• My top 10 for 2010.

    1 jan. 2011, 10h38m

    Top 10 artists

    10. Kylie Minogue 93 plays. Favorite song in 2010. Jiggy Wiggy 10 plays

    I did listen a lot Aphrodite, but not on my PC. Otherwise, Kylie would be higher on the list.

    9. Kelly Clarkson 97 plays. Favorite song in 2010. Long Shot 18 plays

    All I Ever Wanted is still on my menu a lot. Great album.

    8. Britney Spears 103 plays. Favorite song in 2010. Toxic (Bloodshy & Avant's Intoxicated remix) 11 plays

    Last year she was number 2, now she is number. I think Britney will always stick as my guilty pleasure.

    7. The Cardigans 105 plays. Favorite song in 2010. My Favourite Game 5 plays

    They are here to stay. I really hope they will announce a new album soon.

    5. Corinne Bailey Rae 107 plays. Favorite song in 2010. Paris Nights/New York Morning 16 plays

    The Sea is descent album, though if I'm honest, Paris Nights/New York Morning is the only song I really like.

    5. Shakira 107 plays. Favorite song in 2010. Long Time 13 plays

    I guess Loca has to do a lot with her positio this year, though I listened She Wolf Too

    4. Guns N'Roses 134 plays. Favorite song in 2010. Chinese Democracy 23 plays

    Since I was at Guns N' Roses concert, maybe it's a bit of surprise that they are not even higher. Chinese Democracy is very good album.

    2. Cheryl Cole 158 plays. Favorite song in 2010. Parachute 28 plays

    Actually, I prefer Cheryl's first album. Some songs like Fight For This Love, 3 Words and Parachute stick out.

    2. Slash. Favorite song 2010. I Hold On 16 plays

    Slash is one of my favourite albums this year. Most of the tracks are great. I've seen Guns N'Roses last year, but I would love to see Slash perform in Serbia too.

    1. Michael Jackson 220 plays. Favorite song in 2010. Holywood Tonight 10 plays

    Michael album is great for what it is - a compilation of unreleased songs. I'm glad we had a chance to hear some great songs like Holywood Tonight, Breaking News or (I Can't Make) Another Day.

    Top 10 songs

    10. Тіна Кароль - Не Бойся 19 plays
    9 . Lacuna Coil - To Myself I Turned 22 plays
    8. Guns N'Roses - Chinese Democracy 23 plays
    7. 50 Cent feat. Ne-Yo - Baby By Me 24 plays
    5. Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love (Moto Blanco radio edit) 25 plays
    5. Muse - Uprising 25 plays
    4. Cheryl Cole - Parachute 28 plays
    3. Ashley Tisdale - Crank It Up 32 plays
    2. Funky G - Biće Mi Teško 37 plays
    1. Amadeus Band - 100% [46 plays]
  • My top 10 for 2009.

    14 jan. 2010, 14h48m

    Top 10 artists

    10. The Cardigans 123 plays favorite song in 2009. 330. Sick and Tired 5 plays

    Something clicked after I’ve seen them perform on Exit festival back in 2006. And I still love them. Hopefully they’ll release new album sometime in the future, it’s been long since last one. And I can't say that I've liked Superextragravity too much.

    9. The Saturdays 134 plays 15. Lies 22 plays

    My brother introduced me to them few months back. I’ve been listening to both of their albums, though mostly Chasing Lights.

    7. Kelly Clarkson 138 plays 47. I Do Not Hook Up 13 plays

    All I Ever Wanted is so much better than My December! I’m not sure I love it as much as Breakaway, but at least five of the songs are stuck in my mind.

    7. Duffy 138 plays 11. Rockferry 26 plays

    When it comes to this kind of retro pop or whatever you call it, I find Duffy’s album much more stronger than Amy Winehouse, and I really gave them both a fair chance. I’m not comparing their voices, it’s just that I like Duffy’s songs better.

    6. Lacuna Coil 164 plays 13. Spellbound 24 plays

    Rock Band Unplugged introduced me to Lacuna Coil, and since that I’ve got all of their albums. Still haven’t heard some of them more than once or twice and to be honest, so far I only like Spellbound, To Myself I Turn and Our Truth. Hopefully, that’s gonna change.

    5. Miranda Lambert 167 plays 28. Dry Town 16 plays

    Miranda really introduced me to country music. I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend album, though I haven’t listened Revolution for too much. Gonna change that.

    4. Taylor Swift 220 plays 15. Should’ve Said No (international version) 22 plays

    2009. introduced me to this wonderful girl and her music. I love both Taylor Swift and Fearless albums, tough I find her latest one better.

