Mastodon, Converge - 2/5/07 - First. Ave in Minneapolis, MN


12 fév. 2007, 8h50m

Mon 5 Feb – Mastodon, Converge, Priestess
First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN

show starts at 6:30pm.

me and my friend miss Priestess because we're too busy start a party before the show. we hear the last song and it sucks, and since the last song is usually the sweetest, we assume Priestess sucks.

Converge played very, very well. i had a better time seeing Converge at this show than in chicago (in sept 2006) because they finally changed their set up a little. they did some slight variations before that, but i pretty much saw the same show from Converge every year for three years in a row.. just bigger each time. this time was more of an amalgamation of all their shit that i have ever seen. they still had their typical 45 minute set, but before they played a lot of You Fail Me stuff.. this time it was all over the place. in 45 minutes they played songs off No Heroes, You Fail Me, The Poacher Diaries, Jane Doe, and Petitioning the Empty Sky. the show was the biggest i've ever seen them. i think there was more people there than at the metro show. the majority of the crowd were first-time observers (..all the ones with their fucking jaws on the floor...), but the ones who knew what was going on were definitely fueling the fire. i along with sooo many other fans of are thankful that Converge still sticks to their values after all these years and are so creative that they can still create , , music, and we were getting some energy going to let them know. the start and end of the set were the fucking best. can't go wrong with Concubine... i think this is most of the songs they played, but they're not in order. i was having too much fun to actually keep track. add/edit to my list if you know something, anyone:

No Heroes
Hope Street
Eagles Become Vultures
You Fail Me
Locust Reign
The Broken Vow
Last Light

Mastodon was fucking amazingly tight monday night too. i have to remind you that this is my third time seeing them this year, so i could be pretty critical, but i really can't because they played so damn good. the sound was fucked up for the first song, but after that, Mastodon blazed through the tighest, most flawless set i've seen them play. the unholy alliance was maybe better, but i was relegated to the balcony of roy wilkins on that one, so it takes number 2. this time, me and hiz had prime spots on the left side up on a ledge. i couldn't even begin to name off the songs they played. everything was incredible. they started off with like 5 songs from Blood Mountain, and then when they crept into the slow of "march of the fire ants" and "iron tusk", there was no telling where they'd go next. the crowd was grooving on everything.. i was blazing that primo shit that i mentioned ealier in the post the entire time that i was writing this, so i feel like i'm up for taking a stab at remembering the 1 and a half hour's worth of material that they played that night. you'll get the idea:

This Mortal Soil
The Wolf Is Loose
Crystal Skull
I Am Ahab
Sleeping Giant
Capillarian Crest
Circle of Cysquatch
Iron Tusk
March of the Fire Ants
Where Strides the Behemoth
Aqua Dementia
Mother Puncher
Colony of Birchmen
Blood and Thunder
Hearts Alive

ps. hearts alive was played to its fullest. at the end of the song, they extended the solo by like 3 minutes with this crazy tripped out . kind of reminded me of Dillinger Escape Plan and Red Sparowes and Clutch getting together to drop acid and do soloing.


  • joukahainen

    nice review, thanks for the list of Converge tracks. i only own No Heroes, so lots of those tracks were new for me at the show. still enjoyed the pit :) the hearts alive encore was incredible. nice analogy to the epic acid soloing trip - pretty much sums it up. i also saw mastodon from the balcony of roy wilkins at the unholy alliance tour, and i'd say the first ave. show was better, hands down. oh, and i caught the entire priestess set, and they do suck.

    12 fév. 2007, 22h18m
  • RoccaSoupieBud

    ha.... yeah.... I'm glad that we missed all of the Priestess set except the last song. ha. anways.... very good review.... Converge = amazing.. wished they played more older tracks, but it was a super dank setlist

    13 fév. 2007, 1h32m
  • b3n5p34km4n_

    i had to miss that show when it came near me because im not allowed to take the 75 mile trip to where it was. but man converge played versus thats my favorite song off no heroes

    13 fév. 2007, 2h08m
  • moralitycrisis

    That show was great. Converge really REALLY delivered, despite the 1st-timers who were saying things like, Man, that band was TERRIBLE!. Awesome mix of songs, though. Mastodon was awesome as well, highlights for me being Aqua Dementia and Mother Puncher. I was pleased with the amount of old shit they played. And Priestess was pretty much what I expected, mildly entertaining mainstream stoner rock. Can't really figure out why they had a drum solo, though... Playing with Mastodon and Converge, your drummer is going to sound terrible by comparison. Period.

    13 fév. 2007, 2h31m
  • guitarplayer673

    Nice review, it was cool to hear some of the new stuff live, but your set list is a little off, here's what I have and I'm 99% sure this is right: This Mortal Soil The Wolf Is Loose Crystal Skull I Am Ahab Sleeping Giant Capillarian Crest Circle Of Cysquatch Iron Tusk March Of The Fire Ants Where Strides The Behemoth Aqua Dementia Mother Puncher Bladecatcher Megalodon Colony Of Birchmen Blood And Thunder Hearts Alive Anyway, I thought this show sounded alot better than Unholy Alliance, just because Roy Wilkens has crappy acoustics, even though I was right up front for that show.

    14 fév. 2007, 5h03m
  • RyanNinja

    :) i didn't repost the whole post i made in another forum, but i think i kind of indicated that i was a bit blazed whilst watching the show and writing this, so I expected i'd be a bit wrong. it was a valiant attempt though! i'll post your changes.

    14 fév. 2007, 6h13m
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