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30 août 2009, 20h32m

Today, August 30, 2009 marks my third year on My custom is that every year on this day I post my top ten tracks and my top ten artists of the past 365 days.

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In total I have played over 139 265 tracks*.
Therefore I played over 39 000 tracks in one year.
An average of 109 songs were played each day (down from 132)

– 1. X-Ray Dog - played 1,258 this year (11,446 total).
NEW 2. Martin Phipps - played 1,123 this year.
▲3. Michael Jackson - played 1,059 this year (2,927 total).
▼4. Future World Music - played 1,058 this year (2,592 total).
▲5. Mariah Carey - played 958 times this year (3,532 total).
▲6. Beyoncé - played 900 times this year (1,399 total).
NEW 7. Audiomachine - played 873 times this year.
▼8. Moby - played 782 times this year (2,526 total)
▲9. Brandy - played 777 times this year (1,158 total)
▲10. Andrea Bocelli - played 742 times this year (1,438 total)

1. Again for the third consecutive year, X-Ray Dog have been my most played artist.
This year's top played song: Darkest Empire
This year's plays / position: 91 / #18

2. One of two new artists made their way unto my year-end top 10 charts, the highest placer is Martin Phipps. More on him and the music I have been listening to here.
This year's top played song: The Work Of The Lord
This year's plays / position: 117 / #8

3. Michael Jackson has made his way unto my top ten. Of course this is thanks to his recent death, and my discovering his older songs (Motown).
This year's top played song: Stranger in Moscow
This year's plays / position: 69 /#40

4. Trailer music creators, Future World Music has fallen one spot, and is now #4 on my year-end charts.
This year's top played song: Unstoppable
This year's plays / position: 119 / #9

5. Mariah Carey resurged this year, climbing one spot as her E=MC2 was played quite a few times (along with her old catalog).
This year's top played song: Do You Know Where You're Going To (Theme From Mahogany)
This year's plays / position: 30 / #159

6. Beyonce's album I Am... was no doubt a hit, and it shows in my plays of her. Like Martin Phipps, and Michael Jackson, this is her first time on my year-end top 10 ten.
This year's top played song: If I Were A Boy
This year's plays / position: 145 / #4

7. The second and final new artist on my top 10 artists of the past 365 years is the Trailer music project titled Audiomachine.
This year's top played song: Thunderdome (Build @ 1:46)
This year's plays / position: 151 / #3

8. This is Moby's second year on these charts. While he falls to #8 from #7, my love for his music remains.
This year's top played song: One Of These Mornings
This year's plays / position: 57 / #56

9. Brandy's album Human was released late 2008, her album plays are reflected here. She too is a new-comer to the top 10.
This year's top played song: Right Here (Departed)
This year's plays / position: 129 / #6

10. Andrea Bocelli finally made it unto the top 10 year end after missing out on his debut year, the year 2008. His Incanto, along with plays from earlier works propelled him to #10, with742 plays.
This year's top played song: Because
This year's plays / position: 109 / #12

So what have we learned? I played a significantly smaller amount of songs this past year. What would have accounted for this? My final year at University, my non-reliance on music as a past time, and traveling on the road where my CD player does not scrobble tracks. This is my first year that all my 10 ten artists were not played over 1, 000 times.

Also, unlike my first year on (August 30 2006 - 2007), where New Age music mostly filled my appetite, Pop / R&B and Trailer Music seems to be preferred these days.

*These number are not entirely accurate as I am yet to scrobble two weeks of play data from my Zune.


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