• Rock Hard Festival 2010 review

    29 mai 2010, 20h14m

    Fri 21 May – RockHard Festival 2010
    BloodbathRageNevermoreAcceptKreatorSonata ArcticaKeep of KalessinKatatoniaSabatonSacred SteelVirgin SteeleKetzerOrphaned LandCrashdietRavenExhorderArtilleryEvileBulldozerOrden OganThe Devil's BloodNecros Christos

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    Finally the time is there again for the Rock Hard festival.
    The weather forecast is good for the weekend so I can load in some bbq’s.
    After arriving in the morning we put up our tents and lighten up a bbq and get some booze.
    After a few hours the first band was beginning.

    Day 1:

    KETZER was the first band of this festival and I never had heard of them before.
    But this German thrash band was a good start of the day.
    It wasn’t very crowded but they gave a good show were the first people already could bang their heads.
    NECROS CHRISTOS was up next and I also never heard of them and I want to keep it that way now cause I really don’t like their show.
    The music was not good and they played also not very well and interested.
    KATATONIA was the first band I looked forward to.
    I only have seen them in clubs and now they had to perform in the burning daylight.
    Today they gave not a very good show, it was very sloppy and the melancholic parts were wasted.
    I must say I only have seen half of the show cause I was out of the rum but what I saw was not good.
    Next time better in a club.
    SABATON up next and I don’t really like their music but today I could enjoy it.
    They were al very enthusiastic and you could see how much fun they had on stage.
    It was funny to see how they all were the same pants.
    If they perform always like this maybe I gonna check them out some other time.
    BLOODBATH was playing today their fourth show.
    I saw their first show 5 years ago and that was just awesome so I was hoping they could give a show like that again and they did.
    From the first song Ways To The Grave their was some fine headbanging all around me.
    It’s Always funny to hear Mikael hearing to talk between the songs.
    Beside the talking there was enough time to play some killer songs.
    They played some old songs like Soul Evisceration, Breeding Death, Mass Strangulation, Cancer Of The Soul, Like Fire, Blood Vortex, Outnumbering The Day and Eaten.
    Also was it nice to hear some newer songs like Process of Disillumination, Mouth Of Empty Prais, Mock The Cross, Iesous and Hades Rising.
    It was a really awesome show and they played very good.
    THE DEVIL’S BLOOD is a band that you hate or love.
    For me the first.
    The music is ok but after 15 minutes you get really bored but that’s not the baddest part.
    When the singer open her mouth you ears starts to bleed.
    It’s just so false and after half an hour it was time to do something else.

    Day 2:
    ORDEN OGAN was the first band today.
    It is a German Power metal band that you could best compait with Sonata Arctica but this band is much better.
    I really like their latest album Easton Hope and I heard different songs of that album today with ofcourse the biggest sing along song We Are Pirates, good show.
    EVILE started the set with Infected Nation and they played it good.
    They had fun in playing there and I could really enjoy this gig.
    Other songs I hear come by were Now Demolition, Enter The Grave, Time No More and Thrasher.
    BULLDOZER was a band a never heard before although the name did rinkle a bell.
    The singer stands behind a table they used to preach in church.
    It was all ok but the music was not very exciting.
    ARTILLERY was up and I’m sure I have seen them but somehow it’s one big hole in my head and I cant remember a thing of the show.
    RAVEN was a and I was looking forward to.
    These oldies still kick some ass these days with their latest album.
    The show was great, 1 of the better bands this weekend.
    It was just great to watch the show cause they had so much fun of performing and making fun with eachother.
    It was just awesome and sing along with songs like All For One.
    EXHORDER is playing reunion show today.
    I was looking forward to them but I was disappointed.
    It was not all that good.
    Maybe my expectations were too high.
    Finally ACCEPT was up with a new singer.
    They started with Metal Heart and you could hear right away that this new singer is very good and fits perfectly with Accept.
    The new songs they played sounded very good to me and fits right with the rest of the songs.
    Older songs I hear came by were Son Of A bitch, Balls To The Wall, Living For Tonight, London Leatherboys, Breaker and I’m a Rebel.
    It was great to see a band like this performing, awesome.
    Last up was KREATOR.
    The sound was pretty loud but that was alright.
    Kreator sound live always like a wall of sound.
    They started with Choir Of The Damned, The Pestilence and new one Hordes Of Chaos.
    Other new songs I hear were Amok Run and Demon Prince.
    The lightshow was awesome as always but with the background images were some problems.
    For the rest you could enjoy of songs as Coma Of Souls, Phobia, When The Sun Burns Red, Flag Of Hate, Enemy Of God, Endless Pain, Tormentor, Violent Revolution, The Patriarch, Extreme Agression and Impossible Brutality.
    It was a fantastic show with a lot of headbanging and mosh pits.

    Day 3:

    SACRED STEEL was first up.
    They have not the best singer but with their heavy/power metal it really fits in and it was nice to look at them while they also having fn with performing songs as Open Wide The Gate, Wargods Of Metal, Heavy Metal To The End and The Power Of Speed.
    It was really fun when the singer ran off the stage and got into the audience to sing there and to bang along and than running to the seats to sit between the fans and sing along.
    Really nice show.
    KEEP OF KALESSIN started with a awesome intro that is part of the new song Dragon Iconography.
    The sound was very clear but also was it very very loud.
    They played a lot of new songs like The Dragontower, Judgement and The Awakening.
    The drummer of the band is awesome, he is really a beast behind the kit.
    Really nice to watch him.
    It was a very tight show by the Norwegian black metallers.
    CRASHDIET is a glamrock band and you could really see that with many posers in the front and ofcourse on stage.
    I have nothing with this band and I don’t like the music so I went away after 10 minutes.
    OPRHANED LAND is pretty ok on cd but when I saw them now live for the first time was just horrible.
    The singer sound like a cat who’s throat is cut down.
    And the music doesn’t sound either very interesting.
    VIRGIN STEELE was a band to look forward to.
    Some fine heavy metal tunes at the middle of the day.
    At the first song it was clear that it would not come out very good.
    Somehow it wasn’t that good.
    And after 15 minutes i grabbed a bite and come back later to watch again a bit of the show but still it couldn’t convince me.
    Hopefully next time better.
    NEVERMORE was one of the main bands that i was looking forward to.
    They are always a awesome live band and with the new album The Obsidian Conspiracy in their pocket it is time for a new tour were they will also play 4 new songs.
    They start the set with Beyond Within followed up with The River Dragon Has Come.
    It becomes clear that they played very tight and good but the sound was way too loud, not normal anymore.
    The beautiful guitar solo’s of Jeff Loomis hurt in your ears.
    Other songs i heared were Inside Four Walls, The heart Collector, Born, This Godless Endeavor, Enemies Of Reality and 4 new songs The Obsidian Conspiracy, The Termination Proclamation, Your Poison Throne and Your Poison Throne.
    It was a awesome show with a lot of headbanging and air guitar playing.
    I can not understand why they are after Nevermore and more people thought that cause there were not as many poeple as with Nevermore.
    And besides that they played a awful set.
    The singer song very false, horrible.
    And the rest of the band played also not very good.
    And than they quit 20 minutes too early.
    And than it was time for the band.
    RAGE will perform with the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA.
    They start with Turn The Page.
    The sound was pretty soft both band and orchestra.
    After 20 minutes it was good in balance and harder.
    Other songs they played beautifully with the orchestra were Fromn The Cradkle To The Grave with guest singer Jen Majura, Alive But Dead, a medley of Black In Mind, Sent By The Devil with beautiful parts between of the orchestra.
    Of the latest album they played Empty Hollow.
    A masterpiece was set in when they played the first 8 songs of the album Speak Of The Dead.
    Just Wonderful.
    They ended with Higher Than The Sky.
    It was a great show with the orchestra.

