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  • marcelocic

    alternative option!!! Believe me, isn't hard, and we don't eat just sallad, so you wouldn't starve xD As for spanish language... we do understand a few words, but just a few... a lot of words are written somehow equally but their meanings are almost always different! You love spanish language, right?

    il y a 3 heures Répondre
  • marcelocic

    As I told you, there's a lot of kind of "milks", you should google it and try to prove the taste. As for eggs and milk on cooking there's a lot of things that can substitute then, and when I say a lot, there is REALLY a lot. And as for the thing of being necessary or not, or if is a fangle, or a fashion-ish thing, I say that: is just moral issues. Do you know the caws (as any other mammal) produces milk just when she have a baby to feed, right? They're not a milk machine. And they're hormone-manipulated to give a lot of milk and their babies are taken from them to be killed, is what they call "soft-baby-meat", and then the hormone-manipulated milk comes with a lot of other substances cause there's no milk enough to feed everyone. The same happens with kitchens, pigs and every other animal created to be eaten, isn't a normal thing, is a terrible and unffair process just to feed the ~sense of taste~ of humans. I just don't support this no more! As for quick food, there's always an +

    il y a 3 heures Répondre
  • marcelocic

    As for Nina Simone, I LOVE this song, but she just have a HUGE discography with a lot of great albuns, you said you hate jazz so is hard to recommend something, since she plays mostly jazz/soul/blues stuff. I mean, when people took pics of me, I look like I just came from the rehab xDDD Those I sent you are all selfies xDD I had longer hair hahaha but it was a long time ago, at the end of 2010 I didn't have it no more xD LOOOOOL pictures can be very tricky, so I'll say this to that cool and handsome man you saw on them LMAO HAHAHAH I do think you have a strong image, and personality includes everything of you: rock fan, shyness, introspective, fan of old movies, strong opinion bout general things (fuck the specifics xD) and etc... and you show that all in your external image: dark hair, cool clothes, kind sassy-misterious look xD xD

    il y a 3 heures Répondre
  • marcelocic

    Guess I understood it wrong!! xD My brother talk with me, but he's just not that talkative here in my home as he is with his friends, get it? Is a totally different person. I used to have an instagram account, but then I deleted, but then again I created another one and then I deleted again xD Well, at first I thought it was nice, but then it just got useless for me, isn't something that moves me like lastfm, get it? I'm not proud to be borned this way xD And I really wanna change that when I have the money for it, teraphy or something xD I don't support those kind of things, you know? Paying to see closer someone for just 1min less or more, is something even more agressive than the overvaluation of what people calls celebreties, and how they overvalue their lifes and everything around then! Too bad :( I wonder why you'll have to pay a membership? These things wasn't supposed to easier relationships by bringing people together with something they all like? Nonsense

    il y a 4 heures Répondre
  • luan_cs7

    You're welcome ;)

    hier soir Répondre
  • luan_cs7

    I love this mix of gothic and indie <3

    Hier 14h57m Répondre
  • Metalmania91

    Hi not so good right now right now I'm at camping site Internet cause I got banned from my Internet for one year cause I got accused of sexual harassment on Instagram and I didn't do it at all and they reported me. Yeah true I'm listening to her on here she is great. How bout you ?

    19 sept. 22h45m Répondre
  • marcelocic

    Too bad you didn't like the song, btw, do you like classic jazz and blues? I've been stuck with some artists for some time, like Nina Simone, do you know/like her? And WTF those pictures? I love them!!! You have a strong personality that can be notice from very far away, I think you got presence, you know? When someone takes pictures of me is like I'm getting out the rehab or something, I really hate that!! I love the last two you sent me, you're very white and with dark hair you look like a porcelain doll xD I loved them, thanks for sharing ♥ I'll send you some new pics too, but lately I don't take pics no more... it feels very useless somehow.

    19 sept. 4h48m Répondre
  • marcelocic

    Yep, me and my mom are vegetarian now, we just don't eat meat and bit by bit we stopped buying products that uses animals in tests or use their strange or hard work for something, like honey, or horses that pushes car bodys and etc... and bit by bit we'll gonna stop eating eggs and milk! I don't eat eggs already, but milk I still do :( and you know there's a lot of ways to substitute this things, right? There's rice milk, as soy milk, peanuts milk, and so there's those cheese that are very tasty!! And yes, I never ate at fast foods cause they are not healthy!! haha I think if you'd live in here for like a week you'd stop your thinking, you know? Our food has never been better :p ps: my brother still eats meat and everything, that sucks!! HAHAHA funny!! I'll meet your mom when I'll go to Poland to see you xD And then I'll bring you to Brazil so you can meet mine <3 hahaha yaaaaaaas bitch! torrents are everything!

