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  • within_darkness

    Oh yes. If there's an album that's a must to buy, it's definitely this one.

    2 fév. 2013 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    One of the 2-3 best albums I've heard since 2013 started, along with Helloween's Straight Out of Hell and Sulphur Aeon's debut. It's more symphonic and atmospheric than Hels Vite and for me that's a huge plus. Not to mention they fuckin' play their hearts out. It's one damn amazing piece of art.

    1 fév. 2013 Répondre
  • Pupu-Jack

    Juuh, on se ihan jees. :P

    3 avr. 2011 Répondre
  • Halethain

    No antti itseasiassa toi ne mulle tässä joskus :DDD et ne on kyl kotiutunu jo :) kiitti

    19 jan. 2011 Répondre
  • hecate_lr

    thank you, happy new year to you too :D

    5 jan. 2011 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Humble thanks! May 2011 be all good to you :)

    1 jan. 2011 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Sounds great! I'd book everything but Ozzy myself, actually :D Some good ol' Judas and Saxon to set up the mood, then some Helloween to make it even better, might work! Have fun there and report back :D

    25 déc. 2010 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Thanks, my friend, and the same to you :) What's up with you?

    23 déc. 2010 Répondre
  • jonial


    18 oct. 2010 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Recovering, thanks for asking. New Hello is undeniably good, you'll probably never hear me go against that one album. I guess I just didn't expect it to be quite that fitting for its time, let's say. What about you, any interesting news?

    23 sept. 2010 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Haha, I'll never say that, it's for you to judge and tell :D Thanks for the kind words ;) Give it a try when you get your hands on it, cheers!

    19 jui. 2010 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    I'm fine, so does the album of Blind Guardian seems to be, haha :D It'll take a longer time than I thought to "get into", but it's a typical BG album with features of pretty much every era of theirs. "Ride Into Obsession" is one of the songs which I'm beginning to praise a lot, along with "Wheel Of Time" with its symphonic interludes and Eastern mellodies - that's a MAJOR GRAND song!

    19 jui. 2010 Répondre
  • hecate_lr

    Nice avatar and the new masterplan is quite awesome

    16 juin 2010 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Aha, kindda the same here. Not that it's bad - not at all, it's pretty much in the same good ol' vein of the band. What it lacks in order to win me over is a little bit more feeling, atmosphere, passion in the storytelling. They used to "tell" tales in the previous albums while here they only play - the best as they can, of course, but the result is not so satisfying.

    20 avr. 2010 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Likewise, just enjoying some fair amount of great music here :D Just wanted to check on 'ya. Any thoughts on Sabaton's new one?

    20 avr. 2010 Répondre
  • iamsysiphus

    Hey mate, how can I help you? :-)

    20 avr. 2010 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Hmhmmm, what's up?

    19 avr. 2010 Répondre
  • GeddyLeeIV

    Great taste, dude! Add? =D

    18 avr. 2010 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Well, so far I got just the single (promo) , the album itself will be released at a later point. One thing is clear though - the first song sounds like a total blockbuster hit so to speak, while the second is a beautiful interpretation of a favorite opera of mine, on which Jorn's voice gets some cosmic measures and scales. Unearthly great!

    9 avr. 2010 Répondre
  • within_darkness

    Can't say I share the same opinion, but there are some good songs that I liked very much, yes :) I'll give it some time to grow on me or something, it's just that I'm not in the mood for Tobias and his music these days. Not even one bit :D How have you been doing?

    9 avr. 2010 Répondre
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