waves, but peaked at a low number 17 in the UK chart. My first impression of Paloma wasnt a good one, but as they say "never judge a book by its cover". And by the time her second single came out, I was on my way to her first gig in London.

The event was midweek at the Scala, and many people were excited to see the singer, as her new single "New York" was set to break into the top 15. The support was the 50's inspired The Liner Sisters, who had a nice little collection of songs, played on the banjo, violin and xylophone. It set the scene for a great show ahead.

The stage was set up with a red curtain, lots of ballons, and paper made birds hanging from the ceiling. There were little tiny chairs dotted around the stage, and a big wind machine to one side. The audience was given ballons and masks before hand, which certainly made things entertaining.

Then Paloma came out, and really proved to us, why she is an actress. She was wearing a massive gold dress and she came in as mysterious as ever. It was a great opening. She opened with her first single "Stone Cold Sober". Which actually sounded great live.

She then went on to do new tracks from her up-coming album. "Smoke and Mirriors", "Broken Doll", and the title track of her album "Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?". During that song, Paloma went right next to the wind machine and threw feathers onto the crowd, it had a great effect.

Paloma's songs were very inspired by the 50's, and were most of the time up to mid-tempo. She dedicated one song to a friend of hers who had died. Which was quite sad, and emotional for her and the audience.

Paloma then went onto to do a costume change. Her new costume was a white bra with tassles, a black skirt, and she had a cape on aswell. She then went onto to sing the B side to her single New York - "Luv Ya". This was much more rocky and loud than most of her set, and it certainly showed the versatlitly of this young singer.

Paloma then came on for an encore and sang the song everyone had been waiting for "New York". This was an amazing performance to an amazing night, and she certainly gave it all she got, collapsing at the end, in a dramactic way.

So looking back, how would I describe Paloma Faith now? Well she is very talented, and certainly deserves to do much better in the charts. I would say she has Lady Gaga's style, but Amy Winehouse's talent.


  • epic_fail_boy

    I can't find your hate bit. :P

    18 sept. 2009, 18h41m
  • Dahveed29

    Nice review!

    18 sept. 2009, 22h05m
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