Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums : 271 - 280


17 déc. 2007, 18h04m

Another spotty list of amazing and the amazingly boring! Nearly at the 300 mark!

271. Going to a Go-Go, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Not sure if this is a collection of singles or what, it was just simply awesome. Robinson has a great set of pipes, and there wasn't a bad song on here.

272. Nightbirds, Labelle

Disco soul. I'd have to look to see when this list was compiled, but "Lady Marmalade" is on this and I can't help but think the Moulin Rouge movie helped get this on the list. Not a bad album, just pretty forgettable.

273. The Slim Shady LP, Eminem

I've been slamming every rap album on this list as of late, but this was good. He skips the posturing to do what sounds like a satire of the form. If he's being serious, he's totally failed. Black humor pervades the whole thing, and it's actually fun to listen to.

274. Mothership Connection, Parliament

I used to be a big fan of Parliament / Funkadelic. That said, they just sound too clever and over produced. James Brown was funkier, these are barely songs.

275. Rhythm Nation 1814, Janet Jackson

Old Janet Jackson is like the Velvet Rope Janet Jackson. Thin vocals on catchy pop tunes. Boring.

276. Anthology of American Folk Music, Harry Smith, ed.

This is one of the most amazing things I've ever listened to. I've had this for years, since it debuted on CD, and it never fails to totally suck me in. This is really spooky. Most of it hails between 1927-1932, featuring acts like Buell Kazee, Furry Lewis and Uncle Eck, it's like something that came from another planet and sprung up from the earth. The sound quality is rather spotty and it just adds to the nature of the recordings, The songs are amazing and down right surreal. Songs about love and loss, the industrial revolution, labor rights, murder, sometimes all of the above. Highly recommended. Here's the LAST FM page since the tagging is fucking retarded.

277. Aladdin Sane, David Bowie

I never heard this one before, but it was damned fine. Ziggy sounding, with a bit more edge and lots of good songs. I would of rated it higher.

278. The Immaculate Collection, Madonna

Madonnas greatest hits. It all sounds very produced, like she walked in and sang on the tracks. It's not till the end that she seems to be finding her own identity. Too bad it's that "Justify My Love" piece of shit.

279. My Life, Mary J. Blige

Blige has a great voice, but she might as well be singing the phone book for all the soul in this. It's just sad how boring R&B music has gotten. The singers are too concerned with being cool and laid back or something. Makes for boring music.

280. Folk Singer, Muddy Waters

This was great. Muddy goes mostly acoustic on this, and totally owns all these songs. Sounds like it sprung straight from Mississippi, without losing the Chicago sound he pioneered at Chess. In yo FA-AAAACE MARY J. BLIGE!
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