2002 2005 2008 2009 2010 7th 8th and 9th grade about czech republic addictive alcoholic amazing anthem autumn 2006 autumn 2007 autumn 2008 bang bang beautiful best friends better than studio version bible of my teen-age bitter ballad bulgary - pomorie christmas christmas 2005 christmas 2010 christmas 2013 clubbing columbine dark summer of 08 death december 2014 depression dylan klebold and eric harris epic first year on high school fuck you fuck your romance funny good for watching stars got them on t-shirt great lyric helped me in the bad times i alway listen to her when i play poker i always listen to her when i play poker i still must sing this song ice hockey industrial just walking the town chasing enemies down kicks me up kill religion last days in primary school let's dance madness may 2009 medlovice malibu club melancholy motivation my anthem my biggest band crush ever my favourite in childhood my ikon noise nostalgia one of the best tracks ever you can hear philosophy of my life pissed off relax reminds me my ex-friend school scream seen live september 2014 shred-pop skiing course 2007 song about me song about my life soundtrack of my life spring 2008 spring 2011 suicide summer summer 2003 summer 2004 summer 2007 summer 2008 summer 2009 summer 2010 summer 2011 summer 2012 summer 2013 summer 2014 the end of the 2007 the year i was born this is not a love song this song makes me crazy dancing this song was probably written for my ex-friend this song was probably written for my so called friends true shred life when i say dark i dont mean the shade workout year 2004 - the best year ever