Mudhoney @ Sjock!


9 jui. 2007, 19h09m

Fri 6 Jul – Sjock
I'm just curious, anyone got mudhoney's setlist at the sjock festival?

i recognized those songs, but can't put them in the order .. and i'm probably wrong on a couple of them, and probably forgot a couple as well .. help me if you were there =)


No One Has

In 'n Out of Grace

Into The Drink

Suck You Dry

I Have To Laugh

Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More

Here Comes Sickness

Touch Me I'm Sick

You Got It

Where The Flavor Is

Inside Job

Where Is The Future

Hard on For War

I went with a friend to Gierle, got lost on the way, but we left early enough to allow it and still be in time for mudhoney. So we did just that .. and still managed to hear the last notes of the previous band on the same stage ..
First sights of the guys during the soundchecks .. until then i still somehow naively expected huge crowds to show up to see them, but with the less than 100 dudes watching them checking the sound i got the point.

then after 1/2h more waiting, concert starts and was great, as i mentioned earlier, i can't really remember the order ..
the highlights for me where Hard On For war (the introduction part seemed endlessly good) No One has, Sweet Young Thing, Touch Me I'm Sick, Here Comes Sickness, Mudride ..

the songs i would have loved to hear:
Baby Can You Dig The Light
If I Think
Broken Hands
In My Finest Suit
Thousand Forms Of Minds
The Money Will Roll Right In
Thirteen Floor

just a sample .. many more

Help with the setlist!


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