The art of creation...


13 juin 2006, 15h51m

A simple look into my song-writing process.

Step 1: While playing around on the guitar I discover a chord progression that sounds kind of nifty.

Step 2: I fiddle with the chord progression until it would make good music for a verse or chorus.

Step 2.5: I realize this is a Marcy Playground or Weezer song and go back to step one.

Step 3: However sometimes it's my own personal creation and I'm allowed to continue.

Step 4: I'm tired and thirsty...creation can wait a few minutes while I run downstairs for a beer/soda/gatorade/water...

Step 5: 2 hours later I turn off my DS and remember that I was fiddling around with a song.

Step 6: Fuck, I broke my G string again.

Step 7: 30 seconds later, finally stop giggling because I said G string.

Step 8: String is repaired, but it's dinner time now.

Step 9: Teeth are brushed, hands are washed, and it's time!!!

Step 10: Turn of the PS2 around 1. Time for bed.

Step 11: Wake up the next morning, mess around for 3 hours 'till I remember that I was working on a song.

Step 12: Finally start putting some words to the progression. They're either dreadfully depressing or insanely quirky.

Step 13: Mention to a few people that I'm working on a new song and they need to hear it before I spend too much time on it.

Step 14: By the time they get around to listening to it, I've allready decided that it sucks and have gone back to playing Kingdom Hearts...

So there you have it! My 14.5 step plan for any aspiring singer/songwriter!


  • Excel-2

    Hah, sounds remarkably like my song-writing process.

    13 juin 2006, 19h34m
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