    It was again a great weekend but also very hot where i ofcourse as always burned very red.
    Up to next year were it will be my fifth time.
  • Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2009 - Review + Video's & Photo's

    28 déc. 2009, 0h17m

    Sat 19 Dec – Eindhoven Metal Meeting
    SatyriconNileEntombedImpaled NazareneGraveKrisiunShiningDestroyer 666EquilibriumDeviousLegion of the DamnedElite

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    This day started very cold when i arrived 20 minutes before the doors would open at the Effenaar venue in Eindhoven.
    So with a temperature of -10 degrees we waited until the doors would go open.
    So after I hang my jacket up I go the the big hall to grab a beer and wait for Krisiun to start at 14.30 h.

    Krisiun opened the festival way too early but their death metal sounded pretty good and they played well at this time of the day.
    I saw here and there some headbanging and I was surprised of all the people that already where there too see Krisiun.

    I saw like 10 minutes of Devious that were played good at that little time I saw them but Grave was already set in the main hall.

    Grave played a well gig today but after like 20 minutes it sounded all the same.
    Maybe it was because of their setlist or something else cause what they played sounded good.
    But I have seen them much better in the past, even on open air festivals.

    Serpent Cult I saw like 5 minutes but it was too terrible too watch and hear them even longer than that so back to the main hall.

    Shining was a bit of a odd band.
    The first part of the gig I didn’t like but the second half was much better.
    The singer of the band is pretty fucked up with his gay things and his other so called tough behaviour.
    Just stick with the music that is pretty nice.

    Equilibrium is not my band but I watched them for like 10 minutes to make some photo’s and then I grabbed some dinner.

    Impaled Nazarene was from the first second awesome.
    What a great band and they played very good.
    For me one of the better bands of today.
    I really enjoyed songs as Motorpenis, Original Pig, Ghettoblaster and Goat Sodomy.
    Too bad it was over after 40 minutes.

    Legion of the Damned played as they always do with decent shows but as always I cant get my attention to the show longer that 20-25 minutes.
    And its too bad you put like 2 or 3 intro’s in a festival show.

    Watch a bit of Elite playing in the small hall which sounded oke to me but after like 10 minutes it was enough for me.

    Entombed was from the first song really great.
    The sound was good and the singer hopped down the stage like a brutal maniac.
    It was great to watch this band.
    Also one of the highlights of the day.
    Also too sad they played only 50 minutes.

    Nile gave a good show today.
    Altough I think they were not playing that good the whole show.
    With some songs I had the idea that it was just a bit weaker.
    Too bad cause in other songs they prove they can kick some ass.
    Happily they ended with Black Seeds Of Vengeance which is one of my favorite songs of Nile.

    Satyricon gave today a very good performance which has not always been the case in the past.
    They started with one of my favourite songs: Repined Bastard Nation.
    Other old stuff they played was like ofcourse Mother North but also Fuel For Hatred en Forhekset.
    New songs that also came out great were K.I.N.G. and Wolfpack.
    Besides Impaled Nazarene and Entombed was this also a highlight of the day.

    Destroyer 666 was the last band for me of the day but not the least cause they gave a good show.
    I saw them earlier this year in broad day light which wasn’t that good but now it was awesome and I could loose my last bit of energy during this show.

    So it was just an awesome day full of good metal.
    I will be next year there again for sure.
  • Wacken Open Air 2009 - Review + Video's

    12 août 2009, 23h02m

    Thu 30 Jul – Wacken Open Air 2009
    SaxonHeaven & HellTestamentMotorheadRageVolbeatMachine HeadRunning WildAxel Rudi PellNapalm DeathNevermoreGamma RayDoroDragonForceAirbourneDroneSkyline5th AvenueInsidious DiseaseAmon AmarthEinherjerSuidAkrAGWARPainCathedralOnkel TomTracedawn

    After arriving at wacken in the night of Sunday – Monday before 4 o clock we heard there that the campings goes open at 8 oclock in the morning.
    So put our cars in line and wait.
    So when we get up the campsite at 09.30 we got a very good spot near the festival ground.
    When finally all tents stood it was time for booze, not for all cause some were already passed out of the booze.
    Finally time for the yearly camping party at Wacken.
    And it were some crazy days till the first band begon at tuesrday at 4 o clock.
    Between that I watched Onkel Tom at the wet stage wensday evening.
    So time for the band report.


    SKYLINE should peform with some guest like Doro & Tom Angelripper.
    It was a nice show to watch with these guest and they played some nice cover songs and special wacken songs.
    A nice band to open the festival with.
    5TH AVENUE was a band that played at the first time of wacken in 1990.
    It was fun to watch this band but the music they make is not very specials and not very good so after a few songs it was time to go.
    RUNNING WILD was going to play their last show after 30 years.
    That was sad news but I was looking forward to the show.
    Too bad the begin was not very good.
    Later it was getting better but I didn’t watch the sholw 2 hour show, that is way too much Running Wild for me.
    DRONE has a good live reputation with me and also today they kicked some asses.
    A good show again they played.
    HEAVEN & HELL was 1 of the highlights of this years wacken for me.
    And a awesome show they gave.
    Songs as Die Young and Heaven & Hell are just so beautiful.
    They also played some songs of their latest album as Bible Black, Follow The Tears and Fear.
    Other songs I heard from their older albums are Mob Riules, I, Falling Off The Edge Of The World and Neon Knights.
    With a good light show this show was just awesome.


