John Legend's "World Of Betters" - December 2nd, 2011


2 déc. 2011, 14h23m

What would you do if you had $1000 to make someone’s day better?

Western Union and some singers have decided to give free concerts in order to make the world & people’s lives better.

Everyone can participate. Give an idea and get people to vote for it. If your idea is the best, you receive $1000 to make it happen.

Alicia Keys was the 1st artist to give a free concert in partnership with Western Union. She performed her “better” on November 1st.

Today, it was soul singer John Legend’s turn. The free concert took place in a Parisian theater. Only 250 people were allowed to see it live. The rest of them (and the rest of the world) watched it live from the Internet website

The event lasted one hour. At the beginning, we watched a couple of videos where we saw what it was really about. Many students introduced themselves and and said what they did in life. Then, we saw tourists and locals explain to us what they would do if they had $1000 to make someone’s day better.

After that, John introduced some musicians he met on the streets. Those musicians told us what they did, how they earn money, why they chose to make music… A couple of minutes later, we saw him & German-born soul singer Ayọ look at a computer and read some votes a few users suggested they do if they were given $1000.

Minutes later, the concert started.
John introduced the full orchestra to us. They played a very nice, traditional Christmas song.

Afterwards, John sat down and played us Save Room, a hit of his Once Again album. It was an awesome version, very classy. People in the room were singing along to the song. When he finished playing, he said he had a very special guest and called Ayọ.

She came onto the stage and sang Better days, from her 2nd album Gravity At Last while he was accompanying her on the piano. It was amazing.
I didn’t know that song and it made me want to buy her albums, as I’ve heard of her but didn’t listen to the albums.

Then, John told us he hadn’t planned to play this song and surprised us when he started to sing Ordinary People, from his 1st album Get Lifted. We all fell in love with that song once again. It’s a very beautiful song.

The following song was the last he played before he left. He played Each Day Gets Better from his 2nd album, Once Again. He thanked us all for coming and left.

One hour flies by really fast when you’re into the concert. I’m glad I was able to watch live from the Internet :-)

Thanks for the concert John ♥
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