    3. Guns N’ Roses 235 plays 3. Street of Dreams 41 plays

    I love old Guns N’ Roses and I won’t stop dreaming about their reunion, but Chinese Democracy is a great album, especially first six songs on it. It’s the number 1 reason why are GNR so high in my charts.

    2. Britney Spears 279 plays 26. Circus 17 plays

    Brit was always part of my life, since …Baby One More Time. Does that make me immature or less men in someone’s eyes? I doubt I’ll ever care, I’m proud that I can listen to wide range of music genres. Anyway, The Singles Collection (Ultimate Fan Box Set) is the reason she is in the second place.

    1. Michael Jackson 528 plays 28. Who Is It 16 plays

    Being my favorite artist, I’m sure Michael would still be number one, even without his tragic death, at least because his comeback tour would be hugely successful. Rest in peace MJ, music won't be the same without you.

    Top 10 songs

    1.Incubus – Love Hurts 53 plays
    2.Familija – Jing I Jang 43 plays
    3.Guns N’ Roses – Street of Dreams 41 plays
    4.The Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up 34 plays
    5.Slipknot – Psychosocial 31 plays
    6.Guns N’ Roses – If the World 29 plays
    7.Lenny Kravitz – Love Love Love 28 plays
    8.Wonder Girls – Nobody 28 plays
    9.Groove Armanda – My Friend 27 plays
    10.Duffy – Rockferry 26 plays
  • The artists I've seen live (and their position on my charts) as of September 2010.

    15 oct. 2009, 9h34m

    438. Partibrejkers
    438. Tap 011
    424. Nightshift
    371. Fatboy Slim
    371. Moby
    320. Kasabian
    284. Đorđe Balašević
    237. Moloko
    171. Manic Street Preachers
    153. Rambo Amadeus
    150. Cypress Hill
    114. Negative
    110. Franz Ferdinand
    107. HIM
    97. Pero Defformero
    89. Lily Allen
    88. The Cult
    76. Ana Stanić
    56. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    51. The Prodigy
    39. Lenny Kravitz
    37. Garbage
    36. Ribilja Čorba
    34. Billy Idol
    4. Guns N' Roses
    1. The Cardigans
  • How many of yours Top 500 songs have you heard live? /(August 2013. update)

    22 jui. 2006, 15h13m

    Feel free to submit your own entries!

    Mine should look like this:

    #1. Wild Flower heard it live at Exit festival. I was very tired, but I had to hear this. It was a blast!

    #3. Chinese Democracy

    #10. Street of Dreams

    #12. For What It's Worth

    #51. Hanging Around

    #56. Sweet Child O'mine

    #56. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

    #61. My Favourite Game

    #69. Jaroslava

    #109. Solitary Man

    #109. Do It Like a Dude

    #118. Banquet

    #123. Don't Cry

    #123. Slither

    #137. Wings of Butterfly again, heard it at this years Exit festival. Great song, great performance

    #137. Love Love Love

    #147. November Rain

    #147. Hot In The City

    #159. Wicked Game

    #159. Hunting for witches

    #168. Erase/Rewind

    #180. Shackler's Revenge

    #189. Jedino Moje

    #202. Gone Daddy Gone

    #202. Better

    #217. Nightrain (Live)

    #238. Always on the Run

    #238. Michael and again, Franz Ferdinand were one the performers on Exit festival, so I had a chance to here this song. It was a little faster then studio versions.

    #252. Not Fair

    #252. Domino

    #275. Lovefool

    #297. Smile

    #297. In the Summertime

    #352. Eyes without face

    #352. F.A.P. mašina

    #352. Girl Panic!

    #387. Breathe

    #489. It Ain't Over 'til It's Over
  • The best Exit festival performance ever!

    13 jui. 2006, 21h42m

    My first journal entry, so be gentle :)

    Billy Idol was the main reason for me to continue being regular at every Exit festival (held in Novi Sad, Serbia), next to The Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand and HIM (later about them, maybe) and I can proudly say that this was the best gig I ever went to!

    I must confess that I wasn't the biggest Billy Idol fan until a few years back. White Wedding and Cradle Of Love were on my fave list since childhood, but I only recently discovered songs like Sweet SixteenHot In The City and many others, so it was kind of bless for me to see Billy live. At this time, he's one of my top 5 favourite artists, so I guess that can tell you a lot.

    Setlist was great and included almost all of his greatest hits (except Speed and Cradle Of Love and the reaction of around 35,000 fans was just fantastic! Every second of this 2 hours long concert (which is very long by this festival standards) was great, the fans and Billy had great communication and I almost lost my voice in the process :) His In the Summertime rendition was great, especially because of great guitar performance by Steve Stevens. Words can't describe his solos during that evening and the positive reaction of fans!

    Man, how much energy he still has. Incredible!
    Hope will see him (or better said, them) back here, someday.