    NAPALM DEATH was already playing at 11 o clock in the morning.
    That’s pretty early for that kind of music but it shakes you fully awake.
    It was a good show and I saw some heads shaking in the audience.
    GAMMA RAY started very bad with a very bad sound.
    After a few songs it got better but still it was not very good.
    And the setlist could have been better but well, you don’t have that much time at festivals.
    NEVERMORE was just great today.
    After a good show the week before at the zwarte cross festival they played today even better.
    The same setlist but that didn’t care cause it was a good setlist with songs as This Sacrament, Dead Heart In A Dead World, I Voyager, Enemies Of Reality, This Godless Endeavor and Born.
    And at that last songs the bodies come again and lots of them.
    DRAGONFORCE had a very bad sound, too bad cause how crazy these guys look they can give a great show.
    And they did their best but after 2 or 3 songs I go away cause I find it not that good today.
    So up to AIRBOUNRE that played at the same time.
    They were very loud but they were pretty good.
    They are always live very good.
    I recognize some songs of other shows so that was nice.
    MOTORHEAD played as always without surprises.
    They do what you expect that they do but they still do it good.
    Like always it is getting louder and louder.
    It was just a good show.
    INSIDIOUS DISEASE that would make their debut on stage.
    It’s an all star band with members of Dimmu Borgir, Nile, Old Man’s Child, Morgoth and Napalm Death.
    They take set at a stage filled with fog and beautiful lights.
    They make some great death metal to shake your head on.
    I like my first meeting with their music, hope I hear more of them in the future.
    DORO was take place in the evening with a nice background set.
    They take parts of the set at the Dusseldorf show with her.
    The older songs she played was not very surprising.
    Also she played some new songs like The Night Of The Warlock and Celebrate wich she sung together with Sabina Classen of the great Holy Moses.
    The show rocked and it was very good.
    Watched AMON AMARTH like 20 minutes or so but saw them last years so much that it was time to do something else at the beautiful night of Wacken.


    Watched 10 minutes of EINHERJER but that music sucked so badly so I went away to the Party stage.
    SUIDAKRA was playing there and I watched those guys for 20 minutes.
    It was a pretty good show they gave.
    So that was a nice opener of the day.
    RAGE was going to give a little 25th anniversary show with some guests.
    First up was Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian.
    Other guests where Schmier of Destruction, some dude of Subway To Sally and a woman who I don’t know who it could be.
    It was a very good show with songs as Set This World On Fire, From The Cradle To The Grave, Lord Of The Flies and Higher Than The Sky.
    I really would like to see these guys in a concerthall some time.
    ONKEL TOM was playing at the party stage and a party it was as it always is.
    Pretty much the same songs as earlier that week but who care.
    It’s Onkel Tom and its good.
    Watched CATHEDRAL for a bit but too bad they sucked pretty much today, too bad cause they can do much better.
    TESTAMENT was finally up and they kicked so fucking hard ass.
    No surprising setlist but I couldn’t care cause with songs as The Preacher, Over The Wall, Into The Pit, Practice What You Preach AND Disciples Of The Watch.
    Songs of their latest album they play were More Than Meets The Eye and Formation Of Damnation.
    Testament was on fire and kicking at full strength.
    This was one of the better shows of the festival, just so great.
    AXEL RUDI PELL gave a pretty good show with no surprising songs.
    The Masquerade Ball is a fantastic song that never gets bored.
    Other songs that came by were Strong As A Rock, Tear Down The Walls, Mystica, Rock The Nation, Casbah and Tales Of The Crown.
    It was just a good normal show.
    PAIN was playing at the party stage but they were not that good today.
    Have seen them a few times before in concerthalls and they were there so much better.
    Too bad.
    VOLBEAT gave a great show today.
    They played very good.
    Too bad that the setlist of them sucked so hard, that could have been so much better.
    But still enjoyed of songs as Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood, Sad Man’s Tongue, Poole Of Booze and The Human Instrument.
    MACHINE HEAD was not very good in the beginning but how farther the gig went how much better they went.
    It was so awesome to see these guys again.
    I heard songs as The Burning Red, Old, Bulldozer, Struck A Nerve and None But My Own and it was fantastic.
    I really enjoyed this gig.
    SAXON was finally going to play there special wacken 30th anniversary show.
    They were going to play 1 songs of each album they made and the audience had to choose those songs.
    The show that later would be the absolute highlight of the festival for me.
    They started with their latest material and playing the whole way back to the seventies.
    Started the show with Battalions Of Steel and Let Me Feel Your Power.
    From the beginning it was fantastic.
    I like to sing all those songs along with everybody around me in the front.
    And they bring their eagle with them.
    I was happy they played some favourite songs of me as Princess Of The Night, Heavy Metal Thunder, Power And The Glory, Motorcycle Man and Denim And Leather.
    Other songs I hear came by were Forever Free, Rock The Nations, Metalhead, Killing Ground, Rock N Roll Gypsy, Solid Ball Of Rock, Stallions Of The Highway, Crusader, Dogs Of War and 747 (Strangers In The Night).
    As you can see a lot of songs they (almost) never play live these days.
    So really a show to remember.
    And after 2 hours there was going to come an end of a brilliant show.
    Watched GWAR for 15 minutes and it was pretty funny.
    And the music was pretty good but I was too tired to watch this show and went to the camping to party there a little bit more.
    Also watched TRACEDAWN for 5 minutes but at the Rock Hard Festival they were much better.

    So after 7 days of fun, meeting new people, a lot of alcohol, metal and may other things you came through at wacken it was coming to an end.
    See you all again in Wacken 2010.

    Photo’s can be watched at my myspace on


    Saxon – Let Me Feel Your Power

    Saxon – Princess Of The Night

    Testament – Over The Wall

    Heaven & Hell – Die Young

    Volbeat – Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

    Running Wild – Black Hand Inn

    Doro – The Night Of The Warlock

    Rage & Hansi Kürsch - Set This World On Fire

    Rage & Schmier – Prayers Of Steel

    Motorhead – Rock Out

    Amon Amarth – Asator

    Nevermore – Born

    Hammerfall – Renegade

    Napalm Death – Suffer Our Children

    Onkel Tom – Auf Nach Wacken

    Onkel Tom – Medley
  • Zwarte Cross 2009 (day 2) review + video's

    12 août 2009, 22h55m

    Fri 24 Jul – Zwarte Cross 2009
    NevermoreStratovariusPestilenceMortal FormEnslavedMiss MontrealLegion of the DamnedDrive Like Maria

