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9 août 2006, 11h41m

Made a small firefox extension.

Creates a small M in front of each artist link on The M's are linked to perform a band search on

Install it here:

\m/ - Rowolta

some random connsCannibal Corpse Amon Amarth Mayhem BurzumDeathIron Maiden MetallicaIn Flames, , ,


  • NiTr0

    Very nice plugin. Thanks! :)

    10 août 2006, 17h42m
  • Hidden-In-a-Fog


    10 août 2006, 17h45m
  • Rowolta

    :) I will go on a weekend trip tomorrow. Hopefully the [b]v0.2[/b] will work as expected when it is approved :p

    10 août 2006, 19h38m
  • Rowolta

    It seems to be working fine! If you have v0.1 just use the extension manager to update it, or reinstall it from the link above.. *cheers* /me is going into the woods to drink beer

    10 août 2006, 22h03m
  • NiTr0

    Installed it. What's the difference between v0.1 and v0.2?

    11 août 2006, 16h00m
  • ProvWolf

    Nice, I installed it. Very useful extension.

    13 août 2006, 18h00m
  • Rowolta

    The diffrence between v0.1 and v0.2 is just a small CSS-fix. In i.e the recommendation box when images are visible. The artist name has a hover effect when you put the mouse over the background becomes grey. Its a rather big area that becomes grey. The first version had the same effect as the artist names. A big block with a tiny m in the corner. This version is just the m and not the block.

    13 août 2006, 21h21m
  • nattevind_


    18 oct. 2006, 20h11m
  • Stric_Drakula

    very useful plugin, thanks! \m/

    28 jan. 2007, 12h16m
  • noexcusetolive

    It's very handy,thanks. All roads lead to metal archives

    15 mars 2007, 16h22m
  • nonexist

    But It would be more useful (for me) a plugin for searching the band on pressing a button in Metal Archives ;)

    2 déc. 2007, 10h44m
  • Axel_Carvalho

    What is exactly TRash metal? Is it what one can throw into a trash bin? THRash rules.

    27 sept. 2010, 7h27m
  • Rowolta

    @Axel_Carvalho: haha, nice point, tnx.

    29 sept. 2010, 0h14m
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