    19 sept. 4h45m Répondre
  • marcelocic

    Yes, that's true... people who watch more than 20 series or even more don't usually listen to a lot of music like you, for example :D Sometimes it's hard to decide between some new episode or a record xD No kidding!! Your mom is a Game of Thrones fan too? hahahaha we can all watch together sometime ;) I already like her for that!!! HAHAAHHA that's funny, I think what changes from one country to other xDD hahaha I didn't take it! xD Yep, he's cool, but he's too close for us here in our house, he doesn't talk much with us, only necessary things etc... take a look at this picture of him, my mom just posted it cause her hair looks great, but he doesn't take too much pics xD Yep, I think it'd be better if we didn't crucify ourselfs that much, but I think it's something that won't change, even with years passing by, right? WOW, that's great, she must be really cool and humble! I don't like people who famous takes over their heads and etc

    19 sept. 4h40m Répondre
  • marcelocic

    :( I'm sorry to hear that! Normally here in Brazil a lot of people buys a lot of tickets to sell more expensive then it was before, not the contrary! I hope there's another festival there soon, hm? Here's a good link for the album (I don't know if you use torrent, but if you don't: I do like the album, is well produced and some songs are really outstanding... but I don't remember which ones right now xD hahaha "The Troubles" is one of them :) But isn't nothing HUGE like their 80 classics, just a good album!! Now, about Annie... check it out: hope you like it!!

    18 sept. 5h22m Répondre
  • marcelocic

    I watch a lot of series, but it feels isn't much when I look at others people grade of tv series and movies... I'm just watching again to catch up with the whole story again! It's been a year since I don't watch and etc... well, seems my mom is taking more easier with it now, but she still doesn't looove like she loves game of thrones xD And NO, he's very quiet and he stays the whole day in his room with some friend or maybe in some friend's house xD and he's very shy too hahaha he's not crazy or something xDD Plus, he loves gingers (did I meantioned that before? hahaha though I don't know what does your hair looks right now :p) I don't believe that... self steem is important, yes indeed, but some people must have a sense of ridiculous! I see you love Emilie Autumn, have you seen her alive yet? And I wonder, do you eat meat? I stopped with eating meat and everything that comes from animals 2 months ago!! I'm all natural and I eat so much better now!

    18 sept. 5h16m Répondre
  • FOX-Inc

    Haha, movies are pretty much my other addiction... wait, there's football as well, hmm... anyway, I go to the cinema pretty much every week :p But I meant that I'd never collect DVD's or Blurays, since I don't watch many a second time, there are always new ones to watch! But music is timeless and unique, and like you said... a CD collection is just never complete. There are always new bands and genres or old classics that you haven't got yet, haha! I think I'm around 275 now!

    16 sept. 23h09m Répondre
  • FOX-Inc

    Yup, a true music fan(atic) still collects, and always will collect CD's. Where movies and games and what not become older and forgettable, nothing lasts longer than good music, right? This year alone I already added 40 albums or so to my collection... looks great in my living room as well! :p Where do you keep yours? =)

    16 sept. 17h16m Répondre
  • dunklekaiserin

    I prefer their latest stuff more, I find it more dance-friendly and a cleaner sound, but I'll check my files to get the names for you ^.^ . As for industrial bands could start with Agonozie, Combichrist, Suicide Commando, Pride and Fall , Nachtmahr , X-RX , Unter Null, Aria, Zombie Girl.I'm not sure if you like the "softer" side of industrial like synthpop stuff , but I hope this helps. I love electro music specially synthpop, industrial , ebm and my dearest of all time: vocal trance. Take care ^.^

    16 sept. 1h56m Répondre
  • FOX-Inc

    Hi Rose, guess you're a big music fan? I wouldn't say, you've only got 280.000 more plays than me :p Thanks for the add, always nice to find new people with a (very) similar taste in music.

    16 sept. 0h40m Répondre
  • rehevans

    Oh, I'm studying Graphic Design. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT. <3 and I work as a graphic designer too. Awesome <3 And it's normal. How old are you? I'm 21 (I will become 22 now, in september) and when I was 16, 17, I had NOOOOOOO IDEA as well. You gonna find your way ;)

    14 sept. 15h05m Répondre
  • rehevans

    In my country there is no "X Factor". But there is "The Voice". It is terrible. REALLY KKKKKKKKKK I HATE the female coach. I guess you know her... Her name is Claudia Leitte, she sang at World Cup with JLo and Pitbull. She's sucks, really. She's terrible. TERRIBLEEEEEEEEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    14 sept. 15h03m Répondre
  • marcelocic

    You didn't want to go alone? :( that's very sad, I hope you're feeling a little better now <3 HAHAHAHA ok ok, I really need to watch this movie, but there's so much series and they continue appearing from nowhere, I don't know what happens xD And yep, I got their album by an ilegal download, and yes, is good, is very well produced and some songs really outstand from the rest of the album xD I can find the link for it if you want to!!! Foxes? I have heard of this name, but I don't remember nothing particularly, I'll hear an album and then I'll tell you :D And hey, Annie Lennox will release a cover album called "Nostalgia" and apparently her new single is already on internet and radios, have you heard it? Here's a link if you want to check it out: tell me what you think!! I actually find her version very good, and her voice is GREAT!

    13 sept. 21h58m Répondre
  • marcelocic

    hahaha, you're right! It's terrible when I have to wait (sometimes) a week or even a month to watch what's gonna happen xD With Downton Abbey I'd like to watch with mom to catch up all the details for the next season, but I'll have to do it alone cause she really didn't get into it :( hahahaha I have two brothers, the one who likes hard/metal rock is the youngest one... he's single and he loves women xD he's really a nasty bastard! lol + he loves gingers, I can set a meeting for you both if you want xDD The thing with these "fashionist clothes" is that they don't look good on me, is all pretty pathetic, so I rather some jeans and sweatshirt, that's fine for me! Well, I guess I don't obsess with the thing of meeting some artist that much, you know? I love them, but that's it, that's enough xD Which band or artist would you like to met?

    13 sept. 21h48m Répondre
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