    Saterday july 25 it was time for me to visit for the second time the Zwarte Cross (Black Cross).
    I went there with my brother in law and my nephew who is13 who’s first festival it was going to be.
    We where pretty early on the festival site.
    Saw a part of DIGGETH but I never liked their music.
    So after that it was time for a better band.
    MORTAL FORM was going to perform.
    And they just gave a great show.
    It was so much better than all the times I saw them at concerthalls.
    It was fantastic.
    Most songs they played where from their latest album but they also played some oldies.
    Watched 5 minutes of WALLS OF JERICHO but that was way too boring so time do walk around.
    MISS MONTREAL was performing at the main stage so I was going to walk over there to watch the show.
    She makes pretty good music and the shows are always good and fun between the songs.
    And also today they gave a good show.
    I watched 20 minutes of LEGION OF THE DAMNED and it was pretty good today but after that amount of time I always gets bored at their shows.
    So happened today.
    PESTILENCE was pretty good.
    I really enjoyed the part of the show I watched.
    This singer is really a keeper with his awesome grunt.
    Watched ENSLAVED for 30 minutes and it surprised me that they were pretty good today.
    The best show so far.
    All the other show in the past were just way too bad.
    But after half an hour it was time to eat something.
    From the eating place I heard a very good band at the mainstage.
    It was DRIVE LIKE MARIA that makes some great music.
    I never had heard of this band before but they kicked ass.
    I really must look something up of them later.
    Finally time of the band that I came for.
    NEVERMORE was give a very good show today.
    They started with the great This Sacrament, what a fantastic song.
    Other older songs that came by were The Heart Collector, Dead Heart In A Dead World, I Voyager and Enemies Of Reality.
    Songs of their latest album that is not that new were Born and the great This Godless Endeavor.
    The solo’s were coming out very beautiful, I really enjoyed those.
    After this show I was even more looking forward to their show at Wacken a week later.
    STRATOVARIUS was the last band of the day.
    They started with the famous song Hunting High And Low.
    The show was pretty good and I could enjoy it.
    But since I should go to wacken the next day I would take my rest and I didn’t want to go away with everybody else at the same time.
    So after 30 minutes of finnish power metal I went away.

    It was a nice day again at this festival.
    And 1 day is just more than enough for me for a festival like this.


    Nevermore – I Voyager

    Stratovarius – Hunting High And Low

    Pestilence – Mind Reflections

    Miss Montreal – Rose
  • Fortarock 2009 - Review + Video's

    24 jui. 2009, 15h08m

    Sat 11 Jul – Fortarock Festival
    Death AngelKataklysmSatyriconCandlemassKeep of KalessinMoonspellMeshuggahHeidevolkWarbringerDelainAll Shall PerishThe Dillinger Escape PlanThe Devil's Blood

    FortarockPark Brakkenstijn – Nijmegen11-07-2009

    Finally it was time for the first edition of Fortarock – the festival.
    It took place in Park Brakkenstijn in Nijmegen what was a beautiful location for a festival like this.
    The sun was shining that day as it would be the only dry day in a very rainy week.

    When I walked up the field the first band has started in the tent.
    WARBRINGER was a young band and they played nice.
    The music couldn’t hold my attention very long.
    Sometimes there was something good but than it faded away after a few seonds.
    So up to the next band.
    HEIDEVOLK was the opener of the open air stage.
    And they played a pretty good show, long time after I have seen them but it was very nice.
    I enjoyed myself very good with a nice set of some old and new material.
    Next band was ALL SHALL PERISH but that is not my cup of tea.
    So than drinking beer outside the tent with some other people.
    They sounded not very good tough.
    Than the dutch band DELAIN.
    They have a good debut album but live they suck very hard.
    The biggest obstacle is the female singer who can’t sing clear.
    I have seen them many times in the past and this problem is always part of their show.
    Besides that the new songs doesn’t sound that good.
    I’m not a fan of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.
    I watch a part of the show but I didn’t like it.
    It’s better as background music and drink some beers in the sun.
    KEEP OF KALESSIN had a place on the open air stage, I think they better could play in the tent, but well.
    When they begon it get clear how soft the sound was.
    It has something to do with some rule.
    I have seen KEEP OF KALESSIN much better than today although it was pretty good today.
    Ofcourse songs of their latest great album Kolossus came along.
    Next time I rather see them in a hall.
    KATAKLYSM was playing in the tent and they did a hell of a job.
    They played a great gig today.
    A nice pit and ofcourse a wall of death what also was fun.
    I really enjoyed this gig and throw a lot of energy to it.
    CANDLEMASS was not as good as I seen them before.
    Their doom metal was very messy and it just sounded not good today.
    They did their best but it was not good enough today, hopefully next time better.
    DAETH ANGEL was ready in the tent.
    These guys are always in for a party and that it was today.
    I was curious how the new drummer and bass player would do today but they did a very good job.
    Im gone crazy on a fantastic performance and setlist with a combination of old and new songs.
    This was the best show of the day.
    SATYRICON had to play at the open air stage in the full sun, that’s something else like 5 years ago when they had to play in the night.
    Too bad.
    And here also it was pretty annoying of the soft sound.
    They play a lot of their latest 2 albums which are well known of their change of music style.
    They also played some old songs so I didn’t care cause I like both.
    A pretty good performance but I could have been so much better.
    When MESHUGGAH had to play it was dinnertime and I watch those guys from a table.
    From there is was good background music.
    Not my kind of music.
    MOONSPELL was the last band of the open air stage and it was getting dark.
    It was not a very good show, I keep it somewhere in the middle.
    Than they played very good and the other songs it sounded so bad.
    I coulnd’t keep attention to this set so time was to do something else.
    Special guest was THE DEVIL’S BLOOD that closes the festival in the tent.
    Bad music and a singer that coulnd’t sing let me deicide to get to the train to head home.

    It was a very nice day at o good location with a awesome atmosphere.
    I enjoyed myself with other people and the beer was cold so that’s always good.
    This festival may return next year.


    Death Angel – Falling Asleep

    Satyricon – The Pentagram Burns

    Moonspell – Night Eternal

    Candlemass – Emperor Of The Void

    Kataklysm – As I Slither

    Keep Of Kalessin – A New Empire’s Birth

    Heidevolk – Koning Radboud
  • Rock Hard Festival 2009 review + video's

    23 jui. 2009, 22h50m

    Fri 29 May – RockHard Festival 2009
    SaxonJon Oliva's PainOpethJag PanzerHeathenSacred ReichForbiddenDragonForceHail of BulletsDestroyer 666WitchburnerUFOAngelwitchBulletProngTracedawnEvocationGrand MagusD.A.D.Audrey HorneFirewind

    Rock Hard festival – 29, 30 & 31 mei 2009-07-13

    Line up: Saxon, Opeth, Jag Panzer, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Children Of Bodom, Sacred Reich, Heathen, UFO, Witchburner, Forbidden, Dragonforce, Bullet, Destroyer 666, Angelwitch, Hail Of Bullets, Prong, Tracedawn, Evocation, Audrey Horne, Grand Magus, Firewind, D.A.D.

