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Morceaux écoutés récemment

Fleeting JoysCloudlike Mercury il y a 8 heures
Fleeting JoysYou Are The Darkness il y a 8 heures
Elements of Music aka EOMJazzy Piano (Limousine) il y a 8 heures
Elements of Music aka EOMJazzy Piano (Limousine) il y a 8 heures
Elements of Music aka EOMJazzy Piano (Limousine) il y a 8 heures
Earl SweatshirtDNA (feat. Na'kel) 25 mars 8h17m
Earl Sweatshirtinside 25 mars 8h15m
Earl SweatshirtAM // Radio (feat. Wiki) 25 mars 8h11m
Earl SweatshirtGrown Ups (feat. Dash) 25 mars 8h08m
Earl SweatshirtOff Top 25 mars 8h06m
Earl SweatshirtGrief 25 mars 8h02m
Earl SweatshirtFaucet 25 mars 7h59m
Earl SweatshirtMantra 25 mars 7h55m
Earl SweatshirtHuey 25 mars 7h53m
WhirrEase 23 mars 6h08m
Steely DanThe Caves Of Altamira 22 mars 17h37m
WhirrLean 22 mars 17h32m
WhirrEase 22 mars 17h28m
WhirrLean 22 mars 17h23m
WhirrEase 22 mars 17h20m
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À propos de moi

I love music, I despise religion.

I hate emo, I hate emo related products.

I love Metal (Heavy, Grind, Death, Doom, Sludge, Thrash, Tech, Black).

I cannot stand "Nu-Metal". It is "Not-Metal" and "Not-Music" either.

I enjoy some rock. (Depends on what it is...I'm pretty selective)

My take on hip-hop is: It either has to be brutal as all hell, or it has to be intelligent...or both. That means, Jeezy, Joc, anything with a young or lil in it and 99.8% of the things you see on MTV and BET are not in my playlist...Least as far as hip-hop and pop are concerned.

Did I mention I loathe emo?

I don't like Christian Music...don't particularly like Satanic music either (although it is more fun to listen to and does have more interesting bands than they ever will.) because it feeds off of Christianity.

I'll listen to almost anything once. If i don't like it, I'll have a genuine reason as to why I do not like it. (Example: I don't like Trivium because they sound like cheap Metallica fan boys...of the St.Anger, Load/Reload era.) If I like it, I'm probably listening to it again.

Chat with me, and I'll respect you if you do the same for me...(but if you're emo...or just fake, there will be no conversation.)

I like some J-Rock: as long as it Isn't Gackt or Dir En Grey...or anything Visual Kei for that matter. I like some long as it Isn't Teriyaki Boyz

I'm not perfect, I'm a music lover. If i get it wrong, correct me. I'll listen, if it's truly correct.