3 Years REWIND


6 fév. 2009, 9h16m

So the deal is that I've been here three years now ! I don't know what I'm gonna write here but I did it last year too, so...

When I check my charts from last 12 months I see that Atmosphere was THE SHIT last year ! They dropped their newest album, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold back in April, so I listened that A BIT much and I had their discorgaphy too on my computer... You know the rest, check 'em out if you haven't heard 'em yet (which I heavily doubt).

The year 2008 wasn't that hot to me musically because of my army thing that lasted from July to early January so I couldn't discover very much new music back then.

At the second place last year there was Blue Scholars. They didn't drop much shit last year. Only some EP stuff and videos but I discovered those guys back in twenty-oh-seven and that was so fresh that I've listened the Scholars almost every day from then.

At the 4th place of last year there's Common Market. They has the same producer that Blue Scholars has, only the MC is different. Their wordplay is superb! You should check 'em out. Sabzi on the cut produces crazy joints to both Blue Scholars and Common Market so every track is worth listening.

Then some individuals that I should notice so the diversity of my musical taste stays on the humane state.

In the 5th place there is a super chill piano rock band Socratic. That's some stuff you put on the boombox and chill with your friends layin' on grass and doin' some nothing whole day. Nothing specific mentions here but check it out.

Inside the Top 10 there's umm... melodichardcorerockpunkorchestra (we all love last.fm tags, don't we?) Rise Against. I've been listening to those guys since I was a kiddo playin' Tony Hawk. They dropped a new album last year but I mostly listened their older stuff. That's why they are at my top ten year after year. They're on the spot 9.

The 7th place goes to Nujabes. He's a Japanese producer that produces some way more chill stuff than your favorite producer! Can't say anything interesting about him but he just confirms that I've been listening too CHILL music last year. I just should listen some hardcore metal this year (not)...

Other artists on the Top 10: Ivan Ives, Masta Ace, Nas and the only Finnish act Pyhimys. As Ivan Ives is Russian guy, there's a nice diversity on the countries. There's some Canadian, Japanese, American, Finnish, Russian...

The most listened track last year was way too easily Valehtelija. A local girl rock / pop band that's on their way to the top. I got their first demo last year and that track is from that demo. The second place holds Summon the Clouds. Poor Jim is from my neighbour city and I discovered them from MySpace when I was looking for acts that could play in a rock concert that me and some other guys held in our town. Guys rocked though we had such a crappy audience. At the third place Rock to It is earned its place there. Crazy canadian guy with crazy flow and crazy track.

I'm so tired now so I just put the Top 3 albums from last year here.

1. Bayani
2. Boy-Cott In The Industry
3. Natural Progression

Starting the 4th year now...
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  • SaintAlex

    And I'm deeply sorry for my english...

    6 fév. 2009, 10h54m
  • nobbis

    Kolmisen vuotta jo :pp

    10 fév. 2009, 7h57m
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