    On Friday morning we moved to the beautiful location of the Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen to enjoy 3 days of good music, cold beer and a hot sun.
    It was for me the third time to visit this festival.
    After we put up our tents and had a little bbq with some cold beer we went to the festival area.


    At 3 o clock WITCHBURNER opened the festival with some old skool thrash that remembered me right away to Destruction.
    They gave a good show so the festival opened very well.
    ANGEL WITCH was next up, the oldies from the sixties gave a descent show.
    I was happy to have seen them live once.
    DESTROYER 666 was up but too bad they had a very bad day cause the music wasn’t come out as they bring their music in a normal concerthall.
    PRONG was boring, after 3 songs we were moving fast to the beertent.
    JAG PANZER came today to bring us some good heavy metal.
    The sound was very good and I had no complaints about the setlist.
    From opener Chain Of Command the heads went up and down.
    Songs as Future Shock, The Mission, Iron Eagle, Take To The Sky and Licensed To Kill were thrown to the public.
    It was really a fantastic show and Opeth had a big job to beat this.
    Headliner of today was OPETH.
    The setting was very nice with beautiful background images on a big screen while the sun came slowly down and people on the other side of the river slowly faded away ion the dark.
    The atmosphere was very good.
    Opeth opened with Heir Apparant from their latest album.
    Other songs that came by were Blackwater Park, The Leper Affinity en The Night And The Silent Water.
    After 90 minutes of looking to a wonderful show the night has come to an end and it was time to party some more and go to sleep.


    The first band today was EVOCATION and that was boring so time to drink beer.
    GRAND MAGUS I never heard before but they played some nice music, a combo of heavy and doom metal with 3 man.
    I think this band would even play better in a concert hall.
    AUDREY HORNE I also didn’t know and that I wanna keep it that way.
    The members played in several other famous bands but that doesn’t mean that this band makes good music, they suck.
    HAIL OF BULLETS were represent Holland.
    They gave a good show with nice moshpit.
    Finally some serious headbanging.
    I was kinda looked out on DRAGONFORCE the last years but they surprised be today with a very good energic show.
    The sound was good and they played very well.
    Songs that came by were Heroes Of Our Time Valley Of The Damned en Through The Fire And The Flames.
    It was nice to watch these guys gave all.
    FORBIDDEN were here to let us hear some thrash metal.
    The sound was very loud but I didn’t care that much cause it was very clear.
    Ofcrouse a moshpit was formed quickly.
    I heard songs as als Step By Step, Forbidden Evil, Follow Me, R.I.P. en March Into Fire.
    It was a very good show.
    Finally JON OLIVA’S PAIN were going to play.
    Something I looked forward to cause their last concert some years ago was fantastic.
    As good as than it would probably not going to be, what would you expect from an open air show but still they gave a hell of a show.
    They were the best band of the day.
    They play a lot of Savatage classics like Sirens, Gutter Ballet, Jesus Saves, Hall Of The Mountain King and City Beneath The Surface.
    It was great to see these guys again and watch a wonderful concert.
    CHILDREN OF BODOM was pretty good as long as the singer shut his mouth.
    Good to hear some older songs like Hate Me, Angels Don’t Kill and Downfall.
    So this was a nice day. With some good bands


    The finnish band TRACEDAWN was the opening of today and they were certainly the youngest band, I would guess some people between the 18 and 20.
    They brought nothing new but what they played was good, the music were finland is famous for.
    FIREWIND was a band to fall asleep, what a boring music, good that they believe themselves its good, I say: time to drink beer.
    BULLET plays typical german heavy metal but surprisingly enough these guys came from Sweden.
    The music they played you have heared hundred times before but they played a very well show.
    D.A.D. was the worst band of the whole festival.
    Everything about their show sucked, what a waste of those 10 minutes I watched them.
    HEATHEN were there to let me forgot them and they did with a fantastic show.
    Heathen were on fire and quickly they was a passive moshpit in the front and were a pit is is a circle pit.
    The sound was very good and they fired songs as Hypnotized, Dying Season, Open The Grave en Death By Hanging on us all.
    This was a great show.
    UFO is like Angel Witch an old band that is really cool to watch 1 time in your life live.
    So this was it and they played some pretty good hard rock but it is not that I should listen something of them.
    They played well
    SACRED REICH was the second thrash band for today and the second time for me to see them live.
    It was time to do some headbanging on songs as Independent, Ignorance, Death Squad en The American Way.
    I really enjoyed this show.
    Finally it was 21.30h.
    SAXON came up with their eagle.
    I was full of energy for this show, Saxon is always awesome live.
    From opener Battalions Of Steel the crowdsurfers came from everywhere.
    It was a beautiful sight.
    Other songs they played from their latest album were Demon Sweeney Todd and Valley Of The Kings.
    From than on it was a classic set full of eighties classics.
    Heavy Metal Thunder, Strong Arm Of The Law, Motorcycle Man, Power & The Glory 20.000 Ft, The Eagle Has Landed, Wheels Of Steel, Denim And Leather, Dallas 1 Pm, And The Bands Played On, Live To Rock and the wonderful Princes Of The Night came all along.
    I singed them all along with some air guitar.
    What a great show they played again.
    Saxon was the absolute highlight of the festival.

    So after 3 days of beer drinking and burning in the sun it was time to go home.
    Till next year.


    Opeth – Heir Apparent

    Saxon – Valley Of The Kings

    Saxon – Battalions of Steel

    Jon Oliva’s Pain – City Beneath The Surface

    Jon Oliva’s Pain – Through The Eyes Of The King

    Jag Panzer – Future Shock

    Children Of Bodom – Living Dead Beat

    Children Of Bodom – Hate Me

    Dragonforce – Through The Fire And Flames

    Sacred Reich – Administrative Decisions

    Forbidden – R.I.P.

    Heathen – Hypnotized

    Hail Of Bullets – The Crucial Offensive

    Destroyer 666
  • Wacken Open Air 2008 Report + Video & Photo Links

    22 août 2008, 16h41m

    Thu 31 Jul – Wacken Open Air 2008

    This year wacken we arrived on Monday and when all tent were standing the party could begin.
    I could not tell much about monday cause I was way too drunk to remember anything.
    Tuesday we have take a swim in the swimmingpool what was great on a hot day.
    At night there was a great party 30 meters besides our place, there were around the 400 people that were playing air guitar, taking part to a mosh pit, wall of death and much more.
    This was big fun.
    Wensday the party went on and we have been drinking the whole day long.
    So when it was thursday I was already wasted.

