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25 jan. 2006, 21h15m

On behalf of (the rest of) The Wounded, I'm glad to announce that we just added four tracks of our latest album (Atlantic) to :)

We hope you'll enjoy these songs. Be sure to drop by at our website or at our myspace page.

Stay tuned for more....

Added tracks: (from Atlantic)

Day of Joy
Northern Lights
We Are Darker


  • Blinkenlights

    cool :) nice work, eddy...

    25 jan. 2006, 22h10m
  • Blinkenlights

    I noticed that you can preview the full songs now; way better than the standard 30 sec. previews, that's for sure.

    10 fév. 2006, 13h43m
  • Everfaith

    Awsome =) You guys really rock, I'm proud to be top fan =)

    10 fév. 2006, 21h20m
  • -CoB-

    Nice, so that people can discover your music! Are there plans for a new album? The new work you played live sounded very cool!

    22 fév. 2006, 21h31m
  • Rienzi

    well the writing for the new album is almost finished, so we hope to record the new album pretty soon. The new songs will be different; we will be drawing back to old albums, but discovering new things at the same time. We're confident that the result will surpass the old ones. We'll keep you posted.

    22 fév. 2006, 23h20m
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