    So here a report of the bands.
    If you don’t care about it you can read at the end the rate a gave to every band I saw.


    First band was the opener.
    GIRLSCHOOL opened with Let’s Go and this was really great.
    I didn’t know them very good but the show was great.
    What a opener of this festival.
    Next up was LAUREN HARRIS.
    She looks great but she can’t sing, it sounded terrible.
    AIRBOURNE I had seen 6 weeks ago and that was oke but the sound was not good.
    Today everything was good, they gave a great show with songs as Hellfire, Black Jack and Girls In Black.
    They bring it with so much energy.
    Saw 15 minutes of LEAVES EYES but as I expected like on cd they suck.
    The only good thing is the bassplayer, she is great, she plays also in Enemy Of The Sun & Disillusion.
    IRON MAIDEN was the headliner and it was way too crowded at this show.
    The show was good with a great background and the show they made.
    Songs as Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Wasted Years, Moonchild and Heaven Can Wait make this show great.


    GRAVE where ready to unleash there death metal early in the morning.
    A big surprise was that they played awesome, what a fucking great show at this time of the day.
    I want to headbang but my hangover says no.
    MORTAL SIN from Australia was a band to look forward to cause they good stories I heard about them but they didn’t play that well, they did their best and it sounded alright but they could not convince me.
    Than watch CYNIC cause they had a dutch guitarplayer.
    The music could sound to some people a little bit strange but I like it.
    Very good guitarplaying by both guitarists and the show was good too.
    After 25 minutes I go away.
    People say that JOB FOR A COWBOY is a great band and they played at the same time as Cynic.
    And indeed, what a great music they play.
    That voice of the singer is very brutal and for the first time of the day my head keeps moving.
    HEADHUNTER were ready to play there reunion gig.
    I was somewhere in the front when they started.
    The sound was good and they played good.
    I went totally crazy on songs as Armies Of The Blind, Silverskull, Read My Lips and Born In The Woods.
    In the end I catch a plectrum and a drumstick, hell yeay.
    After that KAMELOT started their show with Rule The World and When The Lights Are Down.
    I prefer them to watch them inside but the show today was good.
    Songs as Center Of The Universe, Karma, Forever and Ghost Opera came along.
    Than SOILWORK that has so now and then some good songs but the show today couldn’t get my interest, I didn’t like it very much.
    So going to watch DESTRUCTOR but they were not good either, I expect a lot more of those 2 bands.
    Maybe another time.
    Than going to watch SONATA ARCTICA but after 20 minutes it gets boring, I remember the same happened 3 years ago at wacken, on cd it sound pretty good but live they are just boring.
    People said that OPETH is not a good festival band but what they show today sounded pretty good to me.
    Songs as Masters Apprentice, Demon Of The Fall and Heir Apparent where performed very good.
    Than going to watch MASSACRE at the party stage.
    I expect something of them but they didn’t play that good.
    Highlight was ofcourse that he asked to show some tits and someone did indeed.
    After seeing CHILDREN OF BODOM several times in the past I still don’t know what to thing of them of live shows.
    I have seen fantastic shows and I have seen shows you would cry for so hard it suck.
    The show today was one of the lesser ones.
    I was happy to hear old songs as Sixpounder, Follow The Reaper, Silent Night, Bodom Night, Hate Me and Downfall.
    But the overall show couldn’t impress me very much.
    AVANTASIA finally are going to play live.
    The bring a whole star line up with them.
    They start with Twisted mind, The Scarecrow and Another Angel Down.
    Older songs as Reach Out For The Light, The Story Ain’t Over, Avantasia and Farewell came by mixed with new songs as The Toy Master, Lost In Space and Shelter From The Rain.
    They ended with The Seven Angels with the complete line up on stage.
    It was a great show, there were some technical problems but the show was great and you could really see how much fun Tobias Sammet had in playing.
    GORGOROTH was the last band of the day I see.
    The started at 2 o clock in the night and they had a really great background.
    The show was great and the music was good too.
    I head songs as Profetens Åpenbaring, Carving A Giant and Procreating Satan.


    First band was MACHINE MEN that i missed 3 years ago.
    Today they did a good job and i hear some songs from the only album i have Elegies.
    They gave a good show.
    Cause i want be in the front with HOLY MOSES i go away after 25 minutes to go in the front.
    Saw a part there of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD that sounded not that bad.
    Time for HOLY MOSES and i was in the middle front, best place.
    I just go crazy on songs as Life Destroyer, Nothing For My Mom, Summer Kills and Master Of Disaster.
    They played 3 new songs that sounded great.
    On 1 song the keyboardplayer of Axel Rudi Pell did play the guitar and gave 1 of the best solo’s away i ever heard, wow.
    What a fantastic show this was.
    That going to watch EXODUS that is live always good, they are very aggressive and they did a very good show today.
    But i go away after 25 minutes to going to eat something
    Obituary was standing on the party stage and that’s a shame, why the fuck are they not standing at the main stage.
    But they gave a pretty good show but i have seen them last years so many times that i found it oke after half an hour
    ENEMY OF THE SUN is a great band and the show they gave today was just awesome, one of the best bands of this festival.
    They started with Emptiness and from the start it was great.
    Half way a Grip Inc. Song came by what was very cool.
    This gig was way too soon over.
    When that was over CARCASS has begon their set.
    I saw a guest appearance from angela of Arch Enemy.
    And the show was great with songs as Reek Of Putrefaction (my favoriete) Buried Dreams, Embodiment and Keep On Rotting In The Free World.
    Than watch they every year party of MAMBO KURT.
    Thats always a big party and ofcourse a dutch song came along.
    Mambo rules.
    Than going to watch AT THE GATES, a must have seen band.
    You really could see the fun the singer had on stage.
    And what a great show they gave with songs in the setlist as The Burning Darkness, Blinded By Fear, Suicide Nation and Slaughter Of The Soul.
    Just fantastic.
    NIGHTWISH was going to play next.
    I don’t go of the singing qualities of the new singer bur for the great music and the great show the rest of the band makes.
    And that was just fantastic today.
    Older songs as Sacrament Of Wilderness, Ever Dream, Wishmaster and Dark Chest Of Wonders are mixed with new songs as The Poet And The Pendulum, While Your Lips Are Still Red (With 3 man on stage) and Sahara.
    KREATOR is the last band for me on this festival.
    They got a fantastic light show and a great sound.
    Songs as Enemy Of God, Pleasure To Kill, Flag Of Hate and Extreme Aggression are sounded so brutal and evil, this show is fucking awesome.

    So after partying since Monday i was happy that it was Sunday and that i can go home.
    It was a great festival and ofcourse next year i wil be there for the 6th time.
    And as promised here under a short rating of all bands.


    Girlschool: 80
    Lauren Harris: 30
    Airbourne: 75
    Leaves Eyes: 40
    Iron Maiden: 80


    Grave: 72
    Mortal Sin: 65
    Cynic: 73
    Job For A Cowboy: 75
    Headhunter: 84
    Kamelot: 78
    Soilwork: 62:
    Destructor: 65
    Sonata Arctica: 70
    Opeth: 77
    Massacre: 68
    Children Of Bodom: 73
    Avantasia: 82
    Gorgoroth: 77


    Machine Men: 73
    3 Inches Of Blood: 68
    Holy Moses: 88
    Exodus: 77
    Obituary: 72
    Enemy Of The Sun: 83
    Carcass: 82
    Mambo Kurt: 80
    At The Gates: 80
    Nightwish: 79
    Kreator: 81

    And here are some video’s I have made.
    For pictures watch my albums on myspace

    Nightwish – Wish I Had An Angel
    Nightwish – Bye Bye Beautiful
    Nightwish – While Your Lips Are Still Red
    Holy Moses – Life Destroyer
    Headhunter – Silverskull
    Carcass – Reek Of Putrefaction
    At The Gates – The Burning Darkness
    Airbourne – Hellfire
    Exodus - ?
    Children Of Bodom – Silent Night, Bodom Night
    Kreator – Pleasure To Kill
    Avantasia – Twisted Mind
    Mambo Kurt – De Meeste Dromen Zijn Bedrog (Klein Stukje)

    GirlschoolLauren HarrisAirbourneLeaves EyesIron MaidenGraveMortal SinCynicJob for a CowboyHeadhunterKamelotSoilworkDestructorSonata ArcticaOpethMassacreChildren of BodomAvantasiaGorgorothMachine Men3 Inches of BloodHoly MosesExodusObituaryEnemy of the SunCarcassMambo KurtAt the GatesNightwishKreator
  • Waldrock 2008

    22 jui. 2008, 11h33m

    Sat 5 Jul – Wâldrock

    A short report of the Waldrock festival 5 July 2008.

    GREYLINE was the openingsband and they did a good job, nice music and very good sound.
    DEATH BY STEREO sucked so hard that i walked away.
    PAGAN’S MIND was pretty good, didn’t know that much of them but they convinced me.
    HELMET sucked too so it was eating time.
    ALCHEMIST was a pretty nice to hear, I enjoyed the gig.
    HAIL OF BULLETS was nice, very brutal but see them a few weeks ago so I walked away to get in the front with Death Angel.
    DEATH ANGEL was awesome, they ruled so hard as they always do and I went totally crazy in the front, and I catch a drumstick.
    In their set they had new songs as Lord Of Hate and Buried Alive and oldies too as Kill As One and Voracious Souls
    Cause they played 10 minutes overtime I missed ROSE TATTOO.
    FORBIDDEN was something to look forward too but somehow it was not good and after 15 minutes I went away.
    MORBID ANGEL was very brutal and hard, what a good show, enjoyed it very much.
    Songs as Maze In Torment, Pain Divine and God Of Emptiness very brutally thrown in your face.
    BIOHAZARD was not I a very good shape so I went away to see Symphony X.
    SYMPHONY X started 7 minutes late but when they start it was ok, this gig was so good, I went crazy and sing it all along.
    They played songs as Set The World On Fire, Paradise Lost and Inferno.
    Like their gig a few months ago in Hellendoorn this was again so awesome, this was the best band of the day.
    LIFE OF AGONY is live not that interesting as on cd and so it was this time.
    LORDI was fun to see and they gave a pretty good gig.
    HOLLENTHON is live not good, they can’t reach the music as they played on cd and so today it sucked again.
    QUEENSRYCHE was something to look forward too but after 3 minutes the sound went off due to technical problems but after 15 minutes they were back and the gig went on.
    O man, they rock and I enjoyed it very much.
    MY DYING BRIDE was very bad so I go away to eat something.
    1349 were here to represent the black metal genre.
    They begun when it was dark and their show was awesome, the sound was crystal clear and they played very good.
    Just get crazy on songs as I Am Abomination and Beyond The Apocalypse.
    SLAYER was cool to see again and they played well but after an hour I had see it and I go away to the camping.

    SlayerSymphony XMorbid AngelDeath AngelQueensryche1349Hail of BulletsPagan's MindLordiAlchemistMy Dying BrideBiohazardLife of AgonyForbiddenHollenthonHelmetGreylineDeath By Stereo
  • Rock Hard festival 2008

    21 jui. 2008, 23h13m

    Fri 9 May – RockHard Festival 2008


    Friday we went of about 12 o clock in Arnhem and about an hour later we arrived at the beautiful location of the amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen.
    After setting the tents and stuff up at the camping we went right of to the beergarden to get some deserved cold beers.
    After some beer drinking the first band kicked of at 3 o clock.
    The Claymore was the first band put I cant remember not that much of them, only that they suck.
    After that Stormwarrior was about to play but more than a Gamma Ray act is it not.
    Lake of Tears was nice to see once but after 2 songs I lose interest and we go away.
    After that finally some good music should come on stage and that was Y&T.
    And yes, good music, finally I see those old rockers and I liked it very much, they have some excellent guitar players and I just went crazy on that music, great gig.
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter was not I a good form today and the songs I know were just ripped apart from its original.
    Than it was time for Testament but unfortunally they say at a meeting of us before that guitarplayer Alex couldn’t make it due to some guitarlessons or something in amerika.
    But I was in the front somewhere and when they start with Over The Wall it was good but the sound was very loud.
    There were some surprises in the setlist what was great and I can remember me songs as Into The Pit, Practice What You Preach, Reign Of Terror, Raging Waters, The Preacher, Over The Wall, C.O.T.L.O.D., Alone In The Dark en Disciples Of The Watch.
    Great show.


    This day begon with an band called The Sorrow, not my kind and we went quick to the beergarden.
    After that this would be a very interesting day with some great bands.
    Moonsorrow is a band I have seen way to many times in my live and the last few times they were not that good but today to my surprise they kicked some ass, nice songs, a little bit harder and good performance.
    Finally Helstar would appear on the front to scream us down with their Remnants Of War Line-up.
    What a show, great voice of the man, nice setlist, good sound.
    This was just great and I went totally crazy.
    After that Enslaved was up and normally they played live good but today it sucked so hard.
    They played not well, the songs not came out good, it just was bad so quick move on to the next band.
    Now another cool band with a great singer: Exciter.
    They kicked ass too, a great set and again my head has to do the work during the gig.
    Hope to see those guys again some time, maybe an tour together with Helstar.
    Amorphis is for me a fifty fifty band, they have great cd’s like Am Universum was is gold for me but they have crappy albums to like the last one and live they are mostly bad to average.
    But today they make me numb with their gig.
    It was just so good, the sound, the performance, everything goes well this time and with my favourite Alone was it great.
    The best show I ever seen of Amorphis.
    Exodus is a very cool band to watch, especially singer Rob which going over the stage like a madman.
    Very good performance, cool set, the pit was heavy, my hair danced and it was filmed for an upcoming dvd.
    Than Immortal were I hoped they played better than the Wacken gig and they did.
    They played material of albums through all the years with my favourite song Solarfall.
    That’s were i go crazy like a madman with paranoia.
    It was a pretty good gig with ofcourse the fire and other fireworks.


    This day started up with Enemy Of The Sun a band form that dude of Grip Inc and hear some good stories about it.
    And when they came up I saw Alla the baseplayer which I saw in 2007 with Disillusion and she was very good.
    The music they made was very cool to hear, the gig was good to and I enjoyed it.
    So a good start of the day.
    When Siegen Even came up we went of after 1 song cause the music was not good, it sucked big time.
    Then a death metal band from out country Holland: Apshyx.
    They gave a great show last year at the Arnhem Metal Meet and we went all to the front for some serious headbanging.
    They gave a great show with some nice humor in it, its good that they are back.
    After that singer Jorn would perform with his solo project which I never has loved.
    I like more the side projects like masterplan.
    And today the show was very boring and still didn’t like the music, and that’s bad cause he can so much more.
    When Napalm Death is going to play the audience went always totally crazy and that’s what happened today again with a brutal pit in the front.
    It’s fun to watch that band, especially to watch the singer that storms over the stage like a madman.
    This was a very brutal gig and I enjoyed it big time.
    Than it was up to volbeat wich is a band with a hype on it and that’s the reason I never listen to it, just saw them a few years ago and that sucked so for today my expectations were very low.
    But wtf man, what a great gig it was.
    Full of energy, very enthusiastic, the music was great and they have a very good performance.
    This band has learned a lot last years, very good.
    Paradise Lost is a band that never has won my interest and I didn’t like the music very much.
    And the first 40 minutes the set was very boring and not good.
    But after that 40 minutes they become better and it was nice to see, and I could enjoy it a bit.
    Than the All Star Jam which should be interesting to see people of different bands together on stage.
    And it was.
    First sung Schmier (Destruction) en Jorn (Ex Masterplan e.o.) a cover from Judas Priest called Breaking The Law what was very nice to hear, those two voices together was very cool.
    After that I cant remember who were on stage.
    Than Kenny (Exciter) en James (Helstar) where going to sing together the song Painkiller, also of Judas Priest.
    Those 2 singers is a great combination and this performance was a killer, we went all totally crazy.
    Than it was already time for the last band after a great weekend.
    Iced Earth is back with singer Matt Barlow and I am so happy with that.
    Tim Owens just fucked up that lovely Iced Earth sound.
    When they start the gig I was delighted to hear that magical sound again.
    My ears where in heaven.
    With songs as Melancholy, Watching Over Me, Iced Earth, Travel In Stygian, Question Of Heaven, Burning Times en Pure Evil the only thing you could do is enjoy and go crazy.
    This was defiantly the best gig of the festival.
    O man, what was this good.
    Iced Earth is back in the front and they gonna kick your ass soon.
    Cant wait when they heading to Holland again with Judas Priest and Cavalera Conspiracy in June.

    So, there were defiantly more people this year than other years.
    Besides that I have meet so many cool Germans which we have bring the weekend with.
    We had all so much fun en enjoyed at all big time.
    So many stories to tell and so many memories.
    And again there were many band people as a guest on the festival.
    I have been to some signing sessions which is great if you come about the last few minutes when they almost finished, than you have to wait just 2 minutes and you have all time than.
    This year was great again and ofcourse we will come next year.

    ImmortalIced EarthTestamentExodusY&TNapalm DeathAmorphisExciterHelstarEnslavedEnemy of the SunParadise LostVolbeatJornAsphyxMoonsorrowDie Apokalyptischen ReiterStormwarriorThe ClaymoreLake of TearsSieges EvenThe Sorrow
  • Arnhem Metal Meeting 2007

    21 jui. 2008, 22h59m

    Sat 1 Dec – Arnhem Metal Meeting 2007

    First band was CYPHER.
    I didn't expect many of them cause their cd is not that good but live it was pretty good, too bad that not many people were there.
    Next up to SEVERE TORTURE that was pretty oke but not that very interesting.
    GOD DETHRONED I saw 10 minutes and that sounded good, but I was going to Holy Moses to be in the front.
    So HOLY MOSES begin their show with Master Of Disaster that said we're here and going to thrash you down and they did.
    Songs as Life's Destroyer, Lost In A Maze, End Of Time, Finished With The Dogs and Nothing For My Mom were fantastic..
    Funny that the drummer lost his drumstick during Current Of Death.
    And During Too Drunk Too Fuck some people like 10 or something can come on stage to party with them and i did and sing along too, fantastic was that.
    UNLEASHED was not that good this time and after 10 minutes i leave and got talk an hour with the thrashers of Holy Moses.
    Next up PRIMORDIAL, one of the bands i wanted to see and what a show they give.
    The singer was fantastic and the music came out very good, enjoyd it big time.
    ASPHYX was pretty good and gave a good show, they remember me to Obituary and that's not bad, good show.
    Watched about 20 minutes VREID that had a good sound for the stage they played.
    I like their show.
    MARDUK gaving this time a very good show what i didn't expected.
    What a feast it was, headbanging and drinking and watching Marduk.
    The sound of HOLLENTHON was way to hard and that raped their whole concert and after 10 minutes i strumbeld away.
    Next up SODOM that always give good performances.
    Nice songs like Ausgebombt, Bombenhagel and more like that kind of songs they played what i remember, but at this time I was to drunk to remember it now.
    Got to the room of Sodom backstage were I with somebody else who got me there but quickly we were kicked out.
    Watch NIFELHEIM a bit but don't know anything of that anymore.
    Then i got to the afterparty and than it gets pretty black after all that beer but it was probarly fun.

    SodomHoly MosesMardukNifelheimPrimordialAsphyxHollenthonUnleashedVreidGod DethronedSevere TortureCypher